15 December 2009

No - Nooooooo!

I did it. I finally said no. To work. It was hard. I worked an immunization clinic today so I would have got double time if I went to work a night tonight. But I said no. To double time. This is a big step for me people. I share it with you so you can praise me and tell me how awesome I am. Never mind the fact that I had no one to watch my kids tomorrow so I wouldn't have slept and that Brad told me to say no... The point is I said no. And now I am at home in my pajamas eating too many cookies that the lovely RC and fam brought us. And soon I will crawl into bed instead of taking care of sicko kiddies. And I will be happy. All because I said no. I should try this more often!

Nothing like sharing some germs. Lots of snotty noses around here!

12 December 2009

tree time

It would be great if I was one of those awesome moms who can hand the Christmas tree over to her kids. Let them make ornaments and clump them on wherever they want. And let her husband use colored Christmas lights that remind him of his childhood. And maybe even let them have a real tree and deal with the needles everywhere.
But I'm not that awesome mom.
And it's funny, because it's not like I have this gorgeous tree if I do it how I want. But in my dreams it's a perfect tree.
So since I'm not that awesome mom it's a good thing I have an awesome husband. A husband who as we speak is on his way home with a new tree. A skinny tree. A prelit with white lights tree. A tree that I saw last night at D and C's Christmas party and wanted so bad. A tree that will have no home until next Christmas when I am in my house. A tree just for me.

I have no tree this year. I get to try to keep my kids out of my moms tree and keep them from breaking anything Christmas related. Here is a bit of my tree and my baby face big boy and my chubbers baby last year. Isn't it crazy when you look at pictures of your kids and think how the heck has been a whole year already!

01 December 2009


I'm tired of working so much.
I'm tired of at least 4 shifts a week.
You know you work like a crazy person when you work an 8 hour night and then head right on over to an immunization clinic for 5 hours.
I'm tired of giving people H1N1 shots.
I'm tired of dreaming about immunization instructions because I give them 300 times a day.
I'm tired of having not done a dang thing for Christmas because I work too much.
I'm tired of not being excited for Christmas because I have done nothing and because I have no house.
I'm tired of trying to organize everything for my house on my breaks at work.
I'm tired of the government taking so much of my money. What was the point of picking up so many extra shifts if they just take it all away?
My body is tired.
My husband is tired of me working so much.
My mind is tired.
And worst of all my kids are tired.
I'm tired of my little mama's boy being all about daddy.
"but mom I will miss you when you go to work" Most of all I'm tired of not hearing this. He doesn't even ask if I am working anymore. He just assumes I am.
That is just too much.
I'm tired.
I'm going to bed.
I'm going to call staffing in the morning and drop some shifts.

Kudos to working mom's everywhere.

31 October 2009

happy halloween

Sit down. Don't fall off your chair. I am posting something in a timely manner for once.
A little of the October festivities around our house.

Ate pancake pumpkins a few times this month.
Cookie time.
Would you like a tiny bit of cookie with your icing?
Let's give out mom's to your friends and keep yours for us okay Roman. Okay mom.
Some good old costume store toys.
Ready for the Halloween party. Who knows what's up with my pose.
Carving time.
Some family trick or treating OZ style.
My cuties.
Little Skunk. Finn's daytime costume. Yes he needed a daytime costume. It was just too cute not to. Went all over town and enjoyed people telling me how cute my kids were! Ha Ha! Thanks for letting us borrow it Jill.

The little tail is my favorite part.
We love us some Halloween at our house!

Off to raid the kids candy and watch a movie with Mr. Skywalker, minus the wig...

14 October 2009

your opinion matters, really it does, don't listen to my husband when he tells you not to influence me...

Okay people. Indecisive me needs some help.
I can't find a picture that will post and not be fuzzy.
So go here.
Click on "SILGRANIT Sinks" link.
top right hand, click on "view drop in sinks"
Middle of third row - Diamond Maxi sink.
And think to yourself, if I was buying a house with this kitchen sink would I love it or hate it?
Single bowl, so great for soaking a roaster, big bun pans, big pots.
It is just as wide as a regular sink.
I love it. But I love weird things sometimes. And we don't know if we are staying forever or trying to sell in a few years.
So what do you think?

Also, what is your opinion on flooring in the master bedroom - hardwood or carpet?

eating off the treats shelf
loving the dirt piles at the lot
Insisted on going to Lethbridge like this today, lion nose and whiskers a must.

04 October 2009

a few to remember

After spinning around a ton Roman stops and then says: hey guys, the house is all dizzy!

Brad read him Hiawatha's Bear Hunt at bedtime.
Brad: and Hiawatha went home to his teepee
Roman: no dad, it's a peepee
Brad: Um, no it's not. It's a teepee. Say teepee.
Roman: No, it's a peepee
They argued for awhile and finally Brad gave up.

