09 September 2010

birthday boy

My baby turned 2 last Saturday, September 4th. Poor boy was sick on his birthday. Bad cold lovingly given to him by his brother. And then he passed it on to me. But we still had a fun birthday. Nothing major this year. Just grandparents over for dinner and some presents and cake. We were hoping to be in our house and have a nice big party with our friends. Some other time I suppose. But he had fun. And that is all that matters.

Here is his birthday cake. A dump truck in case you can't tell. My first attempt at marshmallow fondant. It was fun to do, but yucky to eat in my opinion. Everyone just kinda dug the cake out to eat it. But I wanted to practice with it because my sister wants me to make her wedding cake.
He didn't want to blow out the candles, just wanted to eat all 4 cookie tires. And he had so much fun with his presents. This is the VERY loud garbage truck uncle Kurt got him. See the look of working so hard on his face.
Um, no good pics of other presents I see. But I do have some nice pictures of your birthday mischief and your poor sick eyes and runny nose.
Daddy left out a red permanent marker. Forget the fact that I fell asleep on the couch for 15 minutes. I blame the late night girls night and Brad. It is not my fault at all. Oh ya, and Roman as he watched him color on 14 different things, including his own forehead, before he thought to wake me up. Luckily everything was either a hard surface that a magic eraser could tackle or skin, which surprisingly came clean with a good scrub with a baby wipe. The chair cushion is another story.
I have been ignoring it. But I read online in a few places that WD40 gets is out? I think I'll try that, then just flip it to the other side. At least the rest of the chair is okay.
And that Mr. Finn is your 2nd birthday.

02 September 2010

hello hello

It's that time again, it's been 3 months so I better update. He he. No excuses. It's my blog. And I just plain haven't been feeling it. It's was summer. And we have been busy doing summer things. And busy doing house things. Brad is there as we speak getting things ready to start the hardwood. We are getting close, so so close. I have color on my walls. I am starting to get excited. Then I add up the costs and the excitement goes away. But then I remember I get my life back in a month or so. Sorry mom and dad. I can't thank you enough for letting us live at your house while we build, but that's how it feels right now. Like my life has been on hold and I can start again soon. I am sure you feel totally the same way, and I can't blame you. My kids can be annoying. And so can I. Especially because I have been so darn lazy and crazy the last seven months.
I do not recommend getting pregnant and being nauseated and so so tired for three months and then having a miscarriage and being totally hormonal for a month and then getting pregnant right away and being nauseated and so so tired for another three months all while living at your parents house and sending your husband away to build your house. I'm done. I'm spent. I can't believe I still have 5 more months of being pregnant. I have been patiently waiting for the energy of the second trimester to kick in. It's taking it's own sweet time in getting here. But I am thankful to be pregnant. It's a blessing. So I will smile, and take diclectin and cat nap while my kids eat fruit snacks with me on the couch. And come the end of February I will be a mother of 3 kids.

And speaking of being pregnant, in August at 12 weeks pregnant I did my first triathlon. A super sprint. And I loved it. I can't wait to do another one next summer. Unfortunately next summer I won't have being pregnant to use as an excuse for a bit slower time! I promised myself and Brad I wouldn't push too hard in the training or the race. I had been nervous, being 12 weeks along as that was when I had my miscarriage. I know I know, nothing I did caused it. But I was still nervous. I did hold back in the race a bit, but I was okay with that. I'll try harder next summer. I did it in 48 minutes and something seconds. A friend lent me her tri suit and bike. I feel like a bit of a poser in the suit, but it really was comfortable. And the bike was awesome. I want Santa to bring me a new bike. The best part was when Roman was cheering for me at the end.
Here I am in my nice tight suit before heading to the race. Roman was cheering here too. I'll take any cheering I can get, even from a 4 year old who was totally excited to play in the bouncy house while I was doing the race.
I know I didn't look great in the tight suit, but I really didn't think I looked as bad as I did. I can't believe I'm putting these pictures up. Don't worry, I'll keep the worst ones to myself. And don't bother with the oh you look fine comments. I'm pregnant and fat. My jeans tell the truth. So just drop it. You know you have all been there.
Transition to bike. Lovely squinty face I'm making isn't it.
Finishing up with the run.
Whoever said black is slimming is an idiot. These black shorts do nothing for my butt. Next year my goal is to have a nice tight butt like Lindsay there on the right. Sorry Lins, but your butt looks good in those new shorts!

And with that lovely picture I will end my ramblings and step over the dump trucks and swords on the floor and collapse on the couch with a can of Dr. Pepper. The bubbles ease the nausea if you must know.

07 June 2010


Roman eats pancakes every morning.
EVERY morning.
One morning last week he ate yogurt instead and I felt lost for half the day.
Too bad Roman's mom isn't cool enough to make a pancake like this

Or this
Or this
Check out this guys blog.
Jim's Pancakes

And I need a good recipe for whole wheat pancakes. Anyone? I take the easy way out with the just add water box. But since it is every morning something more nutritious might be nice!

27 April 2010

spoke too soon

Well remember a few days ago when I was talking about being pregnant, lets just pretend that never happened...
Had a miscarriage yesterday. 12 weeks.
Just thought I would use the blog to let everyone know so I can hopefully avoid it face to face as much as possible.
I'm actually doing better than I would have thought I would. I kinda had some vague symptoms and had to wait a bit to see a doctor and then it all happened on it's own. So with the waiting time I kinda came to terms with it.

