12 June 2007

On Saturday we put in all the posts for the fence we are building in the front yard. Brad cut through the phone cable when he was digging before - of course every possible line runs under our yard and who knows how far down they are. So we had to dig very carefully. It took forever, but at least it is done. And yesterday me and Brad and my mom and dad finished the fence! Now it just has to be painted. (We were going to to it tonight, but big surprise, too windy) Even though it was windy we spent a lot of time out there today. It is going to be great summer with Roman trapped in a nice small space!

One of Rome's favorite things for the past few is carrying a shovel around whenever he is outside . And not one of the many plastic shovels he has, he wants the real thing. Likes to dig with it, but really just wants to have it with him at all times. He even has one at my parents house too.

His other favorite thing is the lawn mower. He loves to sit on your lap while you mow the lawn. My dad waits to mow his lawn for the days I work and they babysit. Whenever he is in the back yard he has to play on it and throws a fit when you take him off it. When we were in Home Depot he freaked out with excitement when he saw the isle with all the movers. So funny.

04 June 2007


We had some sand in the wheel barrel when we were doing some landscaping stuff and Roman just LOVED it. He played in it with a shovel for well over a half hour. (a looooong time for him to do anything, always go go go) I am sure he would have played in it longer if we wouldn't have had to go to Lethbridge. He cried and cried and cried. Had tears streaming down his face. And not his usual I'm mad cry, a true sad cry. So we broke down and got him a sand box. He likes to play in it for five or ten minutes here and there, but of course isn't half as interested in it as he was with the sand in the wheel barrel. Why do I bother to get him any toys at all?

01 June 2007

we have a climber...

Maybe it's time to move the toy box.