27 January 2009

diaper case

I have had a few requests for my pattern for a diaper case. I tried a few tutorials but didn't love the end results. So I just made this one up. It works for me. And it is super easy to make. I really should be more stingy with this pattern - it is always what I make to give as a baby shower gift. Now all of you will be giving them as gifts too. I got dibs if we are going to the same baby shower!

Sorry I don't have pictures of each step right now, next time I make one I will add them in.
Here is a picture of one already made. (This one is pieced together, usually I do a solid piece)

The front is 11 x 8 inches. The back is 15 x 8 inches.
I do it those sizes because then I can use up scraps or fat quarters.
But if you have a long piece of material you can do 25 or 26 inches for length x 8 inches. You then would have no seam on the bottom of the case like you do when you use the smaller pieces.

You need a front and back piece for both the outside and the lining (or a long piece for each)
You could easily make the top from one fat quarter. I use muslin for the inside usually, but another fat quarter would work for the lining.

If you are using the short pieces sew the front together at the bottom (right sides together), and the lining together at the bottom (right sides together).
Press the seams.
Line up these seams of the lining and front piece, right sides together, and pin.
Sew all the way around with 1/4 inch seam allowance. Leave a spot for turning on the end of the shorter piece (the one that started out 11 inches). If you want a ribbon loop for a handle put it in while you are sewing it up here. I like to put it in by the end that is being left open for turning. Maybe 1/2 or 1 inch down from the end.
This is the yellow polka dot section on the above picture.
Clip corners, turn and press.
Top stitch across the side that you left open for turning. (1/8 seam allowance) This will be the top of the pouch part - the yellow polka dot section by the ribbon on my picture.
Now fold it on the bottom seam and press. Top stitch starting in one bottom corner, all the way around the top, and ending in the other bottom corner. (1/8 seam allowance) This will top stitch and close the pouch at the same time. The corners are a little thick here so just go slow.
You can sew on velcro to close it. I hate sewing velcro, so I use the little circle sticky back velcro. They usually stay stuck on, but not always. If you look closely at the pictures one of them is missing! I have recently started using snaps, which I love and will probably to all the time now.

Make sense?
Any questions?

I like this case because:
A: I don't have cheerios or goldfish crackers smashed in the diaper when I go to open it.
B: I also always have a diaper in my bag because whenever I leave the house I just check the case to make sure it is full and chuck it in my purse.
C: When I am changing a kid I use it as a pillow for their head.
D: The huggies wipes containers fit right in the case too. It will hold three size 5 diapers and a case and 4 size 3 diapers and case.

25 January 2009

am I too late?

1. What did you do in 2008 that you've never done before?
Bought a lot to build a house! Now I just have to sell this one.... any takers?

2. Did you keep your New Year's Resolutions and will you make more for next year?
Didn't make any last year. Never do. It would just be the same stuff year after year. Besides the classic eat better, exercise more resolutions I will say:
-meal planning. Not just cooking more or trying different things, but actually planning what to buy and what to cook when. It's been going good the last few weeks.
- 15 minute clean up. Every night after Roman is in bed before we crash on the couch. Me and Brad, 15 minute tidy up. (He doesn't know he is involved yet!) This way I will have a head start on getting going with cleaning the next day.
And here is a random one, I want to learn to make fondant cake icing. Any tips?

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
Me. And just about every other person I know. There were 4 baby boys in the last 6 months in Brads family.

4. Did anyone close to you die?
Not close to me, but close to people that are close to me.
Lins and Dereks mom.
And Casey. Kinda throws you for a loop when it is a husband around my husbands age.
And a few kids at work. Won't get into that.

5. What places have you visited?
Does "visiting" Lethbridge a few times a week count?
Trips to Calgary to see Steph.
The usual summer trips to the Lake.
Pretty low key. Gunna stay that way too with the house building coming up.

6. What would you like to have in 2009 that you lacked in 2008?
More patience. More patience to be a better mom. I am working on it . I have moved from just yelling to yelling while telling myself in my head to stop yelling because I am being totally irrational. In my defense I was pregnant half this last year. Crazy emotionally pregnant with a full of life toddler. But I need to be a more patient mom in the heat of the moment.

7. What dates from 2008 will remain etched in your memory and why?
September 4th. My sweet little Finn came to cuddle with me.

8. What was your biggest achievement this year?
I worked enough to get another paid maternity leave. Being a working mom is hard.
Brad made a career change - sort of. Teaching has been put on the back burner so to speak. He still subs, but not a ton. He is all about the finishing carpentry business with his brother. Ironwood Millwork and Cabinetry. He owns a portion of the business. He LOVES his job. I love that he loves it. I love that I will have sweeeet finishing work in my new house. It's working out really well for us right now. We will see what the coming years bring. Teaching would be a good job too one day if it comes to that.

