12 December 2007

25 questions for Christmas

Got this from a friend in one of those fill it out and send it back emails. Put it up here instead.

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Wrapping paper. Love to make it all match, red white and gold.
2. Real tree or artificial? I like real, grew up with always a real tree, but now we have artificial. I hate setting it up, but it is so much nicer to take care of! Brad says when the kids are older we will have two, one real for him and the kids and one fake for me. Okay by me.
3. When do you put up the tree? Usually in the first part of December. NEVER ever ever before American Thanksgiving. That was ingrained in me and will be with me until I die.
4. When do you take the tree down? When ever we get around to it, usually a good two weeks into January. I like to look at it for awhile. Okay really I am just lazy and Brad has to be the one to say it's time.
6. Favorite gift received as a child? Let me think... I liked my easy bake oven, my pink child sized sleeping bag, doll cradle and high chair my dad made, and the doll house my dad made and my mom decorated with the same wallpaper as our house. And if being 20 counts as a child my snowboard and boots were pretty good too!
7. Do you have a Nativity scene? Oh yes! I love my nativity. I have the whole Willow Tree set. I think I put up a picture last year. And my mom gave me an angel to go with it for Christmas last year. I actually have two other nativity sets in my storage to come out when there is more room another year. I like to be reminded many times a day of the reason for Christmas when I see it.
8. Hardest person to buy for? My dad.
9. Easiest person to buy for? Roman or my mom.
10. Hot coco or apple cider? Neither, I like peppermint steamed milk.
11. Mail or email Christmas cards? Mail. But I didn't get to cards this year. Or a picture, and I am actually very sad about the picture. Roman has changed so much since last years and we don't have even a quick picture of all three of us since then. Sad I know.
12. Favorite Christmas Movie? A Christmas Story. Very funny. We watch it every year. Brad had never seen it until he married me. He likes It's a Wonderful Life. I have never actually seen it. One of these years...
13. When do you start shopping for Christmas?
Whenever. I like to start early but I always finish at the last minute. This year is a little out of control. I thought I had lots of time so I had done nothing, then all the sudden it was two weeks to Christmas!
14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? I don`t think so. Wedding present yes.
15. Favorite things to eat at Christmas? Where to start... Sugar cookies for sure, my mom`s nuts and bolts, caramel popcorn, kool aid popcorn, Terrie`s chocolate oranges, Japanese oranges, aunt Shannon`s chocolates - root bear flavor is so yummy, left over turkey buns, candy canes, babka, Davis chicken noodle soup, the list could go on.
16. Clear lights or colored on the tree? White white white! I hate colored lights. Not to offend any of you out there, Brad loves colored lights. They will go on his and the kids real tree.
17. Favorite Christmas song? Not sure. O come all ye Faithful comes to mind, I remember belting it out while caroling with the girls in High School. Jacklyn does a particularly good version. Any Christmas music is good. I really like just music without singing.
18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Travel from Edmonton was fine. Travel from Utah was no fun - flights canceled, delayed 12 hours, lost luggage until the 24th. But no travel is very nice. The farthest travel we do now is 20 minutes to Lethbridge. Maybe an hour to Hill Spring if Brad's parents move back. It's so nice to be able to see both families so much during the holidays.
19. Decorations traditional red and green or something else? Mostly red for me. Big surprise eh. Green, black, and some gold too. The Christmas trees that companies and groups decorate and then auction off at the hospital were pretty cool. There were a few that were all brown and blue, they looked really cool. One that was all green and white that looked good too.
20. Angel on the tree top or a star? Star. I grew up with an Angel, but I like stars.
21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? Only pjs on Christmas Eve. All my presents as a kid were wrapped. Brad's family each had a present from Santa that was unwrapped, set up under the tree. That is what they played with first. So we do that now for Roman.
22. Most annoying thing about this time of year? Driving on snowy roads.
23. What is the “silliest” family tradition you do, or miss doing? It's not so much silly as it is eccentric or odd. Love my flannel sheets in the winter, and I bring them out with the rest of the Christmas stuff. I use them with one side to the top the first year, then flip them the next year, and then they are gone and I get new ones. I HATE when they get all the little balls on them, I would rather buy new ones. As for a tradition I miss, doing the nativity story on Christmas Eve. When we were little we acted it out every year - bathrobes, baby doll, rocking horse for a donkey. I loved it and can't wait to start this tradition with my kiddos. A friend of mine does it with her five brothers and sisters and all the bro and sis in laws and all the many grandchildren. Everyone has a different part every year and everyone dresses up. Love traditions.
24. Which looks best, theme trees or homey trees? Not necessarily a theme, but I do like everything to match. Again, my tree will be the fake tree, white lights, matching decorations and wrapping paper. Brad's and the kid's tree will be real tree, colored lights, crazy homemade decorations, and every color imaginable of wrapping paper. I am sure I will actually just give in when kids get old enough to care. I must admit I am looking forward to making decorations and stuff with little kiddos.
25. Gingerbread or sugar cookies? Sugar cookies. Love them any time of year. That is why I like this site, and this site - I mean where else can you get a cookie cutter in the shape of any of the 50 states, farm animals, fruit, tools, trains, dump trucks, or cowboy boots! Funny stuff.

