24 August 2007

my 100 things list

Started this list months and months ago. I add to it every now and then when I work nights. One day it will be finished...

1. Being a nurse was not my first career choice - but now I love it.
2. I LOVE working in pediatrics, but I am excited to hopefully start on the Maternity unit soon. 3. I really like working night shifts - coming home and climbing into bed after a night shift is one of the best feelings ever!
4. One of my favorite things about Brad is how much he makes me laugh and I can make him laugh. We have the same sense of humor.
5. And what an AMAZING father he is.
6. My favorite household chore is doing laundry.
7. I love having a boy as my first child.
8. The only thing I don't love about boys is they aren't as much fun to shop for as girls.
9. I really want a baby girl one day.
10. I love living so close to my family.
11. My mom is one of my best friends. But Brad gets the number one spot.
12. I look forward to the day when Paige and I will be at a more similar stage in life and can be even better friends than we are now.
13. I love going to lake 5 with my family during the summer. The mountains and lakes in Montana are amazing.
14. I love water skiing and even did it when I was prego - only a few months, no big deal right. 15. Speaking of prego - I am one of the few people I know who actually love being pregnant. Even with all the bad stuff I still love it.
16. Fall is my favorite season. I love the cool crisp feeling and smell in the air.
17. Red and brown are my favorite colors.
18. I love drinking water, it is the only thing I craved when I was pregnant - ice cold water.
19. I am a pessimist, but I really try to be more optimistic. 2
0. I procrastinate. Lots of all night paper writing sessions in college.
21. I hate making decisions.
22. I always choose playing with Roman over cleaning the house. Very messy house.
23. I am organized at work, but I need to learn to be more organized at home.
24. I love making list and make at least one almost daily. Brad finds this very funny.
25. I wish Brad and I had more time and money for snowboarding like we used to. Snowboarding is the first thing me and Brad did together.
26. I LOVE yoga. Find a good class and a good instructor and it really is a great workout.
27. I also love swimming and am sad I can't do it more - silly to find a baby sitter and drive to Lethbridge a few times a week just to swim laps.
28. My closet is color coded.
29. I only wear glasses at work.
30. I love seeing Broadway musicals.
31. I wish I could sing.
32. I love textiles and find them very exciting - colors and shapes and patterns. In fabrics and decorating and whatever.
33. I have never been stung by a bee and I am deathly scared of them.
34. I am also scared of the ocean. Not swimming in it, but flying over it or being on it. I guess my fear is more the depth and vastness of it all. I had a few panic attacks when we went on a cruise. 35. My pet peeve is when people don't watch where they are walking. I often just let them run into my stroller.
36. I am counting down, only a few more weeks until Romes is in nursery!
37. I miss the thick hair I had when I was younger. But I prefer my light brown color now to the blond I had when I was younger.
38. I don't know what to do with my hair to make it cute. I need someone to teach me.
39. I love shopping but quite often end up not liking what I buy.
40. I don't mind being short. It always meant I could date anyone and never had trouble finding pants that were long enough.
41. Brad is exactly a foot taller than me.
42. I like watching movies - at home or in the theater. But there aren't very many movies I can watch over and over. What a girl wants, the Christmas Story, Legends of the Fall, and Newsies are a few from the short list of rewatchers.
43. I love Gilmore Girls. So sad it is over.
44. I watch way too much tv. But at least Brad and I do it together.
45. I don't really like to cook. And I HATE trying to think of what to cook.
46. I don't like hot chocolate. But I love steamed milk.
47. I hate winter driving.
48. I like wearing hats. And am told I can pull them off. And then I don't have to do my hair.
49. I love sleeping in the car on trips. And Brad likes to drive and just think. So I guess we make a good traveling pair!
50. I am a dual citizen (American and Canadian). I get the best of both worlds.
51. I haven't filled my US taxes in five years because I can't find my marriage certificate and I need to change my last name on my social security card first.
52. I love the shape of Roman's eyes. And his smile. And the way his eyes scrunch up when he smiles.
