29 August 2008

*warning* picture overload

So I am finally getting around to posting pictures from the lake this summer. Sorry it is so many. Wait what do I care, look at them or don't! As usual we had so much fun. And sleeping in a tent 7 months pregnant was actually quite comfortable. We had a feather bed and memory foam and you name it for a bed! Roman loved to be outside and couldn't get enough of camping. But can you really call it camping when grandma and grandpa have a huge air conditioned trailer?

First tube ride. I was lucky to find a life jacket that would do up over my belly! He loved it, or so he said. You would never know it from the serious look on his face the whole time. But he kept saying go more, go more.
Riding in the boat - every morning we would watch grandma ski then go back to the fire to get warm. Monkey was not allowed in the boat without his life jacket, just like Ro. One of those things that fits on a pop can, he was in heaven at the idea of a life jacket for monkey.
Lounging at the trailer with some milk.
Playing at the beach.
Not impressed when rocks got on things, including himself. He would dig with a shovel for a minute and then realize it had rocks all over it. Then would have to run to the lake to clean it off. And if anyone else was digging he would take their shovel and clean it too. Strange kid.
Thinks he is so funny - which of course he is - no feet mom!
Swimming with "toot toot race tar". Not sure where that name came from, but he loved the car. Swimming with froggy. Best life jacket in the world! He could actually move his arms when he was on the beach playing and it didn't restrict him in the water at all like a normal life jacket did. He swam all over in it.
He liked to swim "waaaaay deep" with daddy.
Annual first of July celebration at the Alberta visitors center in Glacier. Free hot dogs and pop and cotton candy. What more could you ask for? First taste of marshmallows. I didn't really realize he has made it his whole life without tasting one. And of course he loved it. Pure sugar, what kid wouldn't. Loved to roast them, but wouldn't taste a roasted one.

Caught using grandma's chair as a trampoline, and trying to act cute so as not to get in trouble. But he has grandma and grandpa wrapped around his chubby sticky little fingers. He gets what he wants when he is at the lake!

25 August 2008

Today is a sad day at our house

Sad because I am still pregnant. Hit that point a few days ago. I am ready to be done. The shooting nerve pain, the back pain, the sleepless nights, the no energy days, the bleeding stretch marks, and the humongous belly are just too much right now.

Sad because the 2 year old attention getting antics are in full swing. Today marks the first day he took his diaper off and peed on the floor. Today he also emptied every kitchen cupboard he could while I was doing laundry, tipped over his rocking chair and threw all his blankets around, pulled all of Brad's ties out of his closet, and dumped every book off his bookshelf. I won't go on. I know it will only get worse when the baby comes.

But the saddest thing about today, nap time is no more. It has been increasingly harder to get him to go to down for a nap. And he wakes up super duper grumpy. And for the last 4 nights it has taken him close to 2 hours to fall asleep. I was really hoping that naps would last at least through September, but what can you do. So we had no nap today. I was secretly hoping he would crash on his own. No luck. At least bedtime was a breeze. So no nap time = no mommy alone sewing time. Today this was sewing time.
Play dough, buttons, and sock animal limbs. I didn't get quite as much done as I usually do, imagine that!

At least I was lucky enough that bye bye nap time day was my massage day! Maybe that's why I am taking it better than I thought I would. Nothing compares to a massage 10 days from your due date. Except maybe having a baby 10 days from your due date! Hint hint un-named child kicking me right now.
Roman was snooping in my closet and has claimed the boppy pillow as his own. I am sure he is sick of hearing that everything is for the baby. He was practicing holding Monkey with the pillow so he will be ready to hold his baby. He is always telling everyone he will be a big brother soon. I can't wait to see him holding his baby brother.

21 August 2008

done done done

Last night I finished painting the crib and today I moved it inside and it is all ready to go! I found this crib (and crib mattress, not a normal size at all) at a garage sale a few years ago. Kept it out in the back shed until a few weeks ago. Stripped it, sanded it, stained it, sanded some more, and painted it. Made the bumper pads awhile ago. Got the idea from Brittany, her mother in law made her bumper pads like this when Lucy was born. Used one of those quilted cotton blankets/bedspreads. Just cut it up and made a case for some old pads I had. $20 at TJ Maxx and enough left over to make a little crib quilt too. Love how it all turned out. Had fun doing it all. And a huge weight off my shoulders that it is finally done!

