08 March 2007

happy birthday roman

Late post yet again. Life is just so so busy. So many things on my place right now, which is good right??? Anyway, my little baby boy had his first birthday last weekend! Here it comes, the classic phrase - I can't believe it has been a whole year! But seriously, doesn't it just go by so fast? And yes I was the typical sentimental mom. I won't bore you with all that. But it was fun to sit around for a few days and say, oh at this time exactly one year ago this is what we were doing. So funny how everything changes in a split second. We just had a few people over, my family, Brad's parents, and Bryan and Erin and their kiddies. Roman LOVES being around their kids. He is so happy just to run around with them and he is always trying to give Isaiah hugs and kisses. He likes all his new books and toys, totally spoiled of course. But he didn't like his cake. Well actually he liked the cake okay, but he hated the frosting and having it all over his hands because then it got in his mouth. He is so much fun these days, just learning so much. I really didn't expect him to be walking by his first birthday, but he has been toddling around for almost two months now. His new thing is running around. Lots of bumps on the head. He is working on tooth number 5 and he weighs 25 pounds. Not sure how tall he is, but his pants are at least 18-24 months. My big tank of a little baby boy. We love you Roman. Happy first birthday.

He really likes ripping the paper on his presents. And the boxes they came in. The actual present was just okay compared to the paper and the box. Big suprise right.

This is Brad's chair from when he was little. We just recovered it. Ro LOVES it. Sits in it and rocks back and forth really fast. Then he thinks he is so cool when he can just stand up out of the chair and sit back down, and stand up and sit down....

I know the cake looks pink, but it's not. It is a poor excuse for an orange basketball. We had basketball and baseball cupcakes too. He's not quite sure about the frosting. Brad was on camera duty and took only a few pictures and tons of video. So he is getting some still pictures off of the video - ones with cake all over. But this is all there is for now.

We found this little horse for $5 at Christmas. He thinks it is hilarious to get pushed around on it. And he loves to push it around and smile at the face and give the horsey kisses.

He gets very upset when his monkey rides on it, or sits in his chair and runs over to move his monkey out of the way.

02 March 2007

soooooo much fun

We have been very busy. With work, being sick.... and SNOWBOARDING!!!!!!!
I didn't get to go at all last year because I was very prego. And I wasn't sure if/when I would get to go this year. It just worked out that during reading week Brad had some days where he was in between houses and not working and my family was staying at a condo in Whitefish for a few days. Of course I got sick the day before we were supposed to go. And it was not a fun car ride down being sick, and taking an extra hour because of bad roads. But it was all worth it the next day on the hill! My dad stayed at the condo with Roman and the rest of us had a great day of skiing and snowboarding. It was the perfect temperature and it snowed on and off, which was good because it kept the hill from getting too icy. The top was really foggy. Not just oh Big Mountain is always foggy at the top - I mean FOG, white out condition fog. There was one time I thought I was stopped but was really going sideways. It was crazy, but good powder up there so we braved the fog a few times. It felt strange when I strapped my board on and headed down the hill, but it came back fast. And because my mom and I played hockey all winter we were the least sore of anyone the next day. Roman had a great time being spoiled by grandpa and going in the hot tub at night. He never stopped, just ran around the condo all day. Here he is trying to walk in the snow, not too good on the uneven ground. Now I have to work some extra shifts so Brad and I can take a few day trips when spring skiing weather starts. Oh do I miss the days when I donated plasma twice a week to get money so Linsey, Jen and I could go snowboarding every week. And the Utah snow and warm weather.... the good ol' days.