30 April 2007

my healthy little boy

I worked today. Not a bad day at work, but there was a really really sick little baby today. And not the sick that will get better over time. Many many problems with this little one. Makes my heart ache. For the baby yes, but today it was mostly for the mom. What do you say to her? How do you even begin to comfort her? Her first baby. I can't even imagine it.

Being at work makes me long for Roman. To hold him and hug him and kiss him and thank our Father in Heaven that he is a healthy little boy. So everyone hug their kiddos an extra time today and be thankful they are healthy.

25 April 2007

bath time

What little kid doesn't love their bath? Not only does Romes like to play in the bath, he likes to drink the bath. Here are some funny bath faces and bath hair from the other night. Speaking of hair, I will admit that Ro's hair is getting a bit out of control. It needs a trim, but I don't know if I can stand to cut off all the baby curls. We will see what Jacklyn says when she is home.

Speaking of baths, I have a feeling someone will be needing more baths now that the weather is nice and we spend more time outside in the dirt. This is how we dressed last week...

And this is how we have dressed this week. Crazy Southern Alberta weather.

23 April 2007

um, can you say slacker

The end of the month is coming soon, so I had to get my one post in for the month. I am working nights right now. It is a slow night. Let's see, what have we been up to since I posted last. Getting more done on the house. We hit a point where we were just sick of renos and didn't do much over the winter. Brad built closet organizers for our bedroom closets, very nice to have more shelves and stuff. More baseboard and door casings have gone up. Brad is almost done building a really cool cabinet thing for shoes and stuff to go in the corner of our entry. Started a bit of landscaping, lots more to come. Kitchen renos are soon to come. Slow going as both Brad and I are working a ton, and work is going good. Roman is getting crazier and crazier as the days go by. He loves to be the center of attention and totally puts on a show. He has a new growling scream when he wants something. He is very mischievous and just loves to do things he knows he isn't supposed to. He looks and waits until I am looking before he does whatever it is he shouldn't be. He laughs when I tell him no and laughs and tries even harder when I go to him and pull him away. But of course when Brad says no he listens and makes the cute little pout with the bottom lip quiver and forces a cry. Loves to be outside, so we go on lots of walks and to my parent's house to play with the dogs in the backyard, so glad the weather is getting nice. So really not too much, same old stuff. I really don't know why I don't post more, just finding lots to do to keep busy I guess.
Here's a funny story that happened today...
We were at my parent's house for Sunday dinner. Roman has a really bad diaper rash and my mom insisted we take his diaper off and let his cute little red bum air out. Brad and I asked and asked, are you sure, what if he pees? She said it's fine we'll just clean it up. So of course 5 minutes after his diaper is off he pees all over the rug. So I took him upstairs to the kitchen while mom and Brad cleaned the rug. And as soon as the rug was clean he pooped all over the kitchen floor. Bath time. As I said, I'm at work so I'll have to put up some pictures up later.

I'm home from work now, so here is a quick picture before I head off to bed. I love climbing into bed after working all night! Ignore the messy living room - not my fault, I was at work. Here is Romes in his easter vest all ready for church.