So now we can add teepee to the x rated list of toddler words in our house.
teepee = peepee
corn = porn
kitty = titty

Roman likes to be a lion. A lion with plaws, not claws. Anyway, one night I was getting him undressed and then into his pajamas
Roman, while buck naked: mom, lick my bum.
Me: What did you say?
Roman: I said lick my bum. Lions lick their bums.
Me: Well people don't lick bums.
Roman: But mom I'm a lion.
Me: Well then lick your own bum.
Roman: But mom (always has a but mom or bud dad) I can't reach it.
He tries to reach it. Luckily he can't.
I changed the subject.

16 September 2009


One year old.
My little Finn turned one year old on Friday September 4th.
He looks too tiny to be one. Tiny to me anyway, everyone else thinks he is huge. Such is life as a Davis baby I guess.
It went by so fast. SO FAST. Is it funny to look back over the last year. I liked times of it more than Roman's first year. And then other times I enjoyed Roman's first year more. Make sense? I am looking forward to the next year. Learning more about Finn's personality. He kinda hides it. Roman was less of a mystery in a way. Still, they always manage to surprise you just when you think you have them figured out right.
It's amazing how the love multiplies. For Brad, seeing him with two boys. For my sweet little Finn. No questions asked, just pure love from day one. And for Roman too. I thought I already loved him as much as I could, but I was wrong. Seeing him with his brother melts my heart and adds a whole new dimension to the love.

So Finn. One year old.
- not walking yet, but standing for longer periods of time and walking along furniture
- has a goofy crinkly nose smile
- needs a haircut, really bad
- loves food with flavor and salt. But fruit is his favorite. Some favs this summer are blueberries, strawberries, raspberries from the garden, watermelon, cherries, and zucchini with butter salt and pepper.
- isn't too fond of swimming
- loves to hit everyone and laughs when I sternly tell him to stop but cries when daddy tells him
- doesn't care for milk in a bottle or sippie cup, but is getting better.
- still breastfeeds. He loves it. I am trying to stop. He is really upset with me this past few weeks for slowly taking it away from him. Grandma and daddy have had to step in for some extra cuddles.
- has a temper. Big time. Should make for some fun tantrums over the next few years.
- rides well and sleeps well in the car
- goes for walks and bike rides good in the chariot as long as he has some snacks
-only uses a soother to sleep
- still takes 2 naps a day. anywhere from 30 min to and hour and a half. Totally unpredictable.
- goes to bed really good
- is a huge mommas boy
- idolizes his big brother
- loves to get a hold of Romans favorite toys when Ro isn't around. Gets a huge grin on his face and giggles like he is getting away with murder
- has such a cute little laugh
- loves bath time
- loves climbing up stairs, but refuses to learn how to get back down
- has 2 top teeth and 4 bottom ones
- loved his birthday cake

31 August 2009

superheros rock

And I have a bit of a crush on this one.
Super Ro-ee, as he calls himself.
He was super excited when he found his super hero shirt in the pile of clean laundry.
He asked super politely if he could wear his cape to Lethbridge and wear it in all the stores.
I secretly super love when he asks because everywhere we go he jumps around with a super big smile on his face watching his cape fly behind him. And everyone we pass smiles and points and whispers about the cute little boy in his cape. And I can't help but have a super day of running boring errands.
Super Ro-ee to the rescue!

29 August 2009

Blah. No title.

I can't believe none of you called me on my lam-o post with pictures from last summer.
I didn't take my camera anywhere this summer. I think I took it to the lake on one out of four trips. No parks. No pools. No first of July. Not even in the back yard. Poor Finn will probably develop a complex from the lack of pictures of his childhood. But Brad had his camera a few times so lets see what is on his...
Anyone in out parent preschool group from last year knows of Mr. R and his sweet dance moves. Well I'm not sure sweet is the right word, but we'll be generous and call them sweet. He danced his way through the parade this year.
This is the only picture I got of me and my boys on the first of July. Believe it or not the white shirts actually stayed pretty clean.

Brad took Roman fishing at the lake. One of the pictures R took. Yeah, he's got an eye for photography.

So proud of his fish. He likes to be the net guy while daddy gets the fish. He touched it once and that was enough for him. He says it felt wiggly. Well okay then. I wouldn't touch it either. Fishing is so not my thing. But I am sure in a few years when Brad takes the boys out all day I will be loving fishing!

Well that's all for now. Later folks.

