24 January 2008


I made this for Roman for Christmas. It was surprisingly easily. And I am more than just a little happy that he loves Monkey o-so-much. That's his name, Monkey. Very creative I know. It took all the creative I had to make it, don't ask for some fancy smancy name.
He loves to have Monkey near when he plays, loves to take him when we leave the house, and loves to take him to bed at night. But if monkey happens to not be there on one of those occasion, no big deal. It is the perfect love. (Perfect for a mother who might need to wash him eventually and continually forgets to bring him along!)
My favorite is when Rome and Monkey go out. He is soooo protective of his little friend. People always want to look at Monkey and touch him. Rome will have none of that. He scowls his face, pulls Monkey in close, and turns away from the rude stranger trying to eye up Monkey. He even pushed one lady away in the grocery store last week. I am very glad she thought it was funny and just laughed.

Monkey likes to tickle everyone with his tail.
Apparently it is laugh out loud funny when Monkey tickles you!
Hugging Monkey.
Sharing lunch with Moneky. Yep, still in our pjs for lunch.
Playing cars with Monkey.
Saying cheese with Monkey.
Taking Monkey out where ever we were going that day. I think this was the day Monkey got dropped in the snow. It was a serous accident. Monkey got lots of cuddles. Probably because a week ago Roman fell in the snow and froze his chubby hands off.
Taking a nap with Monkey.

One more funny thing Monkey and Roman do is sing monkeys jumping on the bed. Well actually I sing. And Roman and Monkey jump around the room and fall down. I just love the smile on his face when he is doing it.

We love our two little monkeys!

15 January 2008


Okay, here are some pictures from Christmas. I am getting really bad at taking pictures. I hardly ever have the camera around anymore. I would basically have to have it around my neck all day, ready at a moments notice to catch all the good stuff. Plus every time Romes sees the camera he sticks his arm out and runs to grab it. I have soooo many pictures of his hand and arm cutting off his face. But, here are a few I managed to get Christmas morning. I think Paige has some better ones on her camera, she might have actually been able to catch his face, apparently I am no good at that.

Here is the tool bench, complete with all the good power tools. The bench is in his bedroom. At any time you can say, Ro we need to fix ____ (insert just about any word here). He will drop whatever he is doing, race to his room, and come back with a tool box full of fixing tools. So funny.

This is the serious face. He smiles and laughs all the time, but certain toys are not for fun and games. It is so cute how seriously he takes his "jobs".
Ahh, the chain saw. It makes the most annoying sound. Good thing he was distracted by more presents.
Another serious face. As many of you know, this kid loves Blues Clues. So I made him some handy dandy notebooks for Christmas. Just big enough for a good sized crayon to fit in. He didn't put it down for 3 days straight. Good think I made 3 of them. I got myself a new box of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, works like a charm on the crayon that is dispersed throughout my house. As you can see in the picture he also got mailbox and we made letters to go inside it with family pictures in them. Another big hit.
Here is a little horsey riding and chasing the dogs.
My favorite part of Christmas morning. He opened a few presents then he noticed the big pile. He gave every present to me, saying mama, mama. I told him who to take it to and he took off running to give them their present. Then back to the pile for more, and back to me. All with the serious face. He wouldn't open any until they had all been handed out. My little boy loves to work. He follows daddy and grandpa around every chance he gets helping them work. I love it. Wonder how long the love of work will last...

12 January 2008

mmmm cinnamon

* Update - the candle was cold. But it had been burned in a warmer before, so it was soft enough for him to dig out easily. I'm not that bad of a mom!

I knew he was being too quite.
Luckily it washed easily off his hands, pjs, and the floor.

At least them mess smelled yummy.

And his cute little hands were so soft after the paraffin treatment!