15 December 2009

No - Nooooooo!

I did it. I finally said no. To work. It was hard. I worked an immunization clinic today so I would have got double time if I went to work a night tonight. But I said no. To double time. This is a big step for me people. I share it with you so you can praise me and tell me how awesome I am. Never mind the fact that I had no one to watch my kids tomorrow so I wouldn't have slept and that Brad told me to say no... The point is I said no. And now I am at home in my pajamas eating too many cookies that the lovely RC and fam brought us. And soon I will crawl into bed instead of taking care of sicko kiddies. And I will be happy. All because I said no. I should try this more often!

Nothing like sharing some germs. Lots of snotty noses around here!

12 December 2009

tree time

It would be great if I was one of those awesome moms who can hand the Christmas tree over to her kids. Let them make ornaments and clump them on wherever they want. And let her husband use colored Christmas lights that remind him of his childhood. And maybe even let them have a real tree and deal with the needles everywhere.
But I'm not that awesome mom.
And it's funny, because it's not like I have this gorgeous tree if I do it how I want. But in my dreams it's a perfect tree.
So since I'm not that awesome mom it's a good thing I have an awesome husband. A husband who as we speak is on his way home with a new tree. A skinny tree. A prelit with white lights tree. A tree that I saw last night at D and C's Christmas party and wanted so bad. A tree that will have no home until next Christmas when I am in my house. A tree just for me.

I have no tree this year. I get to try to keep my kids out of my moms tree and keep them from breaking anything Christmas related. Here is a bit of my tree and my baby face big boy and my chubbers baby last year. Isn't it crazy when you look at pictures of your kids and think how the heck has been a whole year already!

01 December 2009


I'm tired of working so much.
I'm tired of at least 4 shifts a week.
You know you work like a crazy person when you work an 8 hour night and then head right on over to an immunization clinic for 5 hours.
I'm tired of giving people H1N1 shots.
I'm tired of dreaming about immunization instructions because I give them 300 times a day.
I'm tired of having not done a dang thing for Christmas because I work too much.
I'm tired of not being excited for Christmas because I have done nothing and because I have no house.
I'm tired of trying to organize everything for my house on my breaks at work.
I'm tired of the government taking so much of my money. What was the point of picking up so many extra shifts if they just take it all away?
My body is tired.
My husband is tired of me working so much.
My mind is tired.
And worst of all my kids are tired.
I'm tired of my little mama's boy being all about daddy.
"but mom I will miss you when you go to work" Most of all I'm tired of not hearing this. He doesn't even ask if I am working anymore. He just assumes I am.
That is just too much.
I'm tired.
I'm going to bed.
I'm going to call staffing in the morning and drop some shifts.

Kudos to working mom's everywhere.