09 March 2011


Three weeks old. Ahhhh! Time is going too fast. Three weeks already. His cheeks are too chubby. He has grown out of stuff already - or maybe just relaxed and stretched out. Either way he isn't a newborn anymore and I am so sad! So excuse me if you don't see me for the next few weeks, I'll be in my pjs hanging out on my bed while my kids play next to me and watch movies all day so I can cuddle this little boy to death.

06 March 2011


Oscar Edward Davis
Born February 15th at 8:34 am
7 pounds 9 ounces, 20 inches long

It was going to be a good week. Monday was Valentines Day, we had a nice little family Valentines dinner and a few treats. Tuesday the 15th I was going to go for my massage and then a manicure. Wednesday the 16th, my birthday, I was going to meet Brad for lunch with no kids and then get a pedicure. You know, gotta have nice nails while you are in labour.
But Oscar had other plans. He came 6 days early. Totally unexpected. I was fully ready and just fine to go to my due date or overdue just like with Roman and Finn.
I woke up Tuesday morning at 5:30 to some cramping. I have had a pretty crampy pregnancy so I didn't think too much of it. Tried to sleep. Realized by 6:00 they weren't just cramps, they were coming and going. Okay, I tell myself it must just be braxton hicks, I'm not having this baby for another week. I'm leaking amniotic fluid, but I'm still not convinced. I can't sleep so I have a shower. I'm sooo in denial. This baby is not coming.
There was no lead up, the contractions were strong right from the start. Okay okay so maybe I should time a few. 2-3 minutes. Crap. Brad is up asking what we are going to do. I had a shower so or course I'm going to dry my hair, and I might as well put on makeup. By this point I'm stopping to bend over and having to breath through them. Chrystal and born at home baby Mia enter my mind and I panic and realized this is the real thing (remember I was induced with both my others) Brad calls my dad at 7:00 and I am chucking whatever I can find into a bag to take to the hospital. We get up to the Labour and Delivery unit at 7:45, I'm dilated to a 7. I cry because I can't have an epidural. I wave to my brother in law the obstetrical resident on call as they rush me to a delivery room, and no, he did not join us for the delivery! I got the obstetrician on call because my doctor was out of town. Turned out good though, I liked Dr. Malach. So he breaks my water and after much whining, complaining about missing my massage, and frantic incoherent speech on my part mixed with apologies for my actions between contractions, Oscar made his grand entrance.
It was crazy how fast it all happened, but so nice at the same time that it was so fast. I just love that feeling you get after having a baby. There is no way to describe it. The total euphoria, rush of emotions, slightly in shock, total high of having a baby. Minutes before was pure agony and in a split second I see my baby born and all is right with the world.