9. Did you suffer illness or injury?
Nope. We had a good winter last year. Only one cold each.
This years not looking too good. Me and both kids are sick right now.

10. What was the best thing you bought?
A lot to build a house on.
A treadmill.
Lost of cute material. I heart material. Brad does not. He got a new tv.

11. Where did most of your money go?
We paid off our student line of credit and credit cards. And saved a big chunk o change to put towards building a house.
Also house renovations. Let's hope it pays off and helps our house sell.

12. What song will always remind you of 2008?
I think I am getting old. I don't listen to new music much. We got Sirius radio and I am a huge 90's alternative nerd.

13. What do you wish you would have done more of?
Besides the obvious answers... um... maybe thinking of creative things for Roman to do. And I need to find some boys his age for him to play with more. I'm not really a play date type of gal, but I need to get Roman around other kids more often. Anyone brave enough to have us over?

14. What do you wish you would have done less of?
Baking sugar cookies. And eating them.
I know everyone says less tv, less internet. Not me. All is done in moderation. Brad and I work hard all day and watch tv together at night. What's wrong with that.
I wish I would have done less worrying. But that will never happen.

15. What was your favorite TV program?
How I met your mother. It makes me laugh out loud by myself. Acording to Brad I smile the whole time I watch it.
Chuck. Samantha Who. 24. ANTM. Sadly the list goes on and on.

16. What was the best book you read this year?
Finished the twilight series. I liked The Host. Loved bend the rules sewing. Read more, but nothing really that great jumps out at me...

17. What was your favorite film of the year?
Don't remember the last time I went to a movie. Watched a lot at home, but can't think of one in particular that stands out. I liked Kung Fu Panda, until I had to watch it 1000 times with Roman.

18. What did you do on your birthday and how old were you?
No idea. 28. Turn 29 in less than a month.

19. What political issue stirred you the most?
I can't stand when people want to privitize health care in this province on beliefs that are unfounded or just plain wrong.
I did vote this year. Canadian election, not American.
I am also very annoyed with everyone jumping on the Obama bandwagon. I think I am the only person in blog land who isn't gaga over Obama. If you know the issues and his platform and you like him fine. But don't be all about Obama when you have no clue what he stands for. How can you be a hard core PC, would die before you vote Liberal, but then love Obama. I'm not a Bush lover by any means. That said I hope Obama can do some good and make me eat my words.

20. Who was the best new person you met?
Wow, what a great question to offend someone!
I am super glad Jill moved back to Raymond.
I like the girls I sew with.
I am glad Christal moved to my ward.
I am glad Crystal is in my preschool class.
Roconnected with lots of awesome people I already know this year.

15 January 2009

links galore

Well here it is Jill. The mother of all tutorial lists. I finally sat down to organize what I have been bookmarking for the past year. You probably have many of the same, but if not then here are lots to add. This should keep the sewing group going awhile!
Most are sewing related. A few are just crafty. I am positive I still have lost floating around on my computer. Maybe one day I will get to them all... big maybe.

O Baby
Bird mobile
Blanket with rick rack trim
Crib sheets
Hooded bath towel
Fifties bib
Toddler Bib
Basic bib
Baby bib
Diaper case
Nursing cover
Nursing cover
Boppy cover
Car seat strap covers
Stroller liner cushion
Fabric beach balls
Tag blanket
Tag blanket #2
Teething toy
Baby leg warmers
Cute patterns - but in French
Baby shoes
Felt baby shoes
Baby booties
Applique onsies
Mai Tai carrier
Baby sling
Scandi carrier

Kiddy Clothes
Hooded towel
Hooded towel #2
Frog hood towel
Towel robe
Itty bitty baby dress
Button shirt to toddler dress
Button shirt to toddler pants and dress
Sun dress
Shirred dress
Halter dress/shirt
Tie top tank
Peasant blouse
Sleeveless top
Smock/tank shirt
Ruffled skirt
Ruffled skirt #2
Lazy days skirt
Peasant skirt
Charm pack squares skirt
Twirly skirt
Drop waist twirly skirt
Simple baby pants
Easy kids pants
Easy kids pants
Shirt shorts
Japanese patterns click on the green button
Felt barrette covers
Heather Bailey headband


Black apple doll
Scotty dog
Jingle mouse
Wee wonderfuls bunny
Piggy bank
Lucky duck
Itty bitty oddity
Sock monster
Sock monkey
Sock elephant
Tag monster

Play With Me Stuff
Cape #1
Cape #2
Cape #3
Pinwheel (paper)
Pinwheel (fabric)
Fabric dollhouse
Doll diaper
Color pencil and drawing pad holder
Memory game
Stuffed art
Quiet book
Paper dolls
Cardboard doll house
Glitter playdough
Fog bean bag