Have to sand the other drawer down a bit, paint made it fit too tight. Tight fit in our bedroom, had to move my wardrobe to Roman's room. So his room is a little full of furniture right now. But we will get going on his new room downstairs soon enough, and then all the furniture can get back to normal.

I also did one more quilt last Sunday and finally got the binding sewn on. I know I know, as if I don't have enough blankets and quilts already. But I have had this material for years and have been waiting for an idea to strike me for it. So when the idea came I had to do it. Actually went pretty fast because none of it is pieced, all the squares are just sewn on top. Looks better in real life, it is really wrinkled so it looks like an older quilt.

Well, that's all for now. We'll see who's quicker - me making more stuff or the baby coming! I do have a bobby pillow that needs a cover...

19 August 2008

how was your day?

Bet it was better than mine.
Started out not too bad. Went to the paint store to get more paint for the baby furniture I am refinishing . While they were mixing it I found 3 pints of paint - red, yellow, and blue - from the pre-mixed section. $5.00 each. Brad is going to build Roman a train bed. Engine for the bed and 2 cars for toy boxes. Was very excited to have found exactly what I needed for only $15.00. The blue was a little dark so they added a bit of white to lighten it up and mixed it up for me.

Brought the paint downstairs to show Brad tonight. Bumped the desk the cans were sitting on. And now because the girl at the paint store didn't put the lid on the blue tight enough I have to buy new flooring in my basement. Fell 2 feet onto carpet. I still can't believe the lid came off. Actually it flew off. There was no way she put the lid on tight at all.

They only funny part is later tonight Brad and I weren't paying attention to where Roman was, I realized he was gone and immediately ran downstairs. There he was with two blue feet. You can see his little feet marks at the top. And he started crying, so upset because his feet were blue.

At least it was downstairs and not upstairs. I am now off to have a nice cold Dr. Pepper and a hot bath and to try and not think about how much it is going to cost for new flooring.

17 August 2008

yum yum yummy

Going through pictures on the camera. Realized I haven't put up any from the lake this summer. Maybe I'll get to that one of these days after I sort through them. But for now, I can prove I have done more than sew this summer. One of my favorite things about summer is fresh peaches and respberries, because then I can make peach and raspberry cheesecake pie!
So yummy. I thought I had the recipe on the computer, and I was going to put it up. But now I can't find it. So if anyone is just absolutely dying to have it let me know and we'll see if I can overcome my sudden laziness and type it up.

15 August 2008

sewing - yet again!

I think I am slowly moving away from sewing. Not sure if there is anything left out there for me to sew! Instead I have moved on to stripping, sanding, and staining a little crib. (Romans is still in his, not gunna kick him out of the cage if I don't have to) Now I just need to paint the rest of the crib that isn't stained. Hoping to do that tomorrow. Then I need to sand and paint a little dresser I am using for a changing table. I know, I too am wondering why I didn't do those things earlier. My doctor actaully asked me on Wednedsay (37 weeks) if I wanted him to strip my membranes. NOOOOOO!!!!! I am in panic mode. Not panic because of a labor or a new baby, panic because I need more time to finish stuff and get ready! And panic because my 2 1/2 year old is in full swing terrible twos. Serious huge kicking and hitting and crying fits about EVERYTHING! Wow I love being a mom!
Anyway, here are some pictures of the things I have made since the last sewing post.

Car seat cover. Minky inside, and soft kinda like velor outside. Quilt batting in the middle so it is nice and warm. Is the zebra a bit much? Had it sitting around so I just used it.

