15 November 2011

better late than never

I can't not post about Halloween.  I know I know, super late.  Whatever.
I just love Halloween!  It's just so fun.  Dressing up as whatever you want and getting candy.  It can't get better than that. 
I may have had to buy candy twice.
I love decorating for it to.  Anything goes.  It doesn't have to be all cute or perfect or matching like Christmas. It's all about the dollar store decorations.  It's spiders and bats and totally for little boys - mine were in love with it all!  I didn't get a picture of my decorations dang it, next year.

We went to a pumpkin patch out by Barnwell, Rhonda and Regan came too.  A bit over priced for pumpkins, but lots of fun!  The kids were in heaven picking their pumpkins and going on the hayride. 
 And what's Halloween without a few costume changes right.  
The boys picked their costumes - Ben 10.  Our world revolves around Ben 10 right now.  But I have to admit as far as kids shows go it's not the worst.  It's no Phineas and Ferb, but it's okay.  The kids aren't allowed to watch a new episode unless dad is there to watch it with them! 
Roman is Four Arms and Finn is Rath the Tiger.  I may have pushed a little for Rath, less sewing for me.  Some friends in our ward had a family party and the kids were over the moon excited when we told them we could all be Ben 10 characters, even mom and dad.  Brad brought out the wig for Ben, Oscar is Cannonbolt, and I was lucky enough to be the evil Charm Caster.  What's that, none of have a clue what I'm talking about?  Didn't think so.  
For the annual Halloween party we came off the reservation.  What's the politically correct term these days?  Native Americans, First Nations People?  Anyway, what Indian costume is complete without a loincloth.  When Brad commits to a costume he really commits!  Don't worry, he did put on pants eventually.  We borrowed his costume and I made mine and Oscars - from two pillow shams I found at the thrift store!  So easy and so comfortable.  I may have to break this costume out again.
Some decent weather for trick or treating, both boys had tons of fun.  Shy little Finn marched right up to the door and took his candy from all the strangers no problem!  Me and grandma dressed up for tick or treating took, and Oscar fell asleep bundled in the ergo carrier, and Brad stayed home to hand out candy.
Can't wait until next year!   

08 November 2011

my heart is full

My heart is full of gratitude tonight. 
For friends and family who know that I am trying to raise my kids right, to teach them right from wrong, teach them respect.  Even if my kids behavior doesn't always show it. 
For friends and family who care about my kids.  Who put forth an effort to reach out to Finn even though they get nothing in return.  For letting me vent my frustrations and worries to them.   
And for tiny answers to a mothers constant prayers. 
Masen came to get Roman to play today.  As the two crazy boys were heading out the door Finn said he wanted to go too.  I told him they were playing in the house not the backyard, and I wasn't coming, and Christal is there.  "I like Christal mom". 
So R and M waited for him to get ready, walked their bikes the half block to M's house while Finn walked in front of them.
He went into the house.  He talked to Christal.  He showed her his Buzz Lightyear costume.  He went downstairs.  He stayed for 10 minutes.  He calmly, not crying, said he wanted to go home.  So his brother walked him home then headed back to play.
I spent that 10 minutes close to tears as a wave of relief and gratitude spread over me.  It may seam like something trivial, but for anyone who knows Finn it's a huge step.  
I just wish you could all see the real Finn.  The funny, feisty, goofy, stubborn, sweet little boy of mine.
Love you Finn.    

02 November 2011

love hate

I have a love hate relationship with pinterest.
I love the recipes. I love the crafty ideas. I love the tips. I love the sharing.
I hate when people link back to a whole blog instead of just the post that the cool thing was on. So annoying. I may or may not be guilty of the same thing. But I really try to remember to link the post. Come on people!
And right now I HATE the stupid pins about no heat curls. I hate them. I have tried them all and none of them work for me. Help me out Jacklyn, you know hair.
Yesterday I looked like an idiot with a sock on a bun on the top of my head.
Then I took it out and looked like an even bigger idiot with poodle hair. This was brushed out. It was worse before.
Stupid no heat curls.

In happier news, someone is officially on the move!

Not so sure I like it. But he sure does!

I never noticed how many small toys and crumbs my older kids leave around. We are in trouble. Roman never did that when Finn was crawling.

And Brad had better get building a gate for the stairs asap!