Yummy Felt Food
Cupcake #2
Cupcake #3
Doughnut #2
Fortune cookies
Fortune cookies #2
Egg and orange slices
Whip cream dollop
Loaf of bread
Strawberry scroll
Sugar cookies
Fruit slices and ice cream treat
Little cake

Aprons and Stuff

Stripe half apron
Dishtowel apron
Smock type apron
Tea towel apron
Easy half apron
Sweet treats apron
Ruffle half apron
Gathering apron
Oven mitt (adult and child)
Pot holders
Oven mitts
Dishtowel potholder
Apron patterns

Storage cubes
Storage basket
Wall organizer
Fabric bucket
Fabric basket
Crate cover
Cork board wall pocket
Car organizer
Car organizer
Cereal box organizer
Sweet greetings portfolio
Binder cover
Note book cover
Etch a sketch laptop case
Fabric calendar
Passport sleeve
Yoga bag
Yoga mat wrap
Tote-able towel
Water bottle carrier
Oil cloth lunch sack
Catch all for jewelery and hair stuff

Bags Bags and more Bags
Hobo bag
Reversible shoulder bag
Angel bag
Pillow case bag
Reversible purse
A line bag
A line jordy bag
Boxy bag
Messenger bag
Little boxy pouch
Bias tape purse with zipper
Cosmetic bag
Box bag
Japanese coin purse
Pinch frame pouch
Wallet with coin pocket
Kids beach bag
String backpack
Grip handle for bags
U handbag tutorials

Pillow-ish stuff

Button up shirt pillow
Pillow case
Portable cushions
Monogrammed pillow
General pillow
Bean bag chair

Decorative Type Stuff
3D fabric butterfly frame
Mercury glass candle holders
Embroidery hoop cork board
Fabric dots for walls
Leaf garland
Fall berry wreath
Ribbon wreath
Paper globes
Custom silhouettes
Fabric fridge frame

Sewing and Crafty Craft Related

Ironing board cover
Square pincushion
Pin cushion
Flower pincushion
Sewing bag
Sewing machine cover
Button top brads
Fabric flower


Owl pennant
Eraser stamps
Growth chart
Bath mat
Fabric bead necklace
Fabric napkins
Julie cuff (crochet)
Covered hanger
Essential oil wheat sacks
Essential oil rice bag
Doorknob smelly sachet

Happy Holidays
Fabric pumpkins
Poseable skeleton
Stacking fabric Christmas trees
Snowflake ornaments
Bird advent calendar
How to for gift wrapping bows
Ginger bread house gift box
Felt stockings
More stockings
Quilled snowflakes
How to make a snowstorm
Snow globe soap


My circle quilt
Scrappy Cabin
Flock of triangles quilt
Cathedral window quilt
Pinwheel quilt
Wonky log cabin quilt
Amy Butler quilts
Disappearing 9 patch

Sewing Tricks and Tips

Quilt binding
French seam
How to make a yo yo
Zipper pocket
Zipper pocket and slip pocket
Applique instructions
Installing a zipper

Not Your Grandma's Embroidery
French knots
Embroidery tutorial
Embroidery lesson
Embroidery organizer
Bear and bunny pattern
Free patterns

And if these aren't enough for you,
the big list of sewing blogs
and J Caroline Creative tutorials

Wow. I think about does it for now. Anyone got any good ones I missed?

13 January 2009

someone pleeeeease help me!

Finn is such a sweetheart. He is so mellow and content most of the time. He goes down for naps great. For the first few weeks of his life he woke to eat 2 times a night. Then he would wake once to eat around 5:00 and once again in the early morning for his soother. Life was good.
Then about three weeks ago he started waking up at 2:00 to eat. Not that great, but I could deal with it while we are renovating Roman's new room. (Finn is still in my bed)
Now he is waking more and more. The soother doesn't work. Rocking doesn't work. Last night he was up at 4:00 and never really slept much until I gave up at 7:30 and just got up. He's not teething yet. He's not sick. And technically he shouldn't be in a growth spurt. (although my kids are actually constantly in growth spurts!)
What do I do?
I am having a panic attack right now. Flashbacks of the first year and a half of Roman's life. He slept through the night (one feed) at about 3 months. At 4 months we moved from Edmonton to Raymond and had to stay with my parents for 2 months until we took possession of our house. He stopped sleeping through the night when we moved. I don't know if it was the move, or coming back into our room that did it. So every time he woke up I fed him. I couldn't let him cry or he woke up the whole house. Then started the year of him sleeping in our bed at some point every night. I didn't get any sleep until he was about a year and a half old.
I can't do that again. I know sleepless night are all part of being a mom. But I can't do it. I can't do it when I have a baby who has been such a good sleeper until now. It's just not fair!
I have a friend who's kids sleep in her bed until 6, 7, or 8 months and then they transfer seamlessly to their own bed. So that is what I thought I would try with Finn. Not working anymore. Roman's room is almost done. If we work hard we might be able to get it done in a week and a half. But then what? Finn has his own room but he isn't sleeping!
I have another friend who went to a specialist - not sure what the "specialists" training is. She was told when a baby reaches a certain weight, not age, they can physically go for 11 hours without eating. And you should let them cry at night. So she did this with her 4 month old and it worked. Not sure how long it took.
But I think I may be there. Be that desperate to let a 4 month old - who is stuck in one position because he is too content to bother learning to roll over, who never really cries but on the odd occasion he does it is a wailing shrieking desperate cry - cry thought the night for a week or so on the hope that he will learn to sleep. Be that desperate if that doesn't work to possibly get a 1 1/2 hour $200 phone consultation with this specialist to try to get some help.
Is that crazy?
We are hoping to sell our house this spring. We will be living with my parents while we build a house. I really really need him sleeping by then.
What do I do?

