20 March 2006

he's growing

Roman had his two week check-up today. Everything is good. He is just over 9 lbs now and has grown an inch (22 inches long now). Brad thinks he is getting rolls on his thighs, I still think he has little chicken legs.
Here is a picture of Roman all dressed up for his first day of church. He did pretty good, sleeping through most of church.
Me and Ro are off to Raymond tomorrow and Brad will be down on Friday. Roman's blessing is this next Sunday and he still has lots of family and friends to meet. My only worry is how jealous the dogs will be when he is around - they are used to being the babies of the family and getting all the attention!

14 March 2006

11 days old

I was looking through the pictures we have on the computer of the little man and this one made me laugh, so I thought it would be my post for today. Hang ten Roman. From the moment Ro was born he has LOVED his fingers. They must have been his best friends for nine months. From day one he hated being swaddled because he couldn't have his hands by his face. Needless to say that his face was quite scratched up for the first week. As he has become more relaxed he sucks his fingers less and less - much to my dismay because it was sooooo cute. But he still hates being swaddled.
Two things to report from our house.
1. Ro had his circumcision today, so it has been a hard day. I think I have cried more than him. I feel like such a rotten mom! I have him topped up on tylenol and have been spoiling him with cuddles all day long.
2. He was weighed yesterday. With a onesie and a dry diaper he was 8 lbs 12 oz. (birth weight was 7 lbs. 15 oz.) So that was a relief, I was worried he wasn't eating enough because he feeds for quite short periods. Guess he is just an efficient little piggy when it comes to sucking!

07 March 2006

he is finally here!

We finally got our little baby boy - Roman Henry Davis. I went into labor on my due date, Feb 27, and was going to be put on a drip the next day to move things along, but labor stopped after 9 hours. So when it started again on March second I didn't get my hopes up,
but my water broke that night. (Brad wasn't impressed that it was right before survivor started!) So I spent Thursday night in the hospital with smaller contractions and my mom and Brad came back the next morning when I was started on an oxytocin drip. Boy did that do the trick. Ouch. But then I got an epidural and all was well. So from start to finish was 5 hours, most of which was epidural so who cares and then 45 minutes of pushing and we got our little boy March 3 at 2:35 pm. 7 lbs 15 oz, 21 inches. So pretty average size, but he got his dad's long limbs, fingers, and toes and big feet and hands. We can't really tell who he looks most like yet, I think Brad is winning at this point - guess we will see when he grows a bit.
Brad is a very proud daddy. His ability to be a great dad was one of the things that made me want to marry him, so it makes me very happy to finally be able to help him get his little boy. I must admit I am very into being a mommy too, I could just sit and look at Roman for hours.
Sorry for the late post, we had a few days of working to get him to eat enough to keep his strength up, not get dehydrated, and clear his billiruben - we have a yellow baby on our hands who wouldn't pee or poop much and alsmost had to go back to the hospital for the baby tanning bed. It was pretty much a day or two of working on feeding and supplimenting, which usually took up to and hour cause he was so sleepy, then an hour break and start all over agian. But he is doing great today (after my milk came in) and all is well.
My mom was able to come up to Edmonton for awhile before he was born and then she was there for the delivery and is here helping until this weekend. It was a great expereince to be able to share Roman's birth with her and I think it was good for Brad to have someone else there to support him too so he wasn't the only one supporting me. And I would be falling apart if she wasn't here now to help and take him in the morning so I can get some sleep. Brad was AWESOME through the whole thing, I coudln't have done it without him. I felt so loved and supported without him even saying a word and this gave me strenght when I needed it. He was able to sleep at the hospital the first night with me and the baby too which was a great bonding experience for our little family. Brad even got me a dozen red roses, so sweet and that's why I love him!
So here is a before and after picture, and a few of our favorites. I think most everyone who looks at the blog already got an email with pictures, but I will update again in a few days because we are those crazy first time parents who take a picture of EVERYTHING and think it is so cute!