06 October 2011

simple things

Joining in on the fun of Rebecca Coopers simple things. She is amazing, AMAZING. A bit of a celebrity blogger. Glad to say I know her and can call her my friend. One of the most talented and nicest people you will ever meet. Click on the button on the side bar to learn more about the simple things posts.
So here is my simple things post. I have a thing for tiny little boy bums in underwear. Finn is just so excited about his new blue underwear, so excited he just wanted to show the whole neighborhood I guess.

29 July 2011

chipotle burger recipe

We made these burger again last night for a BBQ with some friends and the missionaries. They were yummy, but I may have exaggerated a tiny bit in my last post. I tend to do that. The burgers are really really good, but it is all about the chipotle mayo. Try them and tell me what you think. One thing we didn't do last night (that I never do because I'm lazy) is toast the buns. But it makes them so much better if you do. So there is my two cents, and here is the recipe.

Officially called the southwest burger.

23 July 2011

best thing I ever ate

Oh man. Ohhhhh man did I make a good dinner tonight! Brad and I both love chipotle peppers and anything made with them. I also love to pronounce the word chipoltee peppers because it drives my sister nuts. So I found a recipe for chipotle burgers with lime/cilantro/chipotle mayo.
Better than the Red Robin chipotle burger I ate weekly one month when I was pregnant with Roman.
So unbelievably good.
So good that I asked Brad when it will have been enough days so I can make them again.
So good that I was literally dancing and signing in the kitchen while I was eating it.
So good that I don't think I can share the recipe.
Do you love the spicy smokey taste of chipotle peppers?
I'm accepting BBQ invites and I'll bring my awesome amazing chipotle burgers.
For real. You need this burger in your life.

28 June 2011

ten on tuesday

1. Oscar doesn't nap anymore. He napped so good for the first three month. Then he stopped. I have tried everything I can think of. It's killing me, I get nothing done all day. None of my kids have ever been nappers. An hour if I'm lucky. Once a day, usually in the afternoon, I end up holding him when he wakes up so he will go back to sleep. I miss phone calls, don't answer my door, and my kids run around the house crazy and sneak treats. But what else can I do. Why does everyone else kids nap? Did I miss some mom secret on napping?

2. Why did I think it was a good idea to have a 4 month old in the summer? He can't be in the sun, he can't wear bug spray, he doesn't like the tiniest bit of wind, the pool water is too cold...

3. I have an awesome friend down the street who lets Roman enjoy the summer with them since I have no yard yet and a boring (but cute) baby. These two go back and forth from house to house all day long. Shoes and shirts are optional. Finn even leaves my side on occasion to follow them - a big step if you know Finn! Bad picture but they were almost out of my site.
4. It's June 28th? Really? Are you sure? Looking forward to the 1st of July fun this weekend! C I'll be crashing for some cake so be ready! Anyone else want to let me crash their BBQs for some good treats?

5. Had our big BBQ rib competition this past weekend. What was it, like 230 people or something? Crazy but so fun! We, with two other couples, organized a huge rib competition complete with trophy, t shirts, bounce houses, cotton candy and lots of yummy food. Brad got to taste 30 different ribs to help pick the winner. Got the campground booked for next years competition already!

6. Scout camp is coming up. Boo. But then I get to leave all the kids for an afternoon/evening and go to Wicked so I'll just keep my mouth shut. I will not keep my mouth shut about the stupid canoes all the YM are building in my garage, it's a huge mess and there is no end in sight.

7. We had a fun time in Montana two weekends ago despite all the rain. Got the trailer down and set up and got a long list of things we forgot and need to take next time. We got to meet my cousin (from Arizona) who is on a mission in Montana and just happened to be in Kalispell! He got permission of course, so us and my parents took him and his companion out to dinner and then grocery shopping. It was so fun! A little strange for him I'm sure to see people he knows on his mission, especially because I haven't seen him since he was around 10 or 12 years old. Took the kids to Kung Fu Panda 2. Finn's first movie in a theater. I was prepared to leave with Oscar if he got cranky and head over to Target and TJ Maxx, but I didn't get the chance. He ate, watched a bit of the movie, and then slept for the rest.

8. Our other bit of Montana news is that Roman lost his two front teeth there. It's funny because on the trip down I was commenting on how his teeth must have shifted for some reason because I had noticed a gap between some teeth that had not been there before. He was trying to open a little milk carton of goldfish and one of the bottom teeth just popped out. They must have been loose to come out so easily, thus the gap I had noticed. The other was holding on by a thread and was super easy to pull out. We were all so shocked. We got in the truck and were talking about how cool it was and the tooth fairy and the money she would bring him. All the while I am sitting in the front seat close to tears. How can he be old enough to loose teeth! He is only 5. Brad just rolled his eyes at me. It's not just how old he is getting. Now he is going to be one of those goofy looking boys with huge teeth until he grows into them! I know you are with me on this line of thinking Lins!
9. What a nice day it was today! Gotta love zonked out tired kids with pink cheeks. Got a little sun burn myself too.
10. And last but not least, I have to give a shout out to my brother in law Eric. He is getting baptized tomorrow. Sad we can't be there, but we are so excited and happy for you and Paige.

