22 June 2009

can you keep a secret?

Roman can't!

He wanted to color today. So I had him color a birthday card for Brad (birthday tomorrow).
We went over and over it - don't tell daddy about the birthday card until tomorrow. It's a surprise. Don't tell him when he comes home from work.
Insert Charlie Brown at school - wah wah, wah wah wah, wah wah wah. Cause I think that is what it is like when I talk to him half the time.
Daddy comes home from work. The first words out of Roman's mouth - you guessed it - daddy I made you a birthday card today! But doooon't look. (said all serious with his hands up in the air to stop him) It is in the drawer where mommy puts all her stuff by the bed, but doooon't look.
After dinner we went downstairs. Roman took Brad over to my bedside table and said dad doooon't look in there. That is where your birthday card is.
He went to play.
Came back a few minutes later. Dad come look at your birthday card, but only look a little bit. Just for a minute.
Brad told him that's okay I'll wait until my birthday.
But it's okay dad if you look for just a little minute.
Brad distracted him and didn't look.

Never a dull moment with three year olds eh!


Christal said...

ahh three year olds!! lovin the new post finally!! and Roman's haircut it looks so cute!!

LindsayB said...

look at the cute haircut! i feel like i haven't seen roman for awhile, we must fix that. that story sounded a lot like alli with dereks father's day card. it's pretty cute how excited they get.

Susie said...

ahh I thought never a dull moment with 2 year olds. Sometimes those secrets are just way too good to keep, must share. See ya real soon.

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

that's hilarious. I love Roman.
He's just the perfect 3 year old. It's the dull one's you have to worry about!
At least he was really excited to give it to Brad right?!

marisajbaines said...

i totally agree with roman... it IS okay to look at any birthday present or card for just a little minute!

Stephanie M Larsen said...

I love this post!