29 November 2007

online shopping

It's too cold to go out Christmas shopping. So I have been doing some shopping online. Roman has been helping at the other computer. Bed head and wearing too small rain boots are apparently prerequisites to shopping online.

26 November 2007


Anyone in a crafty mood with Christmas around the corner? I have been working a lot and not really crafting - but during down time at work I have found lots of things to craft! Might make some cute Christmas presents.

Thought these covered button thumb tacks were cute

And these fabric covered magnets

Thought these pillows would be cute in kids rooms - if I had more time, maybe one day.

And this site has lots of cool fabric. Scroll to the bottom and click on the blog link (in green, just above the contact info) They have a theme for every day in November of idea you can make for gifts. Lots are stupid, but some are really cute. Nov. 6 is baby blankets and has a cute stroller quilt. Nov 9 is fabric ornaments. Nov 11, reading and writing, cute crayon role that would be good for church. You get the idea. For some reason I thought this felt cupcake was really cute (whimsy, Nov 8)
Just one more - this one's for you Steph. Nov 14, dress the kids. Check out the girls clothes. Love the smoket and this - making a girls dress from a button shirt.

Paige wanted a bag for church, for scriptures and stuff. So in stead of my mom buying one I am making here a few different ones. You have to be able to coordinate with what you are wearing! Here are a few bag tutorials I liked. Tote bag. I am shortening the handles on this one and using way cuter material, but I liked the shape. The lindie bag.

I LOVE Amy Butler and am one day going to buys some of her bag patterns. But in the mean time, here are some of her free patterns.

Here is a cute ipod cover.

I found these while looking at some blogs I like. aren't they so cute! I love the felt hair.

And don't forget the millions of ideas on Martha Stewart!

21 November 2007

fall pictures

Okay, since you asked, here's a post for you Susie. And yes, we are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. Looking forward to leftover turkey buns for days to come!

Roman has been loving chocolate chips lately.

I meant to post these back in October. We had so much fun playing outside this fall. Roman loved to throw the leaves in the air and run through grandpa's freshly raked pile of leaves. We also frequented the new park by our house. Too bad it snowed last night. No more fall fun. Now I need to go buy a snowsuit and boots.

20 November 2007

just for you lindsay

I really wanted to sit down and get a post up tonight. Just for you Lindsay. So here I sit at my computer, all ready to post then head off to bed. I got all excited to upload pictures, and then no pictures. They are on Brad's computer. Oops. Maybe next time. So here are a few random pictures I had on here before we got the new computer. I can't not post now that I started!

For you Steph. It isn't a naked bum shot, but it is still a cute bum. Roman, not me. I love the tight pjs, makes his diaper bum so cute with his skinny little legs.

And here's one for you mom. You always say Roman looks so out of proportion big when I hold him, I guess you are right.

And since I have been on the maternity unit all month I have been thinking a lot about babies, hard not too. Just been thinking how amazing all those little babies are and reminiscing about this cute little guy.