07 January 2009

some christmas pictures

I sorta got caught up in Christmas and didn't take very many pictures. And of the ones I did take not too many turned out due to a tiny bit of excitement going on! And I completely forgot to take my camera when we got together with Brad's family. But here are a few of the pictures I did get.
Roman driving the worlds longest train.
Loving the bowling set from Auntie Paige.
"Playing" rock band with the extra guitar - and loving it.
We played a lot of rock band. And what is rock band without costumes. Thanks to Romans Christmas pile we had a cape, underwear, and suspenders from his tool belt kit. I think I wore those pajamas for four days in a row. Oh wait, I did put on Jeans and a hoodie to go to town on boxing day, then it was right back into the pajamas.
Paige's sweet rocker moves
We found one of the old school fisher price doctor kits for a Christmas present. Monkey is always a good patient. He likes to give us all shots to feel better. Must get it from his mom. I love giving people shots. And I'm good at it to, so I have been told. I don't want to brag or anything... but it is my blog after all.
I think my kids will be 12 and still have those chubby kissable cheeks!

05 January 2009

good thing val took pictures...

Val sent me pictures of the quilt I made them for Christmas and the girlie sock monkeys. Aren't the cute!

02 January 2009

sewing and snowing

We have had a crazy amount of snow this past month and with it some crazy cold weather. So why not stay inside and sew! I did a lot of sewing for Christmas this year. And then I did a lot of not taking pictures of what I made. Could be due to the fact that I was sewing right up to the last minute.
So here's the rundown on the handmade gifts this year.
A quilt for my b and s in law. They went to Hawaii earlier this year and brought me back a pack of quilting squares in Hawaiian prints. We had their name so I thought it the perfect opportunity to as Brad said "Indian gift" the fabric back to them. I think it turned out cute and I hope they like it. No picture. Also no picture of the sock monkeys I made for their 2 girls. This is the kicker. Of all the gifts I made I wish I had a picture of them. Val if you are reading do you have a picture you could send me of the little monkey girls? I made brown monkeys. Then sewed little skirts complete with a hole for the tail to come through. A bow in their hair and pink embroidered lips finished them off. Pretty stinking cute if I do say so myself.
Roman got a new cape. And monkey got a matching one. It was high time for a cape, Finn's blankets just weren't cutting it anymore. Here they are taking a break from being super.
My moms present was back ordered and wouldn't come until after Christmas, so I made her this little Scottie dog. And of course he needed a cape to keep him warm. My mom has always loved Scottie dogs so I just about died when I saw this pattern. Easy breezy to make. Try one.
I made an Emmeline apron for my mother in law and for my friend Jill. Of course no pictures.
I made a Christmas apron like the one I had a picture of a few posts back for my friends Stephanie and Crystal. But no pics of them either.
I made a cute little pen roll (like the crayon roll) for my sis to keep colored pens in and two little cases for note cards for studying. No pictures.

And I made crayon rolls. Oh did I make crayon rolls. I lost count. But I think it was at least 20. Yep you read that right 20 crayon rolls in the month of December. They are so easy. And so much fun to give.
Everyone bakes at Christmas. So I decided to give out crayon rolls with a few Christmas treats
instead of tons and tons of baked treats. Easy stocking stuffer. I hate thinking of things for stocking stuffers. And this is how we handed out our little goodies this year. Empty paint cans. Brad thought I was being very weird. Oh well. My friends like it! They are super useful for keeping toys or whatever in. Roman squashed the cute tin buckets I had for toys, but the paint cans are still going strong.
So there you have it. 1 quilt, 2 sock monkeys, 2 capes, 4 aprons, 1 Scottie dog, 1 study kit, and 20 crayon rolls.

And Christmas was great. Lots of fun, lots of food, lots of games, lots of friends and family. Roman played with everything he got at some point during the day. He loved it but I think he was a bit overwhelmed. He left 2 presents unopened and came back to them a few hours later! I guess that is a hint to me that next year I can do a little less right!