53. I love Ro's energy. But sometimes he just wears me out. Especially in public.
54. I love that Roman still likes to cuddle at nap time.
55. Having a baby made me become more forgetful.
56. I wish I was better at budgeting and saving money. Any tips?
57. I miss living in Utah because I miss Cafe Rio. I crave the chicken salad and lime dressing sooo much.
58. My childhood nightmares involved fire.
59. I hate packing and unpacking. It makes me act CRAZY. For this reason Brad does most of it. 60. My fifth wedding anniversary is on August 24 - tomorrow Five years goes fast. Five good years.
61. I am glad I didn't get married until I was 22. And glad I waited until I was 25 to get pregnant. I did a lot and saw a lot and learned a lot about my self in that time.
62. I get lost all the time. Brad has to google map and give me step by step instructions to get anywhere. I also never know which direction I am facing. North, south? Who knows.
63. I wish Stephanie didn't live in Calgary. I don't get too see you enough.
64. I care too much what people think. But I am getting better at letting this go.
65. I love the calmness the temple brings.
66. I miss my grandpa.
67. I look forward to the day when I will get to meet my sister in law Kelly.
68. I like going to the zoo. Denver zoo is a really good one. When I was about 23 me and and my mom and my dad went to the zoo in Salt Lake, no kids, just us.
69. I love watching the Olympics. My whole family does. Brad does not.
70. I love the smell of rain, who doesn't really?
71. Two of my bad habits are cracking my knuckles and biting my nails - but I'm way better than I used to be.
72. I love soup on cold winter days. Tomato with grated cheese is one of my favorites. But my all time fav is Brad's mom's home made chicken noodle, seriously the best soup ever.
73. I don't like having real plants in my house. But I do like real flowers.
74. I would like to learn to sew better and follow patterns.
75. I am saving to buy a treadmill. It might take awhile.
76. I love American treats - mint chocolate covered oreos, big hunks, red vines...
77. My favorite pie is key lime. And lucky me, I love making it. So easy.
78. I like to bake but Brad doesn't like to eat baked stuff.
79. I have no will power when it comes to food. Thus I don't bake that often.
80. I like playing board games.
81. I played basketball, volleyball, and soccer in jr/sr high. I really miss volleyball and soccer - not basketball.
82. I love watching Brad play basketball.
83. My mom and I play in a women's pick up hockey league in the winter. Full equipment too. 84. I don't tie my shoes like most people. I do two bunny ears and tie them in a knot. Not sure why, habbit I guess.
85. I cry a lot. In church, during movies, or even after a really hard day. I like the feeling of releasing everything by crying - or by good long laugh.
86. I lived in 8 houses before I graduated high school, 8 houses/apartments before I was married, and 5 after I was married.
87. When I moved from apartment to apartment I put bed sheets on the ground, threw everything on top, tied the ends together, and threw the bundles in my car. Learned this trick from my dad. Best way to move.
88. My room mates and I used to wash our jeans in the dishwasher to save money on coin laundry.
89. I worked at the BYU creamery making milkshakes - since then I have never been a big fan of ice cream.
90. I have had some interesting jobs - farming/bailing hay, sign girl for a road construction crew, and telemarketing to name a few.
91. When I lived in Utah I donated plasma twice a week and made $75. Plus a $50 bonus for going 8 times a month.
92. I used the money to snowboard almost every weekend with Lins and Jen.
93. I still have a scar on my arm from the 18 gauge needle used to donate plasma.
94. I actually got asked out on quite a few dates at the plasma center!
95. I started dance classes when I was 3 years old. I took tap, jazz, and ballet until I moved to Canada in the 6th grade.
96. I would love to re-learn how to tap dance. It was my favorite.
97. I loved field trips in elementary school. So much better in a big city. We got to go the to zoo, natual history museum, IMax theater, Molly Brown house, capital building, herritage farms, art museums... Kurt and I loved the museum, we went every time there was a new exhibit.
98. I love bare feel and I hate wearing socks.
99. I love Brad's hands - well used, rough, and callused. I think a guys hands can say alot about him. Brad's hand know how to work.
100. I can never make Jello turn out right.