17 May 2011

ten on tuesday

1. My mother's day present from Brad is being picked up at the boarder tomorrow. It's a Kindle!

2. At first I didn't think I would like a Kindle, will I miss holding a book and turning the pages? I'm not a book buyer, I am a library person. But I think I will like it. We'll see tomorrow! What books should I buy?

3. Oscar is just over 3 months old. How time flies. The belly fat does not fly, it jiggles. It just sits right where it is and makes it so I can't do up my pants. Literally. I went to Lethbridge today in pants that were not buttoned up. I'm pathetic.

4. This wind is CRAZY! I mean we live in SA so a little wind is fine. And I'm not one to usually go on and on about the weather. But I really want to get my kids outside. Dirt yard and wind do not mix.

5. Brad built the rail on the deck on Saturday. I'm hoping grass will be in before I know it. I bet I have grass before I have kitchen cupboard doors! Ha!

6. I have been doing laundry all day. All the bedding for the trailer. Camping time at the lake is coming fast!

7. The kids got a little carried away with tv watching during this cold winter. I think the cut back on tv has been harder on me than on the kids.

8. We went to Edmonton a week and a half ago. The kids had so much fun at west ed. Roman was right in to the rides and the water slides. It was fun to be back in Edmonton, even just for the weekend. Such a nice city.

9. I have been checking the mail everyday for the last week. The tax returns finally came today!

10. I'm stuck so I'll borrow number 10 from Christal, can't wait to go to Wicked this summer!

03 May 2011

ten on tuesday

1. I like this ten on Tuesday thing, I can just write 10 random not at all related things and it looks like I am blogging!

2. I love my white bedroom. It really makes me want to paint the rest of my house white. I always used to laugh when people said they liked white walls. But finding the right white was so hard.

3. That said I have a huge love hate relationship with my white bedding.

4. Actually it is my kids who have a love hate relationship with my bedding. They love to get stains all over it and they hate it when I get mad at them for it.

5. My husband is the best. He likes to spoil me. He has gotten me some amazing presents this year for birthday, valentines day, and now mothers day.

6. What's that you say, we haven't had mothers day yet? You are right. But Brad just can't keep a secret. I always end up getting my presents early because he just can't wait.

7. But now the pressure is on, what do I get him for his birthday and father's day?

8. I really really want to get sewing, crafting, decorating my house, and refinishing a ton of furniture sitting in my garage. But I just can't seem to get myself started.

9. I love telling people Oscar's name. I get a ton of great reactions. Oh, umm, that's.... nice. Ha Ha Ha! The best is "that's different". Just say you don't like it already. I really don't care if you don't like my kids name.

10. This kids is getting chubby! Just look at these cheeks!

27 April 2011

ten on tuesday... on wednesday!

1. I started on Tuesday, but it just didn't happen. By the time Brad got home from Young Mens I was a tad bit frazzled. I played games on my iphone all night while he watched the Lakers game because it meant I didn't have to leave my bed. The computer was just too far away.

2. Rhonda's idea not mine. As was my blog header she made. I have been getting compliments on it and had to give her credit for it.

3. I bought a bike. A road bike. It was rather expensive. I love it. And I have yet to ride it anywhere but around the block once. It is killing me. I want to ride so bad. My skinny jeans miss me and I miss them. But the wind and Oscar have other plans for me.

4. I went swimming last week with a friend. It felt amazing. Unfortunately it didn't work out so well for the kids and the babysitters. June 1st and the pool opening in Raymond can't come soon enough.

5. With the last two you would think I am a health nut. The truth is Easter candy is just too good.

6. I have washed so many muddy clothes the past few weeks. I can't wait until we have a yard. On the other hand it was quite funny when I had to go out and pull Finn out of the mud he was stuck in. No picture, he didn't find it funny at all.

7. Paid maternity leave is great. Like top ten things of all time great.

8. Finn is wearing me out. Tantrums. Grumpy. The ultimate definition of clingy. Won't share. Won't listen. Hits and kicks everyone in sight. The soother, oh the stink'n soother!
But it won't last forever.

