26 May 2009

deeee-zaaaaa -ster

My house and my mind.
I find that I can't really think straight the past few days. Last week I did good. Packed quite a few boxes. Made lots of phone call. Got going on this whole lets sell our house and build one even though we have no clue what we are doing or how much it will actually cost in the end. Brad says we do know what we are doing. We will see.
Anyway, this week, total flop. I find myself wandering around looking for things to put in boxes and not coming up with much. We are still using everything that isn't in a box. Actually we needed a few things that I did put in boxes. But thankfully Brad just ate cereal out of a HUGE tupperware and didn't say a thing about my not leaving any bowls out.
So I am officially the crazy wife I become when it comes time to move. I get way overly stressed. And what do I do to deal with that? Flop down on the couch during Finn's nap and read a book while Roman watches a movie and poops in his gonchies because I'm not paying attention. Of all the days for him to finally become interested in underwear??? Go figure.
We are moving into my parent's basement this weekend. And then we have a week until our house closes. So things should be a lot easier to pack once all the things that need to stay out are with us at my parent's house. Then I can begin the ol' chuck anything you touch into whatever box is next to you style of packing I am famous for. Brad might say infamous though... I will admit it makes for a total pain in the arse unpacking experience.

I miss the days of living in a furnished apartment as a student.
Step one: take blankets off bed so only flat sheet remains.
Step two: throw all belongings on bed in any order you please.
Step three: Grab ends of sheets and tie over top of huge pile.
Step four: repeat process with fitted sheet.
Step five: Shove one bundle in trunk and one in backseat and drive away.

So tonight the young mens service project got cancelled. Brad didn't want to let them off the hook so he brought them here. And made me find stuff they could load into the trailer.
The cupboard I use as a pantry.
The basement couch I am using as a clean laundry basket.
Romans toy cupboard.
Then he goes back into work. And I escape to the computer to ignore the mess before I pull all my hair out.

Now I am going to bake sugar cookies. And eat too many. And think about maybe cleaning up tomorrow. I said MAYBE.

I wanted this house sold, I wanted this move, I wanted a new house, I wanted this, I wanted this, I wanted this...

Here's captain underpants in action with his telescope. Who knew that the best telescopes are the cleaning attachments to your vacuum. I cleaned it people! I'm not that lazy.


Mindi said...

wow...good luck with that. just be glad you actually HAVE A HOUSE to pack. I'm almost 29 and still a students wife. Ugh!

lynz said...

awwww - you did want this and you can do it!!! love the pic of roman in his undies :) just keep taking pictures along the way and finding a reason to laugh even if it's cuz you are so tired and overwhelmed that you're completely senile and laughing at something that is so not funny at all! and then....tell us about so that we can laugh along with you!

Sarah C said...

Good luck!!! I hate moving... we are still living half in and out of storage units. It is worth it in the end.... right?

LindsayB said...

moving sucks, but someday you'll be moving into your BRAND NEW house and it will all be a distant memory. at least brad didn't make the boys move out your bed or something.

marisajbaines said...

wow, what a post...i am exhausted. you are soooo busy right now it is crazy.... but your house is coming and packing will come to an end... then we can talk about un-packing.. oh, there is always something to do isnt there....great post.... you will laugh about this post very soon, i promise!

KellyLady said...

packing and moving with kids is a slow form of torture! So much easier when it was just our stuff. Good luck with everything!

Melissa said...

I feel your pain!!!! I usually buy paper plates and cups and make my family eat off of them for a good couple of weeks while i pack away. Don't worry some how it all gets done....
And by the way i probably wouldn't have cleaned the vacuum attachment.

Stephanie M Larsen said...

You just eat up those cookies and turn a blind eye, but all the while have this extra weight on your shoulders and yucky feeling in your tummy, that's how I feel right now. I should just force myself to go do something, I know I'd feel a hundred times better. But, alas, I sit and creep on other peoples blogs and sewing stuff. :)

sarah marie said...

I love your blog. My husband and I just bought our first home and had no idea what we were getting into with the moving process! Early in the process we packed boxes neatly and had things organized, and by the end we were just throwing stuff in bins, laundry hampers, grocery bags... of course now that we're in our house I can't find anything anywhere, and I keep tripping over piles of stuff! :)

Katie said...

Good luck with all of that. I cannot imagine. You are an awesome Mom!