20 July 2007


When we were down at the lake we picked up a second car seat at Target. We are sick of moving the one we have from my car to Brad's car every time I work so one of us can drop him off and the other pick him up. Anyway, Romes and I finally got around to playing with the box. And he loved it! We had so much fun all morning going in and out with all different toys. And more fun with the box is waiting for us when nap time is over.

18 July 2007

romes new do

I think that Roman's hair has been quite cute lately. It has a bit of curl to it, so if we take the time to do it he has cute little wings that flip up by his ears and at his neck. But, with all this heat and his thick head of hair he has been sweating sooo much. So much to my dismay, out came the clippers. This is mr. mohawk for a few days.

And here are my two no hair boys.
At least it will be somewhat grown back this fall.

13 July 2007

home again

Home again with plenty of pictures. We went to the lake in Montana with my family for the first of July weekend. Then we came home for two days to work (had to catch some of the Raymond festivities too) and then back down for the 4th of July and to spend a week at the lake. Fun times had by all... and sun tans too!

On the first we went to the Alberta visitors center in West Glacier - free BBQ, cake, and cotton candy. Roman made car sounds to drive the bobsled. Loved his hot dog but wanted nothing to do with the cotton candy.
He loved all the horses in the parade and with the help of some licorice made it through the whole thing. A big deal for the kid who can't do anything for more than five minutes. But a BBQ cut into nap time and we got some clenched fists and back arches. I wish I had a picture of this shirt at the end of the day, you could see everything we ate all day long.

Fell asleep in the boat.
Testing out the water. By the end of the week there was no testing, he would walk all the way out until the water started getting in his mouth.
Has a shovel in his hands the entire time he is at the beach. Won't put it down to jump off the dock, go swimming, or ride in the boat. He HATES his life jacket so we didn't' attempt the tubes this year, but I'm a bad mom and I still let him ride int he boat.

The camping bath tub, yucky water and all. He was such a mess every night, it was amazing how dirty he managed to get.
Nothing like running around naked in the great outdoors after a tough day at the lake.

He was so into helping dad and grandpa fix anything.
Romes was in rock heaven. Rocks rocks rocks everywhere you looked. Including his mouth most of the time. Why is he still so fascinated by putting everything in his mouth? I thought that should have started to slow down by now.
I love that they learn to make the truck and car noises so soon. It has been months, but I still smile when he plays with his trucks and makes the sounds.
Wet suit tan.
He loves the dogs so much. Chases them, feeds them half his meal, cuddles with them, pats them, pets them, kisses them good night, takes them on walks, gives them treats, laughs and points when they wags their tails - and then tries to grab their tails, shares his toys, and kicks the ball to them.

Well, that's all for now. My parents are still at the lake. Roman and I will find sometime to go back down a few times this summer and then Brad will come again at the end of August. I love it there. So beautiful surrounded by the mountains and trees. Fun times with family. Wearing only swimsuits and camping clothes and not doing my hair. No phone and no watch. And of course all the yummy American treats - sooo missing my mint chocolate covered Oreos and key lime yogurt. Better find something new to do so I have more pictures for next time!