02 November 2007


Roman was a tiger. He really could have cared less what he was, I probably could have dressed him as a princess - and maybe I should have! But thanks to Bryan and Erin I didn't have to buy a costume this year. Most of the night he was a tiger with no head, it kept falling forward and covering his eyes. Really got in the way of his running up and down the street yelling at the other kids. He was so pumped to be out with the big kids and then to watch them all come to grandma's house to get candy. He wouldn't help hand out the candy, just wanted to keep it for himself. He also kept trying to take candy out of kids bags when they came to the door. We had lots of fun. But Ro wouldn't hold still very good for pictures, so ignore the blurriness in some of them.

14 October 2007

i dunno what my title is...

No post for awhile - been busy and about to get even busier. I am starting to work on the maternity floor in addition to peds. I am very excited, but lots of it will be totally new stuff to learn and get used to. I am doing orientation shifts on maternity full time next month but I still have to pick up a few shifts on peds to keep them happy. Going to be a crazy month!
Brad is still having to juggle the carpentry work with subbing and being around to drop Romes off or pick him up when I am working. I know it is such a pain for him and he has such a crazy mixed up schedule, but I love him for doing it and never complaining, and for making is as easy as he can for me.

We have been doing lots of this lately, Ro and his tv face. He has recently become OBSESSED with blue's clues. He asks for "boo" all day long. Luckily he will only sit like this for a few mintues and most of the time he will run around and play while "boo" is on. This way I don't feel quite so guilty for letting him watch it so much.

We have also been doing lots of this. Took a lot of work to get the old tile off, but the new floor looks great. Roman followed us around all day with his toy hammer. He just loves to help and it is so cute to see how into it he gets. Brad did some moving and adding of electrical outlets yesterday, and we are going to get going on the rest of the kitchen soon. I am waiting to put up pictures until it is all done.

Been doing lots of cleaning up after this little man. Thought he was being so good while I was making dinner. Juice everywhere. I hate sticky juice.

And been dealing with lots and lots of this. This one was especially memorable - 15 minutes of crying and screaming and kicking feet and clenched fists. The terrible two have come very early to our house. My poor little Ro has the perfect personality for tantrums and an excellent set of lungs. Mix that with the fact the he refuses to talk so he can't communicate what he wants, and he gets soooo frustrated, and this is what you get. He will grow out of it eventually right? Please tell me yes even if it isn't true.

30 September 2007


I had to make cookies for the compassionate service committee in our ward. Of course I waited till last minute, and Roman did not want to play by himself while I made cookies, so I had to let him help. I would have never planned to do this with him - as crazy as he is - but it was actually a lot of fun. Looking forward to doing it again sometime soon. A very good reminder to me to slow down and enjoy the time I have with him. And to enjoy him and how full of life and energy he is.

He took his job of helping sooooo sereously at first.
Here he is being important while I am getting everything ready.

Here's the energy that is often very annoying in public, but so fun when we are playing at home. He just gets so excited about so many things. I love it and it just makes me laugh.

Such a great help - wanted to scoop everything out that I had just put in.
More scooping out

Loved this job. Loved it more when the chocolate chips spilled on the counter. He grabbed them and gobbled them up faster than I have ever seen him do or eat anything.

Watching the mixer go is apparently a lot cooler than I thought.
It is also pretty funny if you ask Roman.

He also discovered that cookie dough is a lot better tasting than the chocolate chips. Both of us ate way too much of it. All day long he wandered back into the kitchen looking for more cookie dough. Hope the people that got the cookies don't mind little boy fingers!

20 September 2007

what the snow?

It's only September! I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked out the window yesterday and it was snowing. And not just light little flakes, huge wet piles of snow falling from the sky. Did we beat you guys in Edmonton and Calgary? I went to the grocery store in flip flops - refusing to admit winter is on it's way. And yes my feet were very cold and wet. Roman went out to play in his makeshift winter clothes. The MEC fleece suite is actually pretty thick, so he stayed warm and dry for as much as he did in the snow. But his poor toes were pretty cold in his on the verge of being too small rain boots - not that he complained.

Pretty styling snow get up if you ask me.

He thought the snow was so cool. He likes to hold big snow balls, take a bite out, and then throw it on the ground.

It was actually pretty fun to be out in the snow. (Fun because it lasted for only one day and I didn't have to drive in it!)

