25 May 2012

B 19 N 22 O 3

Look what I found at a garage sale here in town today.
I love it. Back me up Pam Heggie.
I saw one last summer at station 8. It was in a sweet display that gave me a great idea for my basement family room. It was more antique than mine, but $40 vs $4, no question I got a better deal! I love the little wooden balls. It came with the little cards and plastic markers so you could actually play bingo instead of just having it look cool on a shelf. But until the basement is done it will sit in its wooden box complete with latches and handle.
I got some other good stuff too. Chalk today up as a sweet garage sale day.

18 May 2012

true story

Me, finn, & Oscar were being lazy on my bed this morning after roman went to school. I thought Oscar had pooped. Turns out it was only Finn's tonsillectomy breath. Bet you are jealous your not at my messy smelly house right now!
Poor sad sick boy. But getting better. If you need me I'll be handing out Tylenol and codeine and serving up yogurt, ice cream, Popsicles, and freezies.

17 May 2012

big things

Finn: mom look at my big things.
Me: what big things?
Finn: my big things like you have, like you feed Oscar with.