04 October 2009

a few to remember

After spinning around a ton Roman stops and then says: hey guys, the house is all dizzy!

Brad read him Hiawatha's Bear Hunt at bedtime.
Brad: and Hiawatha went home to his teepee
Roman: no dad, it's a peepee
Brad: Um, no it's not. It's a teepee. Say teepee.
Roman: No, it's a peepee
They argued for awhile and finally Brad gave up.

So now we can add teepee to the x rated list of toddler words in our house.
teepee = peepee
corn = porn
kitty = titty

Roman likes to be a lion. A lion with plaws, not claws. Anyway, one night I was getting him undressed and then into his pajamas
Roman, while buck naked: mom, lick my bum.
Me: What did you say?
Roman: I said lick my bum. Lions lick their bums.
Me: Well people don't lick bums.
Roman: But mom I'm a lion.
Me: Well then lick your own bum.
Roman: But mom (always has a but mom or bud dad) I can't reach it.
He tries to reach it. Luckily he can't.
I changed the subject.


Susie said...

oh the bum licking story is hilarious. Roman is too funny.

Val Davis said...

okay...I'm crying,because I'm laughing soooo hard...I'm never going to be able to look at a peckeroni the same.

Life Is Golden said...

Pretty sure I'd pay money to hear your little Roman talk... Love it.

lynz said...

hahahah - love how kids are so innocent and so cute and good work for writing those ones down! roman should have a good laugh one day :)

Tisha said...

Holy crap. I think I might pee my pants I'm laughing so hard! Thats so cute!

Just Rhonda said...

hahahahaha. LOVE the bum licking story. Ah he's so Brad's boy isn't he?! :)

Mindi said...

That's so funny! Gives me a little bit of what is to come with Jack! With Jack, when he watches "Special Agent OSO", it sounds like "A-hole"...Josh thinks it's hilarious. I don't.

Christal said...

that was funny we love roman!! Good thing you got that all written down for future use eh!!
So are you freezing yet?? ttys!! Took the quilt out this weekend and everybody wanted to know where it was from!!! Thanks again over and over again!! you are the best!!

Melissa said...

OK i think it must be a boy thing. My boys are always putting their bums in each others faces, gross. Where do they learn this stuff from???

KellyLady said...

Love the stories.

Brittany said...

pah ha...that is about the best one yet...thanks for the laughs Roman! your header is super cute....how did you that?

The Whiddens said...

Oh man, I laughed really hard. Those are great - Roman is hilarious!

Em and Tom said...

I am loving that post!
Can't wait to see your little
ones at Christmas.

Jill said...

Tears. Real tears running down my cheeks. I haven't laughed my abrupt loud laugh for a while. Thanks, Ro, for the comedy.
Hopefully Old Navy won't disappoint tomorrow with the costume.

Jen & George Scott said...

Hilarious!!! He is so dang funny!!!

Stephanie M Larsen said...

Awh!! How dang cute are they? I miss misss misss you missy!! Come visit, it will be fun, I'll feed you P-I-Z-Z-A!! ah? I love that peepee story, he's going to love that when he's about 10 and thinks that stuff is hilarious!! PS check out my new quilt. I am a terrible quilter! I guess I never learned how, I just jumped in and made stuff up, but now I really want to learn how to make things straight and quality. Maybe you could do some tutoring?