21 July 2008


Went to Radium hot springs in BC this weekend with all of Brad's family, minus Bryan and Erin and their kids, and Sean who had to work.
Roman got sick two days before we were leaving. But he started on antibiotics, and they must have done something because he was pretty good the whole trip and had so much fun with his cousins.

Lots of family. Gorgeous weather. Swimming in the hot springs. Forgot to take pictures half the time. Playing at the park. Ice Cream from grandma. Lots of yummy food. Long car ride for pregnant me. But lots and lots of fun.

Pregnant face me, Roman, and Brad.
Blowing bubbles
Really getting into riding the motorcycle at the park
The best way to travel

Trying to tell the gophers to come out so he could feed them grass. Just yelling away at them through the hole. So funny to watch.

11 July 2008

"ro ro spill mama's eggs" - yep he is all about the third person

I guess this is what I get for unlocking the fridge for him to pick his lunch while I was on the phone with Britt. All six eggs on the floor. I was very glad I didn't buy a dozen.
That and a couch full of yogurt that he decided he didn't want to eat anymore but wanted to finger paint with.

Then I get the forced cry in timeout.
And then the cheese face because he realized I was taking a picture.
But then he is such a happy smiley boy eating his pizza bun for lunch and talking me into going to the park.
Toddler's crack me up!

09 July 2008

I want to scream!

Back from the lake, need to go through pictures before I post again. Right now I just have to vent before I go crazy! If I hear of one more person naming their baby girl Finley I am going to go stark raving mad! When Roman was born we decided that our next boy would be named Finley. Then all the sudden a million and one people started using the name for girls. Drives me crazy. Okay, I guess I can deal with that. It's not like every other name that once belonged only to boys hasn't become a girls name too. Seriously, can we leave some names for boys, soon there won't be any left. So Finn is fine. My little boy could be Finn. That was until a girl in my ward had a baby a week ago and named her Finley. A girl who will always live in Raymond. So if we always live in Raymond my little Finn would be in the same grade with a little girl Finley. I know it is probably hormones, but I am really really mad! Sure if my Finn is confident and all he could pull it off and not care. But what if he isn't? Do you do that to a kid just because you like the name? Or does it not really matter because the world is so full of bisexual names that in my opinion shouldn't be. Not to mention the made up names that shouldn't be names at all. Help me someone!