These two have helped immensely without even knowing it.
And of course Brad. I can't even express how much. I love you B.

When the first symptoms stared I knelt down to pray and the words just wouldn't come to me. I knew at that moment the baby was gone. I prayed for strength and comfort and have received it tenfold. My usual pessimistic attitude has turned glass half full and I feel quite peaceful. Very very sad, but peaceful at the same time. I feel loved by my husband, by my family, by my friends, and by my Father in Heaven.

24 April 2010


Did I get your attention? Guess you should have been at Lin's house last night and you would know what I am talking about...
I love that I have such great friends. Really do feel blessed. Especially because I have been a bit of a grumpy recluse the last few months and they just smile. The also let me complain about my butt that has literally doubled in size over the past three weeks. If you haven't been around to be lucky enough to hear my go on and on about how much weight I have gained then you don't know I pregnant. Yep, baby three is three months down six months to go. Due November 9th-ish. I say later but whatever. Anyway, this has been a hard pregnancy. Been so much sicker than the other two. My parents have been awesome (we are still living in their basement - only a few more months till the house is done) letting me nap and be lazy and sleep in. But I'm starting to feel better. But the hardest part has been the weight gain. I can honestly say I did not complain once about any weight gain during pregnancy (after is another story!) with the other two. But I have really packed on the pounds. My mom is the only one who will be honest with me and tell me it's true. I think I will be bringing back the 90's and tying a huge sweatshirt around my waist for the next 6 months.
But enough about that. Blogging. Just haven't been feeling it lately. Not just because of the pregnancy. Not because there hasn't been stuff going on. Just not in a bloggy mood. Haven't been taking many pictures. They all look white trash, living in my parent's basement, old ugly stained couch, no room for anything so it's always a mess. Don't believe me? Here you go.
Jealous of my beach towel curtains? How about my pile of clean clothes that really have no home. Dressers piles with crap that just has no where to go. No wonder I am constantly loosing things.

Poor Christal is constantly having to listen to me vent about how I don't feel like myself. I am so grateful to my parents, but I feel like I am lost in this basement. I haven't touched my sewing machine in months. I miss it but I just can't make myself sew. I am super lazy. I just feel kinda stuck in one place with all these things I want to do and be as a mom or a person, but I just can't do them right now. But the house is getting close. And the weather is getting better. We have spent so much time outside all week. So things are starting to look up.
Got all that out of my system, so some good old happy useless blog posts to come. Stay tuned...

28 February 2010

I love the Olympics!

What, you were sick of looking at a New Year's post? As if. Maybe no one is left out there to even read my blog anymore.

But I'm back - from Vancouver that is. Not making any promises about the blog...

So the story goes, we always planned on going to the Olympics in Vancouver. Then we started building a house and Brad decided we needed to be more responsible. I whined and whined to no avail. Then the Olympics started. And Brad thought hmm, it would have been fun to go. But we could never get tickets now. Ha! apparently he doesn't know who he is dealing with. An email to Bev and we were in! Bev, my dad's cousin, works ticketing for the Olympics. She has done it for years and is the best at it, seriously in high demand. She is awesome! She was who we stayed with in Greece and now she is in London getting ready for 2012, better start saving for my ticket to London eh!
The tickets on Air Canada were actually a really good price. Dixie and Rhonda watched my kids Sunday and my parents had them on Monday - thanks again we never could have done it without you guys! And Lin's brother Peter and his wife let us stay at their apartment the night we were there. It was a short trip, two days, but it was so worth it!
We probably should have taken more pictures, we kinda kept forgetting we had a camera! But here's a bit of what we got.
Me and Brad waiting to get into Hockey Place. Brad's brother Bryan and our nephew Seth who met us there for the game. Seth waved that flag the whole time, even on the way out when Canada had lost. It was hilarious. The Russians. They were everywhere, and were hilarious hardcore fans. The view from our awesome 14th row seats at the hockey game!

I loved this baby, sat there in the carrier with headphones on for the entire game. Us all Canada geared up at the game. The sea of red after a goal! Before the game started our Golden Canadian was interviewed - the crowd went crazy!

On to curling the next day. Couldn't complain about row 6 seats just behind Canada's rink! Visiting the flame. Looks way cooler in real life than on tv.

Waited in line at The Bay Store and brought back some Canada stuff for the kids. It was awesome how everyone wanted all the Canada gear. Lucky we got our mittens before we went! Sochi house. Heard it was cool inside, but super long lines (just like everywhere else!). Swiss house. Line for the restaurant, went into the bar instead. But it stunk so bad! They were serving some kind of melted cheese spread on toast and neither of us could stand the smell so we left! If we could have stayed one more night we could have gone to Heineken House, Bev is good friends with the guy who runs it. Oh well. Just hanging out in the sun at the marina with BC place in the background. My Canada toque boys.

Roman walks around the house singing "Canada is gunna win, oh ya oh ya!" He loves to watch the Canadian bobsled run on tevo. And he doesn't mind the speed skating, which he refers to as the wiggly skaters. I've done my job, passing on an Olympic obsession to my child as my parents did to me!

Thanks so much Bev! You rock. And thanks to you too Laurie. And we had tons of fun at lunch with the fam too!
I am so glad we ended up going, it was amazing!

02 January 2010

Happy New Year

Hope you all had a great Christmas, we did! Have a great new year! I'm excited to see what this year brings... but mostly right now just excited to get our house done!