02 July 2009

mr. milk

This little guy is a mommy milk lover.
Sure Roman liked milk. But he would breastfeed or take milk or formula in a bottle. Not picky at all.
Finn will not drink from a bottle. He won't drink milk from a sippie cup either. He will only breastfeed. And he wants to feed every three or four hours even though he is fully eating solids too. And he still gets one or two feedings at night. I never really noticed I was still feeding him that much. He's quick and it makes him so content and happy. But I realized the other day he is 10 months old, and that might be a bit too many feeds for a 10 month old! Especially because I need to think about weaning him so I can go back to work a bit in September. And because these little chompers don't feel so hot as he scarfs down his milk!
Roman weaned himself and was done breastfeeding by 10 months. So I have no idea what I am doing. The last week I cut down from 5 to 4 feeds. That went okay. The last two days I tried to go to 3. Poor Finn is so sad and grumpy. It has completely changed his personality. And when he does get breast milk he is high as a kite. Smiles and giggles and has a dreamy look in his eyes. It really is like a drug for him!

Any tips? Cutting back and cutting out night feeds? Getting him to take milk from a bottle? I am going to have Brad try to feed him from a bottle and see if it helps that it is not me feeding him. Other than that I am stumped.