14 October 2007

i dunno what my title is...

No post for awhile - been busy and about to get even busier. I am starting to work on the maternity floor in addition to peds. I am very excited, but lots of it will be totally new stuff to learn and get used to. I am doing orientation shifts on maternity full time next month but I still have to pick up a few shifts on peds to keep them happy. Going to be a crazy month!
Brad is still having to juggle the carpentry work with subbing and being around to drop Romes off or pick him up when I am working. I know it is such a pain for him and he has such a crazy mixed up schedule, but I love him for doing it and never complaining, and for making is as easy as he can for me.

We have been doing lots of this lately, Ro and his tv face. He has recently become OBSESSED with blue's clues. He asks for "boo" all day long. Luckily he will only sit like this for a few mintues and most of the time he will run around and play while "boo" is on. This way I don't feel quite so guilty for letting him watch it so much.

We have also been doing lots of this. Took a lot of work to get the old tile off, but the new floor looks great. Roman followed us around all day with his toy hammer. He just loves to help and it is so cute to see how into it he gets. Brad did some moving and adding of electrical outlets yesterday, and we are going to get going on the rest of the kitchen soon. I am waiting to put up pictures until it is all done.

Been doing lots of cleaning up after this little man. Thought he was being so good while I was making dinner. Juice everywhere. I hate sticky juice.

And been dealing with lots and lots of this. This one was especially memorable - 15 minutes of crying and screaming and kicking feet and clenched fists. The terrible two have come very early to our house. My poor little Ro has the perfect personality for tantrums and an excellent set of lungs. Mix that with the fact the he refuses to talk so he can't communicate what he wants, and he gets soooo frustrated, and this is what you get. He will grow out of it eventually right? Please tell me yes even if it isn't true.