12 December 2009

tree time

It would be great if I was one of those awesome moms who can hand the Christmas tree over to her kids. Let them make ornaments and clump them on wherever they want. And let her husband use colored Christmas lights that remind him of his childhood. And maybe even let them have a real tree and deal with the needles everywhere.
But I'm not that awesome mom.
And it's funny, because it's not like I have this gorgeous tree if I do it how I want. But in my dreams it's a perfect tree.
So since I'm not that awesome mom it's a good thing I have an awesome husband. A husband who as we speak is on his way home with a new tree. A skinny tree. A prelit with white lights tree. A tree that I saw last night at D and C's Christmas party and wanted so bad. A tree that will have no home until next Christmas when I am in my house. A tree just for me.

I have no tree this year. I get to try to keep my kids out of my moms tree and keep them from breaking anything Christmas related. Here is a bit of my tree and my baby face big boy and my chubbers baby last year. Isn't it crazy when you look at pictures of your kids and think how the heck has been a whole year already!


Just Rhonda said...

Does your momma have lots of breakable ornaments?? Hope they survive Christmas with the kids around! I'm interested in seeing the new tree!

ashley said...

oh Whitney I am the same way...I like my tree a certain way. I might let the kids decorate the back of the tree...maybe... or better yet maybe I could get a little tree just for them one day. My poor kids. I guess I have a little while to worry about that, but I know exactly how you feel.

LindsayB said...

james broke 4 of my mom's decorations the day we got them out. i don't even know if he felt bad about it by the 4th one. and they decorated my moms tree like nobody's business. my mom was so happy to not decorate it herself. we also used the lights that are supposed to go outside on accident, but didn't feel like switching it. so it's a real winner this year. i can't believe that was a 3 month old child, he was a good ol big boy for while there.

Jill said...

I gave up on making my tree cute this year. Yep, just plain gave up. I figure between Blaise and Piper, our tree has a life expectancy of a gnat. Blaise thinks most ornaments are swords, has broken quite a few, and Piper just throws them everywhere. Sigh. Maybe once they get older?
And look how little Finn is! Can you believe how fast this last year has gone?

Christal said...

You know I'm just like you that's why I have two trees ha ha! Us anal moms!
It must be hard to keep them away from all the breakable things at your moms! Can't believe how little finn is just a year ago amazing eh! He is so cute! Goes by so fast! Well missed you today! ttys

Christal said...

ps can't remember the last time we were in r.s together ha ha! quit working I actually have to listen to the lessons now cause I have nothing else to do lol!! Now Kars does alot of talking in r.s especially today it was kind of loud but oh well I was enjoying it!

Susie said...

I guess I'm lucky Sadie doesn't touch my tree she still ewwws & awws and now I have no one to blame at my less than perfect tree. but I do like it. Seriously I forget how old your kids are. at first I was all cute pic thinking thats Roman now, clearly I'm outta touch with your kids. Really I must be getting old.