07 September 2007


We had our five year anniversary back on August 24th. I kept meaning to put up a post about it - it seems like the thing to do - but I have had many excuses. My mom always told me excuses are like feet, everyone has them and they all stink. My big excuse is work. Brad and I are a little addicted to work right now. He has been working long hours and I have been picking up tons of shifts, often the complete opposite schedule from Brad. So thank you Brad, for working so much for our family and for never ever complaining about it. And thank you for always thanking me for going to work. I'm now remembering back to when we were first married. We were both students so we had so much time to spend together. I loved the time during the day when we didn't have classes. And when we went to the library together to study. Hopefully there will come a day when we won't have to work quite so much and we can see each other a bit more. But for now it is fun to make the most of the time we do have together. I think it means a lot more to us now when we can find some time together. Kinda along the same lines as how I can love him so much more with each year of our marriage. Funny how much love grows and changes. But five years, I can't believe it. It has been such a great five years. I couldn't picture myself with anyone but Brad, I love him so much. It's funny how everyone has this same post about how their hubby is the best in the world, and the best father, and so on. It's nice to see my friends and family are just as happy as me and that we all feel so strongly about our husbands and families.
I love you Bradley.

24 August 2007

my 100 things list

Started this list months and months ago. I add to it every now and then when I work nights. One day it will be finished...