Car seat blanket. Someone made me one like it for Roman. I pretty much wore it out. Has 4 rounded over flaps and cut outs for the seatbelt/buckle. Then you flip up the bottom, flip over both sides, and you can cover their head with the top flap. Seatbelt still fits nice and tight, baby is totally covered, and blanket doesn't fall off. I know it looks silly, but I love love love it.
Just a few of the burp clothes and diaper/wipes cases I have been making. I know WAY too many people having babies, and this is what they are all getting. Plus a few for me of course. Made up my own patterns, but I am sure there are lots floating around in blog land. Roman modeling his new apron. A bit big still. Not the best picture, looks cute in real life I promise. Used this tutorial but changed how the neck strap is. I used velcro on one side, because if any kid was to get tangled up in the strap it would be this kid. Romes loves it to death. Now he can "cook like mama".
Roman chillaxing in his hooded bath towel. Uses it at the pool and spray park too. It gets washed A LOT. Think I need to make one or two more. Very very easy project. Used this tutorial, but didn't bother cutting off the point of the hood. Word of advice, buy two bath towels and one hand towel, then you will have 2 hooded towels. Didn't realize when I bought the towels that one hand towel gives you 2 hoods. And of course I bought the towels at Target when we were in the states so I can't get another one to match.

Hemmed new curtains. But I have a double curtain rod in the room so I needed something else. So I made a valence with the left over fabric from the crib bumper pads I made. First valence I have ever made or used. Opinions please. Am I allowed to use a valence? I am a little afraid the 80's might call and say they want their valence back!
Bird mobile. Bad picture I know, hard to get those birdies to hold still! Got the mobile while garage saleing with Steph. Three dollars. Immediately cut off the ugly bears that were on it. I hate baby stuff with bears. Sorry to offend bear lovers everywhere. Got the bird idea and pattern here. Another very easy and quick project completed in one naptime.
A few more blankets. Orange cotton and brown/cream flannel. Simple pillow case style, quilted with circles so it won't shift when washed. Found double sided minky on sale in Kalispell this summer, used Amy Butler polka dots in green, yellow, and blue for binding it.

I must thank my awesome husband for this chair. I love the armchair rockers at Pottery Barn and Land of Nod, but there is no way I am paying over $800 dollars plus shipping for one. So I bought this chair at Ikea. Got an old swivel rocker from my grandma. Convinced Brad it would be so much fun to take the swivel rocker thing off one chair and put it on the other. And oh what fun it is! But I might not be saying that at 4:00 in the morning 3 weeks from now...
And last but not least... my baby quilt is done! Random is harder than you would think. It is also hard to find solid blue fabric. I had to use shirting material for the blue. I laugh every time I look at it because it perfectly matches a church shirt both Brad and Roman have! Totally copied the idea from this blog. Copied the colors, used her tutorial as a starting place, and even copied one or two of her blocks. It's a little crazy to look at, but I love how it turned out and it was fun to make.
Wow that was a lot of stuff. I must admit I will miss nap time and bedtime sewing once the baby comes. But I can't wait to use all the stuff I have made!

11 August 2008

a quick post

Just a quick post with some pictures I just took off the camera. For the past few weeks we have just been hanging out and enjoying summer.
Here is a bit of what we have been up to.
Lots of trips to the pool and spray park with friends. Of course I never take my camera with us. Here is Roman at his own little spray park.
Catching water.

Drinking water.
Playing in the sandbox. I'm not a huge sandbox fan. Sand gets everywhere! It is on the deck so the sand that gets thrown out falls down and I can spray him off with the hose when he is done.
Making homemade ice cream.
Getting fat lips - it got way bigger too. Poor little guy. And as you can see from the background, painting all out kitchen cupboards. Finally. I have only been talking about it for what a year now. We finally just said we have to make the time to do it, so 36 weeks pregnant was the time apparently!
Paige is working in Waterton for the summer. We went up last Sunday to visit her. Here is the classic waterfall pose.
Me and Roman on our big "hike" to the top of the waterfall. He thought the "hike" was the greatest thing ever.
Paige and Roman. How did she manage to get the big eyes and the good hair? At least I am taller than her.
Throwing rocks in lake. Always a favorite pass time at Waterton.
The little family of three - well not so little me - soon to be family of four!