31 October 2009

happy halloween

Sit down. Don't fall off your chair. I am posting something in a timely manner for once.
A little of the October festivities around our house.

Ate pancake pumpkins a few times this month.
Cookie time.
Would you like a tiny bit of cookie with your icing?
Let's give out mom's to your friends and keep yours for us okay Roman. Okay mom.
Some good old costume store toys.
Ready for the Halloween party. Who knows what's up with my pose.
Carving time.
Some family trick or treating OZ style.
My cuties.
Little Skunk. Finn's daytime costume. Yes he needed a daytime costume. It was just too cute not to. Went all over town and enjoyed people telling me how cute my kids were! Ha Ha! Thanks for letting us borrow it Jill.

The little tail is my favorite part.
We love us some Halloween at our house!

Off to raid the kids candy and watch a movie with Mr. Skywalker, minus the wig...

14 October 2009

your opinion matters, really it does, don't listen to my husband when he tells you not to influence me...

Okay people. Indecisive me needs some help.
I can't find a picture that will post and not be fuzzy.
So go here.
Click on "SILGRANIT Sinks" link.
top right hand, click on "view drop in sinks"
Middle of third row - Diamond Maxi sink.
And think to yourself, if I was buying a house with this kitchen sink would I love it or hate it?
Single bowl, so great for soaking a roaster, big bun pans, big pots.
It is just as wide as a regular sink.
I love it. But I love weird things sometimes. And we don't know if we are staying forever or trying to sell in a few years.
So what do you think?

Also, what is your opinion on flooring in the master bedroom - hardwood or carpet?

eating off the treats shelf
loving the dirt piles at the lot
Insisted on going to Lethbridge like this today, lion nose and whiskers a must.

04 October 2009

a few to remember

After spinning around a ton Roman stops and then says: hey guys, the house is all dizzy!

Brad read him Hiawatha's Bear Hunt at bedtime.
Brad: and Hiawatha went home to his teepee
Roman: no dad, it's a peepee
Brad: Um, no it's not. It's a teepee. Say teepee.
Roman: No, it's a peepee
They argued for awhile and finally Brad gave up.

So now we can add teepee to the x rated list of toddler words in our house.
teepee = peepee
corn = porn
kitty = titty

Roman likes to be a lion. A lion with plaws, not claws. Anyway, one night I was getting him undressed and then into his pajamas
Roman, while buck naked: mom, lick my bum.
Me: What did you say?
Roman: I said lick my bum. Lions lick their bums.
Me: Well people don't lick bums.
Roman: But mom I'm a lion.
Me: Well then lick your own bum.
Roman: But mom (always has a but mom or bud dad) I can't reach it.
He tries to reach it. Luckily he can't.
I changed the subject.