25 August 2009

hello there

Does anyone still read this thing?
I'm a tad bit embarrassed at my lack of posting.
You know it's bad when your husband offers to play with the kids so you can get a post up.
Despite the rainy weather we have been busy having fun this summer. I lost count on how many fun trips to the lake in Montana we have had. Pool time. Park time. Lots of good walks with good friends. Had a fantastic 7th anniversary with my amazingly awesome husband yesterday. Love him more and more each year. Just your usual summer stuff. I must say I have been a little sad at not having my own house to have people over to or have BBQs at. But I am so loving that my family is putting up with us living here while we "build" a house.
House stuff has consumed so much of my time this summer. Annoying, but oddly satisfying at the same time. And also very sad, because for all the time it consumes we have nothing to show for it yet! Keep your fingers crossed, we should be digging the hole and pouring the basement next week. I won't go into all the delays, most of you have listened to me drone on and on about it already.
So that's us. I am so completely lazy that I have not downloaded any pictures from my camera. I have been really bad at taking pics this summer anyway. So let me just go digging into the files of what we were doing last summer at this time...
Me almost a year ago. This is as we were heading to the hospital to be induced on my due date. Oh man that is a big ol' belly! At least I can look back now and laugh at my fat self right!
But oh so worth it.

Finn. Almost one year old. I refuse to believe it has almost been a year. Quite sad actually that his first year flew by so fast and I feel like I was gone for half of it or something. We called him the lump for awhile. So content just to sit around. Apparently he finally realized he has red hair and his feisty fiery side has come out. He has some attitude now! Love my little Finney bean.

I'll try harder. I'll get better. Stay tuned, more posts and newer pictures to come.

02 July 2009

mr. milk

This little guy is a mommy milk lover.
Sure Roman liked milk. But he would breastfeed or take milk or formula in a bottle. Not picky at all.
Finn will not drink from a bottle. He won't drink milk from a sippie cup either. He will only breastfeed. And he wants to feed every three or four hours even though he is fully eating solids too. And he still gets one or two feedings at night. I never really noticed I was still feeding him that much. He's quick and it makes him so content and happy. But I realized the other day he is 10 months old, and that might be a bit too many feeds for a 10 month old! Especially because I need to think about weaning him so I can go back to work a bit in September. And because these little chompers don't feel so hot as he scarfs down his milk!
Roman weaned himself and was done breastfeeding by 10 months. So I have no idea what I am doing. The last week I cut down from 5 to 4 feeds. That went okay. The last two days I tried to go to 3. Poor Finn is so sad and grumpy. It has completely changed his personality. And when he does get breast milk he is high as a kite. Smiles and giggles and has a dreamy look in his eyes. It really is like a drug for him!

Any tips? Cutting back and cutting out night feeds? Getting him to take milk from a bottle? I am going to have Brad try to feed him from a bottle and see if it helps that it is not me feeding him. Other than that I am stumped.

22 June 2009

can you keep a secret?

Roman can't!

He wanted to color today. So I had him color a birthday card for Brad (birthday tomorrow).
We went over and over it - don't tell daddy about the birthday card until tomorrow. It's a surprise. Don't tell him when he comes home from work.
Insert Charlie Brown at school - wah wah, wah wah wah, wah wah wah. Cause I think that is what it is like when I talk to him half the time.
Daddy comes home from work. The first words out of Roman's mouth - you guessed it - daddy I made you a birthday card today! But doooon't look. (said all serious with his hands up in the air to stop him) It is in the drawer where mommy puts all her stuff by the bed, but doooon't look.
After dinner we went downstairs. Roman took Brad over to my bedside table and said dad doooon't look in there. That is where your birthday card is.
He went to play.
Came back a few minutes later. Dad come look at your birthday card, but only look a little bit. Just for a minute.
Brad told him that's okay I'll wait until my birthday.
But it's okay dad if you look for just a little minute.
Brad distracted him and didn't look.

Never a dull moment with three year olds eh!

26 May 2009

deeee-zaaaaa -ster

My house and my mind.
I find that I can't really think straight the past few days. Last week I did good. Packed quite a few boxes. Made lots of phone call. Got going on this whole lets sell our house and build one even though we have no clue what we are doing or how much it will actually cost in the end. Brad says we do know what we are doing. We will see.
Anyway, this week, total flop. I find myself wandering around looking for things to put in boxes and not coming up with much. We are still using everything that isn't in a box. Actually we needed a few things that I did put in boxes. But thankfully Brad just ate cereal out of a HUGE tupperware and didn't say a thing about my not leaving any bowls out.
So I am officially the crazy wife I become when it comes time to move. I get way overly stressed. And what do I do to deal with that? Flop down on the couch during Finn's nap and read a book while Roman watches a movie and poops in his gonchies because I'm not paying attention. Of all the days for him to finally become interested in underwear??? Go figure.
We are moving into my parent's basement this weekend. And then we have a week until our house closes. So things should be a lot easier to pack once all the things that need to stay out are with us at my parent's house. Then I can begin the ol' chuck anything you touch into whatever box is next to you style of packing I am famous for. Brad might say infamous though... I will admit it makes for a total pain in the arse unpacking experience.

