31 May 2007

flip flops

Who knew that shoes taste so good. I knew he was being too quite while I was in the kitchen making dinner. The shoe looks like a dog got a hold of it!

24 May 2007

a few things we have been up to

I'm working tomorrow. But I have my stuff ready for tomorrow, Ro's stuff ready, the dishes done, the laundry put away, and the toys cleaned up - so I thought I would put up a quick post before I head off to bed. Not too many new pictures to share, but here are just a few of the things we have been up to.

Fixed the legs on this old table and painted it. (Don't pay attention to the dirty kitchen floor! Or the nail holes in the floor boards, new floor boards are on the never ending list of things to do.)

Brad built closet organizers. We each have a bit different design for our closets. Yet again I am sooo glad he is so handy. I can fit so much more in there now. It is still a bit crowded - we don't have a dresser in our room but we do have a really cool wardrobe type thing that we are fixing up. I'll put a picture of it up later.
We started on the fence for the front yard. Here is Ro showing off one of the holes for the posts. Can't wait until it is done... then me and Roman can hang out outside and I won't have to chase him the whole time. Looking forward to having a caged animal!

And last but not lease... we have been being drug outside all day by a certain someone no matter what the weather is like. But I have been liking the rain, good for the sod and the grass seed we put in. But enough is enough, some sun now please to help it grow!

18 May 2007

bye bye baby curls

Okay. We finally did it. Roman got a haircut. Jacklyn cut it when she was up. His hair was getting a little out of control. I know it is so sappy, and I used to laugh at people like me, so feel free to laugh. But when it is your own kid you see such a difference. He looks so much more grown up now. Not my baby anymore, now he is my little boy.
Here are a few pictures of the long hair and the new little boy hair. The last three are all outside on the same day, just before the cut and then after. (ps - aren't these the funniest pjs!)

16 May 2007

srping time... lots of pictures

We have been having lots of fun enjoying the nice warm weather. Like any kid Roman likes to spend all the time he can outside. He is always standing at the door hanging on the door knob yelling and growling to go outside. Yes growling, it is his new thing he thinks is neat. And by neat I think he means annoying! He has no interest in speaking with actual words, what's the point when he gets everything he wants anyway. He is also into running everywhere. And my new favorite thing he does is he will be doing something and have a tiny little smile then a little chuckle, like he has an inside joke with himself and whatever toy he is playing with. He is so much fun. Here are a bunch of pictures of what we have been up to lately.

Pots and pans are always a favorite toy at grandma and grandpas house. He has been spending lots of time there because I have been working a lot. It is sooo nice to live by them so they can babysit. Roman loves it and doesn't even care that I am gone, which makes going to work so much easier.

Mowing the lawn with grandpa. In all seriousness, this is the longest I have seen him sit and focus on something since... last summer when he learned to sit!

Playing in the dogs drinking water outside.
Going for rides in the wheel barrel.
Eating popsicles.
Sharing popsicles with the dogs.
Playing in the sprinkler and going swimming in the hot tub. Forget the rest of us, Grandpa turned the hot tub temperature down so it is now Roman's personal swimming pool.
Swinging (with out of control crazy static hair)
Helping dad outside.

14 May 2007


No more ugly dirt yard, we finally have nice GREEN grass. On Saturday we laid sod in our front yard. It has been slow going because Saturday is basically the only day Brad has to get a ton of work done all at once. First he had to dig up and loosen the dirt. Then he had to level the yard out with a bobcat. Then he had to dig out the path and fill it with gravel and lay the paving blocks down. Then he had to do the slate rock walls. Finally three or four Saturday's later we have grass. We still have to fill in around the paving blocks with crushed rocks, fill in the planters with mulch and flowers, and build a little fence around the front yard to keep Roman in. But it is all starting to come together and to the point you can see results. Yeah!

Saturday was sooo hot. Roman had tons of fun being outside and helping. (and getting too much sun thus wearing a funny looking hat) He enjoyed digging in the dirt, eating the dirt, eating rocks, riding in the wheel barrel, eating dirt, dumping water all over himself and the dirt, eating mud and sitting in mud.

Emily and Tom and Jacklyn and their kiddies were up. So much fun hanging out with them and Max and Melanie and their kids. Roman had fun running around chasing Brighton and Luke and stopping now and again to hug Layla. Brad and Tom and Max did the guy thing - whatever that is. And we stayed up until 2:00 in the morning talking and laughing until we cried. Good times.