1. Being a nurse was not my first career choice - but now I love it.
2. I LOVE working in pediatrics, but I am excited to hopefully start on the Maternity unit soon. 3. I really like working night shifts - coming home and climbing into bed after a night shift is one of the best feelings ever!
4. One of my favorite things about Brad is how much he makes me laugh and I can make him laugh. We have the same sense of humor.
5. And what an AMAZING father he is.
6. My favorite household chore is doing laundry.
7. I love having a boy as my first child.
8. The only thing I don't love about boys is they aren't as much fun to shop for as girls.
9. I really want a baby girl one day.
10. I love living so close to my family.
11. My mom is one of my best friends. But Brad gets the number one spot.
12. I look forward to the day when Paige and I will be at a more similar stage in life and can be even better friends than we are now.
13. I love going to lake 5 with my family during the summer. The mountains and lakes in Montana are amazing.
14. I love water skiing and even did it when I was prego - only a few months, no big deal right. 15. Speaking of prego - I am one of the few people I know who actually love being pregnant. Even with all the bad stuff I still love it.
16. Fall is my favorite season. I love the cool crisp feeling and smell in the air.
17. Red and brown are my favorite colors.
18. I love drinking water, it is the only thing I craved when I was pregnant - ice cold water.
19. I am a pessimist, but I really try to be more optimistic. 2
0. I procrastinate. Lots of all night paper writing sessions in college.
21. I hate making decisions.
22. I always choose playing with Roman over cleaning the house. Very messy house.
23. I am organized at work, but I need to learn to be more organized at home.
24. I love making list and make at least one almost daily. Brad finds this very funny.
25. I wish Brad and I had more time and money for snowboarding like we used to. Snowboarding is the first thing me and Brad did together.
26. I LOVE yoga. Find a good class and a good instructor and it really is a great workout.
27. I also love swimming and am sad I can't do it more - silly to find a baby sitter and drive to Lethbridge a few times a week just to swim laps.
28. My closet is color coded.
29. I only wear glasses at work.
30. I love seeing Broadway musicals.
31. I wish I could sing.
32. I love textiles and find them very exciting - colors and shapes and patterns. In fabrics and decorating and whatever.
33. I have never been stung by a bee and I am deathly scared of them.
34. I am also scared of the ocean. Not swimming in it, but flying over it or being on it. I guess my fear is more the depth and vastness of it all. I had a few panic attacks when we went on a cruise. 35. My pet peeve is when people don't watch where they are walking. I often just let them run into my stroller.
36. I am counting down, only a few more weeks until Romes is in nursery!
37. I miss the thick hair I had when I was younger. But I prefer my light brown color now to the blond I had when I was younger.
38. I don't know what to do with my hair to make it cute. I need someone to teach me.
39. I love shopping but quite often end up not liking what I buy.
40. I don't mind being short. It always meant I could date anyone and never had trouble finding pants that were long enough.
41. Brad is exactly a foot taller than me.
42. I like watching movies - at home or in the theater. But there aren't very many movies I can watch over and over. What a girl wants, the Christmas Story, Legends of the Fall, and Newsies are a few from the short list of rewatchers.
43. I love Gilmore Girls. So sad it is over.
44. I watch way too much tv. But at least Brad and I do it together.
45. I don't really like to cook. And I HATE trying to think of what to cook.
46. I don't like hot chocolate. But I love steamed milk.
47. I hate winter driving.
48. I like wearing hats. And am told I can pull them off. And then I don't have to do my hair.
49. I love sleeping in the car on trips. And Brad likes to drive and just think. So I guess we make a good traveling pair!
50. I am a dual citizen (American and Canadian). I get the best of both worlds.
51. I haven't filled my US taxes in five years because I can't find my marriage certificate and I need to change my last name on my social security card first.
52. I love the shape of Roman's eyes. And his smile. And the way his eyes scrunch up when he smiles.
53. I love Ro's energy. But sometimes he just wears me out. Especially in public.
54. I love that Roman still likes to cuddle at nap time.
55. Having a baby made me become more forgetful.
56. I wish I was better at budgeting and saving money. Any tips?
57. I miss living in Utah because I miss Cafe Rio. I crave the chicken salad and lime dressing sooo much.
58. My childhood nightmares involved fire.
59. I hate packing and unpacking. It makes me act CRAZY. For this reason Brad does most of it. 60. My fifth wedding anniversary is on August 24 - tomorrow Five years goes fast. Five good years.
61. I am glad I didn't get married until I was 22. And glad I waited until I was 25 to get pregnant. I did a lot and saw a lot and learned a lot about my self in that time.
62. I get lost all the time. Brad has to google map and give me step by step instructions to get anywhere. I also never know which direction I am facing. North, south? Who knows.
63. I wish Stephanie didn't live in Calgary. I don't get too see you enough.
64. I care too much what people think. But I am getting better at letting this go.
65. I love the calmness the temple brings.
66. I miss my grandpa.
67. I look forward to the day when I will get to meet my sister in law Kelly.
68. I like going to the zoo. Denver zoo is a really good one. When I was about 23 me and and my mom and my dad went to the zoo in Salt Lake, no kids, just us.
69. I love watching the Olympics. My whole family does. Brad does not.
70. I love the smell of rain, who doesn't really?
71. Two of my bad habits are cracking my knuckles and biting my nails - but I'm way better than I used to be.
72. I love soup on cold winter days. Tomato with grated cheese is one of my favorites. But my all time fav is Brad's mom's home made chicken noodle, seriously the best soup ever.
73. I don't like having real plants in my house. But I do like real flowers.
74. I would like to learn to sew better and follow patterns.
75. I am saving to buy a treadmill. It might take awhile.
76. I love American treats - mint chocolate covered oreos, big hunks, red vines...
77. My favorite pie is key lime. And lucky me, I love making it. So easy.
78. I like to bake but Brad doesn't like to eat baked stuff.
79. I have no will power when it comes to food. Thus I don't bake that often.
80. I like playing board games.
81. I played basketball, volleyball, and soccer in jr/sr high. I really miss volleyball and soccer - not basketball.
82. I love watching Brad play basketball.
83. My mom and I play in a women's pick up hockey league in the winter. Full equipment too. 84. I don't tie my shoes like most people. I do two bunny ears and tie them in a knot. Not sure why, habbit I guess.
85. I cry a lot. In church, during movies, or even after a really hard day. I like the feeling of releasing everything by crying - or by good long laugh.
86. I lived in 8 houses before I graduated high school, 8 houses/apartments before I was married, and 5 after I was married.
87. When I moved from apartment to apartment I put bed sheets on the ground, threw everything on top, tied the ends together, and threw the bundles in my car. Learned this trick from my dad. Best way to move.
88. My room mates and I used to wash our jeans in the dishwasher to save money on coin laundry.
89. I worked at the BYU creamery making milkshakes - since then I have never been a big fan of ice cream.
90. I have had some interesting jobs - farming/bailing hay, sign girl for a road construction crew, and telemarketing to name a few.
91. When I lived in Utah I donated plasma twice a week and made $75. Plus a $50 bonus for going 8 times a month.
92. I used the money to snowboard almost every weekend with Lins and Jen.
93. I still have a scar on my arm from the 18 gauge needle used to donate plasma.
94. I actually got asked out on quite a few dates at the plasma center!
95. I started dance classes when I was 3 years old. I took tap, jazz, and ballet until I moved to Canada in the 6th grade.
96. I would love to re-learn how to tap dance. It was my favorite.
97. I loved field trips in elementary school. So much better in a big city. We got to go the to zoo, natual history museum, IMax theater, Molly Brown house, capital building, herritage farms, art museums... Kurt and I loved the museum, we went every time there was a new exhibit.
98. I love bare feel and I hate wearing socks.
99. I love Brad's hands - well used, rough, and callused. I think a guys hands can say alot about him. Brad's hand know how to work.
100. I can never make Jello turn out right.