I miss the days of living in a furnished apartment as a student.
Step one: take blankets off bed so only flat sheet remains.
Step two: throw all belongings on bed in any order you please.
Step three: Grab ends of sheets and tie over top of huge pile.
Step four: repeat process with fitted sheet.
Step five: Shove one bundle in trunk and one in backseat and drive away.

So tonight the young mens service project got cancelled. Brad didn't want to let them off the hook so he brought them here. And made me find stuff they could load into the trailer.
The cupboard I use as a pantry.
The basement couch I am using as a clean laundry basket.
Romans toy cupboard.
Then he goes back into work. And I escape to the computer to ignore the mess before I pull all my hair out.

Now I am going to bake sugar cookies. And eat too many. And think about maybe cleaning up tomorrow. I said MAYBE.

I wanted this house sold, I wanted this move, I wanted a new house, I wanted this, I wanted this, I wanted this...

Here's captain underpants in action with his telescope. Who knew that the best telescopes are the cleaning attachments to your vacuum. I cleaned it people! I'm not that lazy.

22 May 2009


I am selling my old Chariot. It is a double Cabriolet. Includes all three attachments - the bike, jogger, and walking (swivel) wheels. I also have the infant sling for it, the mesh cover, and the rain cover. It is older but in good condition. So I am asking $400 for it. (a new one with all three attachments would be at least $800 or more)
Anyone interested? Or do you know anyone who would be interested?

email me at bwrdavis@telus.net

I am also selling my single Schwinn jogging stroller. It has the rain cover that goes with it. The adjustable handle doesn't adjust anymore - it has to either be all the way up or all the way down. But still good to walk or jog with.
Asking $50 OBO.

Sorry, not a very interesting post! But I thought I would try to sell them to someone I know before I list on Kijiji or facebook.

So the jogging stroller, the chariot, our old Honda, our Jimmy, and our house - let me see if I can think of anything else to sell...

21 May 2009

Roman Henry

Roman - dad will you shave the fur off your face so I can feel your skin again?
Walking over to me - mom you don't have fur, you have nice skin.

Oh man do I love that boy!

19 May 2009

a few extra calories

Okay, a LOT more than a few extras. Especially because I polished off the leftovers in 2 days all by myself.
On Sunday I made this.
Ignore the lovely avocado green cake taker. A cake stand is high on my lists of wants, but I have yet to find one I love - that I can afford.
But even surrounded by avocado green this little beauty was DELISH! I love sweets. Love them. I have no self control when it comes to them. None at all. I can usually control myself on chocolate deserts. Sometimes I even make myself proud and pass on chocolate. I am all about berries or citrus. So when I saw this on The Pioneer Woman Cooks I was so excited.
Strawberry Shortcake Cake.
I was too busy eating my cake to take a picture of the inside. This is PW's picture.
Are you hungry yet?
It was the most deliciously scrumptious batter you have ever tasted. A mix between cake batter and cookie dough. I licked the spatula. I licked the beater. I used my fingers to lick to bowl. I even went so far as to get a clean spoon just to have one more taste of what was in the cake pan. And the cake did not disappoint. Mashed juicy strawberries hidden inside. Cream cheese icing. Which I am not really a fan of, until now. Why has no one ever told me to whip the crap out of cream cheese icing? The best cream cheese icing I have ever tasted.
I can't wait until I have fresh peaches and raspberries this summer to try with this cake.

I need an excuse to bake it again. Anyone want to have a party and invite me and my cake?

10 May 2009

i heart the internet

I love the internet. I love the internet because it sold my house!
Last week we had an offer from a couple in Ontario who found our house on the internet. A full price offer, site unseen. They had already sold their house. And in a few days they were approved for financing and approved the house inspection.
So as of Friday my house was sold!
They take possession on June 8th.
I want to be out a week before so that I can get it cleaned and not feel rushed. We are moving in with my parents while we build. We are putting all our stuff in a big semi trailer that we are parking at my aunts house (thanks again!). The trailer comes to my house this week. It will sit here until we are all packed. So it is nice that I get to do it gradually over three weeks, and put away boxes as I pack. The problem lies in trying to figure out what to pack and what to leave out. Like for now I can pack away our winter clothes, but I will need them before we are done building. So I not only have to pack, I have to organize the whole trailer in a way where I can get to everything I might need.
But who's complaining, my house is sold!

We are as happy as a bear in a cave
as happy as a cake covered boy
as happy as a pirate in pajamas
as happy as a bouncing baby boy