26 June 2008

my sewing machine has been busy

I actually need to take my machine in to get serviced, a little day at the sewing machine spa for my little friend. I think I will have Brad drop it off when I am out of town, that way I won't miss it too much. So much to sew you know!
So this is just a bit of what my friend and I have been up to lately...

Frog bean bags. Got the pattern here. Made from scraps just sitting around. And my big jar of buttons. I love buttons. Roman loves to throw the frogs and hear the splat the beans make. One day when Brad has finished the millions of things I already have asked him to do he will make a little board with holes in it. I can paint it like a pond with lily pads to toss the froggies through.
Baby blanket. Love the orange stripes. And the fish material is the softest cotton I have ever felt. Used a layer of flannel in the middle instead of quilt batting so it is nice and light.
Each fish has a name. Notice the goldfish in the lower corner. Baby slings. One is single and the other is double layer. So easy. It seriously took longer to cut out the material than it did to sew it. The black one is a little long, tried it out on a friend's kiddo. It was my practice one, I shortened the blue/yellow one a bit. Saved myself about $40 by making it myself, and I got to continue my love affair with Amy Butler fabric!
Nursing covers. One of the easiest projects ever. Can't believe how much they charge for them in the store! More Amy Butler fabric and less than an hour per cover.
Soother clips. I loose soothers as it is, need the clips or I would need to buy soothers in bulk. Got a little carried away - but I had the ribbon and the clips, so why not make a whole bunch. Easy peasy. Recovered the pillow on my rocking chair. Changing baby things from brown and red to brown and blue.
Made new covers for the bumper pads. Cut up the old pads and make 4 separate ones instead of one continuous one. Such a pain to wash the whole thing when only one little part gets puke on it. Does that say I am lazy or smart? Baby shoes for a few friends who are pregnant. Really not that complicated, found the pattern with step by step instructions and pictures here. My sis in law is making some too. Hopefully she will put up pictures on her blog when she is done. Guess I shouldn`t have showed them to her, I was going to make a pair for her when baby Steed comes! My new apron, from the Emmeline apron pattern. Looks way cuter on and in person I promise. The tree isn`t the best model and I am too impatient to wait for Brad to get home from work to take a picture of me in it. Maybe now I will stay a tiny bit cleaner in the kitchen!

Still have a few projects and a quilt I want to get done before the baby comes. And a few friends having babies that I want to make gifts for. Guess my craving for crafting is still going strong. But I have decided to file it under nesting instead of just plain crazy.

17 June 2008

rain rain go away

So glad all that rain is gone. Two weeks of rain is just too much. I am sure I am not the only one who had a kid who was sick to death of being inside. I gave in and we played in puddles for awhile one day. Roman loved it. He also loved the worms that were all over the sidewalk. One moved away when he tried to pick it up, he got mad and stomped on it.

We had to postpone our trip to the lake last week because the mountains were getting snow. Instead we stayed home and did more work on the house. Roman had so much fun helping daddy. It just cracks me up how much he loves to help dad work, and how he takes it so seriously. We now have no more ugly green tile anywhere in the house. It is completely gone from the kitchen, the bathroom, and the entrance, and all the new floors are in! Yippie! Brad made good use of his Father's Day present this weekend too - a new saw. Don't ask what kind, I have no idea. Just one of the many many tools that fill up our garage and make me whatever I want! Thank you Bradley, the most wonderful husband in the world!

Hopefully the weather in Montana is warming up like it is here, heading off to the lake in a day or two! Gotta get it all in before my doctor won't let me travel to the states anymore. Note to self, do not ever be 8 and 9 months pregnant in the summer ever again. Totally messes up summer vacations! What am I going to do for the whole month of August when Brad is working like crazy and my family is having fun in the sun at the lake?

06 June 2008

pregnancy tag

Tagged by Jen - the best room mate from Colorado I have ever had! Even if she did make me watch 10 things I hate about you a million times!

5 Things that make my stomach turn.....
1.) Actually the nausea has been gone for a few months now.
2.) Instead I have major sacral nerve pain that the chiropractor and massage therapist can't manage to fix. So my right hip/butt are usually always sore. So yes, I do the pregnancy waddle walk. Very funny to those around me!
3.) Then I have this random area under my left ribs that is numb and aches on and off - usually more on than off. More nerve stuff. No one knows why. But it feels better if I press on the area. I often fall asleep laying on one of Roman's little basketballs to put pressure on the area.
4.) Baby is sitting low just like Roman did. So lots of pelvic pains even though I am only 6 months.
5.) Okay that's enough complaining. It could be worse right. It's all worth it when you feel that little baby kicking around in there!

5 Things I Absolutely Love/Crave.....
1.) tons and tons of cold cold water
2.) sugar cookies
3.) pink lemonade
4.) cereal - can't wait to go to the lake and get American cereal!
5.) not a food, but I am still crazy addicted to sewing and crafting. I am strange I know.

5 Things I worry about....
1.) My doctor said my labor may go very quickly. If it don't get to the hospital in time I might not get an epidural. Thus I am way more nervous about this labor than Roman's!
2.) Little Roman won't be my baby anymore. Worried about him adjusting and hoping he doesn't feel left out or neglected.
3.) This kid will be a crappy sleeper and napper like Roman was for the first year.
4.) Taking two kids out in public. It's hard enough with one crazy kid that likes to run away.
5.) Loosing the weight from a new baby and the leftover weight from the first kid!

5 Things I Am Excited About....
1.) baby smell
2.) that moment when you hold them for the first time
3.) sleeping on my stomach or flat on my back again
4.) being able to shave my legs without having to take breaks to catch my breath from bending over.
5.) tiny little clothes and baby blankets

5 Names that I love...
1.) Max
2.) Finn
3.) I dunno
4.) I dunno
5.) I dunno - baby names are making me crazy this pregnancy. Do kids really need a name?

If You Don't Know What You Are Having What Do You Hope It Is....
It's a Boy! Totally obvious boy, he really wanted us to know he was all there in the ultrasound!

Pregnant People I tag....
I lost count at 30 pregnant people I know right now! And the majority are due in the next three or four months. Crazy eh. But I don't know how many of them blog.
So lets say:
1. Katie
2. Jade
3. Rhonda

02 June 2008

just stuff

On Friday my mother in law spent the day with me and Roman. We had so much fun, and ate way too much of what we baked. Buns, cinnamon buns, and pizza buns. I love that you can make so many different things from the same batch of dough. Thanks again Dixie! The only problem with her bun recipe is that she has been doing it for so long that she really has no idea how much flour goes in it. She does it all by feel. So we'll see if I can do it again on my own! How bout it Rhonda, do you have any idea how much flour goes in? Probably not, since you have been doing it since you were 6 years old! Here are our cinnamon buns, so yummy!
Two weekends ago was Raymond grad. My sister Paige graduated this year, so she is the class of '08 and I am the class of '98. Kinda crazy that she graduated and I have my ten year reunion this year!
Here is my gorgeous little sis in her grad dress. I am very jealous of her hair, so so cute!
And here she is in her dinner dress, going for the retro look.
And here is skinny little Paige and preggo me. Smart too with a gold braid!

She is moving to Edmonton in the fall. I'm sad she will be leaving, but happy for her that she is starting nursing school. Then maybe she will want my help with something and think for once know what I am talking about!