20 July 2007


When we were down at the lake we picked up a second car seat at Target. We are sick of moving the one we have from my car to Brad's car every time I work so one of us can drop him off and the other pick him up. Anyway, Romes and I finally got around to playing with the box. And he loved it! We had so much fun all morning going in and out with all different toys. And more fun with the box is waiting for us when nap time is over.

18 July 2007

romes new do

I think that Roman's hair has been quite cute lately. It has a bit of curl to it, so if we take the time to do it he has cute little wings that flip up by his ears and at his neck. But, with all this heat and his thick head of hair he has been sweating sooo much. So much to my dismay, out came the clippers. This is mr. mohawk for a few days.

And here are my two no hair boys.
At least it will be somewhat grown back this fall.

13 July 2007

home again

Home again with plenty of pictures. We went to the lake in Montana with my family for the first of July weekend. Then we came home for two days to work (had to catch some of the Raymond festivities too) and then back down for the 4th of July and to spend a week at the lake. Fun times had by all... and sun tans too!

On the first we went to the Alberta visitors center in West Glacier - free BBQ, cake, and cotton candy. Roman made car sounds to drive the bobsled. Loved his hot dog but wanted nothing to do with the cotton candy.
He loved all the horses in the parade and with the help of some licorice made it through the whole thing. A big deal for the kid who can't do anything for more than five minutes. But a BBQ cut into nap time and we got some clenched fists and back arches. I wish I had a picture of this shirt at the end of the day, you could see everything we ate all day long.

Fell asleep in the boat.
Testing out the water. By the end of the week there was no testing, he would walk all the way out until the water started getting in his mouth.
Has a shovel in his hands the entire time he is at the beach. Won't put it down to jump off the dock, go swimming, or ride in the boat. He HATES his life jacket so we didn't' attempt the tubes this year, but I'm a bad mom and I still let him ride int he boat.

The camping bath tub, yucky water and all. He was such a mess every night, it was amazing how dirty he managed to get.
Nothing like running around naked in the great outdoors after a tough day at the lake.

He was so into helping dad and grandpa fix anything.
Romes was in rock heaven. Rocks rocks rocks everywhere you looked. Including his mouth most of the time. Why is he still so fascinated by putting everything in his mouth? I thought that should have started to slow down by now.
I love that they learn to make the truck and car noises so soon. It has been months, but I still smile when he plays with his trucks and makes the sounds.
Wet suit tan.
He loves the dogs so much. Chases them, feeds them half his meal, cuddles with them, pats them, pets them, kisses them good night, takes them on walks, gives them treats, laughs and points when they wags their tails - and then tries to grab their tails, shares his toys, and kicks the ball to them.

Well, that's all for now. My parents are still at the lake. Roman and I will find sometime to go back down a few times this summer and then Brad will come again at the end of August. I love it there. So beautiful surrounded by the mountains and trees. Fun times with family. Wearing only swimsuits and camping clothes and not doing my hair. No phone and no watch. And of course all the yummy American treats - sooo missing my mint chocolate covered Oreos and key lime yogurt. Better find something new to do so I have more pictures for next time!