9. I love DVR. Enough said.

10. One of the best things about little boys is getting them dressed on Sunday. What could be easier. Three pairs of khakis, three white shirts, three pairs of brown shoes, and three ties. Every single week. And just as cute as the last week.
Brad's Sunday meeting ALWAYS get out late. Consequently we are always in a rush to get out of the house. But if I get them ready too early they just get messy. Easter Sunday I threw them in the chair as Brad was pulling in to the driveway to pick us up. This is the first of three pictures I took. I was pretty surprised when I looked at it later, pretty decent under the circumstances I'd say. Roman sees the need to smile like his life depends on it in every picture lately. So this one's a keeper I guess.

09 March 2011


Three weeks old. Ahhhh! Time is going too fast. Three weeks already. His cheeks are too chubby. He has grown out of stuff already - or maybe just relaxed and stretched out. Either way he isn't a newborn anymore and I am so sad! So excuse me if you don't see me for the next few weeks, I'll be in my pjs hanging out on my bed while my kids play next to me and watch movies all day so I can cuddle this little boy to death.

06 March 2011


Oscar Edward Davis
Born February 15th at 8:34 am
7 pounds 9 ounces, 20 inches long

It was going to be a good week. Monday was Valentines Day, we had a nice little family Valentines dinner and a few treats. Tuesday the 15th I was going to go for my massage and then a manicure. Wednesday the 16th, my birthday, I was going to meet Brad for lunch with no kids and then get a pedicure. You know, gotta have nice nails while you are in labour.
But Oscar had other plans. He came 6 days early. Totally unexpected. I was fully ready and just fine to go to my due date or overdue just like with Roman and Finn.
I woke up Tuesday morning at 5:30 to some cramping. I have had a pretty crampy pregnancy so I didn't think too much of it. Tried to sleep. Realized by 6:00 they weren't just cramps, they were coming and going. Okay, I tell myself it must just be braxton hicks, I'm not having this baby for another week. I'm leaking amniotic fluid, but I'm still not convinced. I can't sleep so I have a shower. I'm sooo in denial. This baby is not coming.
There was no lead up, the contractions were strong right from the start. Okay okay so maybe I should time a few. 2-3 minutes. Crap. Brad is up asking what we are going to do. I had a shower so or course I'm going to dry my hair, and I might as well put on makeup. By this point I'm stopping to bend over and having to breath through them. Chrystal and born at home baby Mia enter my mind and I panic and realized this is the real thing (remember I was induced with both my others) Brad calls my dad at 7:00 and I am chucking whatever I can find into a bag to take to the hospital. We get up to the Labour and Delivery unit at 7:45, I'm dilated to a 7. I cry because I can't have an epidural. I wave to my brother in law the obstetrical resident on call as they rush me to a delivery room, and no, he did not join us for the delivery! I got the obstetrician on call because my doctor was out of town. Turned out good though, I liked Dr. Malach. So he breaks my water and after much whining, complaining about missing my massage, and frantic incoherent speech on my part mixed with apologies for my actions between contractions, Oscar made his grand entrance.
It was crazy how fast it all happened, but so nice at the same time that it was so fast. I just love that feeling you get after having a baby. There is no way to describe it. The total euphoria, rush of emotions, slightly in shock, total high of having a baby. Minutes before was pure agony and in a split second I see my baby born and all is right with the world.

05 February 2011

25 January 2011

weekend fun

The weather was finally nice enough to play outside. The wind took a lot of the snow away, but we still found some for sledding. The kids had so much fun. And it made me feel better about only having the energy to clean half the house!

Roman the crazy driver in mid crash.

Lucky little Finn still gets pulled up the hill, so he was all smiles the whole time!
I tried one run, the belly kinda gets in the way. So Brad's 6'4" is squished on behind Finn. Lucky grandma and grandpa came too to help with the hauling of kids and sleds around.

20 January 2011

i love my serger

My present from Brad and my parents this year was a serger. I love it! The first thing I made with it is these crate covers for our bedroom. We have a ton of open shelving in the built ins beside the window seat in our room. But we wanted to use some of the space for clothes storage. And I wanted to stick with the whole white on white thing I got going on.
Found the tutorial here. It's great because she tells you how to take measurements for whatever size crate you have and then how to adjust the pattern. Very easy to make. So 4 crates, $5 a piece at Walmart and some fabric I had lying around that I think only cost about $5 from the clearance section at Fabricland = $25 total.

In other sewing news... like anyone cares but maybe Rhonda! I like to have one of the kids Christmas presents be something I made. So in addition to the angry birds this year here are their presents from me.
Finn got a cape to match Romans.
Here is the caped crusader in one of his favorite places. The ottoman that I fill with random toys that get left in the living room. Sound like a real comfortable place to sit eh. Strange kids I have!
It's a good thing his present was so easy to sew because Romans was probably the hardest thing I have ever sewn.
All fall he was convinced Santa would bring him a jet pack. A real working jet pack. I finally convinced him you had to be an astronaut to have one. So he says, okay mom how about you just make me one then. It needs to be red. It needs rockets. It needs wings. WHAT! Um okay, here goes nothing as I save it to a week before Christmas. I can hear you now Lindsay - why didn't you just buy the blow up Buzz Lightyear jet pack? Because I'm cheap and a sucker for punishment okay!
The inside is a piece of foam. The cover for the foam wasn't hard, and the red "rockets" weren't bad. The problem was the wings. I wandered around home depot for awhile and found random stuff in the plumbing section to use. And the hard part was making the pocket for the wings to be stored in. But if I can brag a bit, I think it turned out pretty cool! So the wings are hooked on by elastic and come out of their little pocket to stick into some random plumbing thing that is glued into the felt. Make sense? But Romans favorite thing about the jet pack, besides snapping and unsnapping the buckles a millions times, is the fuel indicator. There are pulls on each end to make the red fuel line go up or down. Here we wings folded in and almost out of rocket fuel.
I'm glad he loves it so much, but I will never again make another jet pack as long as I live.

19 January 2011

santa's sleigh... a little late!

So Christmas is well behind us now, but I have to post this because I love it. And I can't kid myself that next year I will get around to posting it.
My plant ledge was looking a little sparse with decorations all around the house. Found a sleigh by searching for clip art online. Had Brad cut me some scraps of wood at the shop. Used my mom's projector to enlarge and trace the outline. Then painted and antiqued it with wood stain. So easy! Easy to store too as it is 3 pieces. I'm thinking to concept could be cute in a kids room. Maybe on canvas. Like an airplane or something.

11 January 2011

angry birds

Seriously one of my kids favorite Christmas presents.
They both love the game and saw the advertisement on the game - gotta love how they do that - for the angry bird toys.
Roman was just sure he was going to get one for Christmas. Not going to happen.
But then I came across the tutorial by obsessively stitching on how to make the red angry bird!
I used the same pattern for the blue one and changed up the face a bit. Then made up the yellow one by cutting 4 triangles for the body. They both got a set. I made my cute nephew Eli a bird too and I am so happy he loves it as much as my kids do!
Obsessively stitching has since added tutorials for all the birds and the pigs. We made some pigs yesterday. And by we I mean the kids helped by watching movies and eating treats and not bugging me while I made them. Ha ha!
So for family night (after a wonderfully spiritual lesson of course) we took turns making towers out of Roman's other favorite present and the kids had a blast throwing their angry birds to get the pigs. Do you remember these big cardboard blocks when we were kids? One of Santa's better ideas, Roman loves to build with them. I highly recommend them. Only problem is they take up tons of room.
So go make some angry birds and throw them around the house. I promise you will soon be addicted to the cute little things.

01 January 2011

happy new year!

What better way to spend New Years Eve than with a humidifier, vicks vapor rub, and cuddling a coughing toddler. Who am I kidding I was too lazy to go out anyway. Brad got our island pieces stained though! Just think, when we finally finish everything on the house it will be like a new house all over again.

So Roman was looking over my shoulder when I was looking at a friends blog post about her son's birthday and he was right upset I don't have pictures of his birthday. Um, can you really go back 10 months and put up pictures of something? Is that allowed in blog land? I guess maybe if I disguise it as a look back at 2010 it will work right?
So here goes, a few things the blog missed in 2010...

Roman's robot birthday party - 4th birthday
Summer at the Lake
Best friends
Whenever Brad wears a Lakers t shirt these two mini Brads thing they need their Lakers gear on. I don't like boys in purple, but apparently I'm outvoted.
Our book advent calendar - the kids LOVED it!
Painting presents for grandmas.
They loved their Santa hats.
Christmas eve pajamas.
Opening presents. Finn wasn't too impressed that present opening was cutting into his morning routine, but after a little chocolate and seeing a few toys he was good to go. Roman took many breaks to play with his toys before moving on. Santa's present of huge building blocks was a hit!