31 August 2009

superheros rock

And I have a bit of a crush on this one.
Super Ro-ee, as he calls himself.
He was super excited when he found his super hero shirt in the pile of clean laundry.
He asked super politely if he could wear his cape to Lethbridge and wear it in all the stores.
I secretly super love when he asks because everywhere we go he jumps around with a super big smile on his face watching his cape fly behind him. And everyone we pass smiles and points and whispers about the cute little boy in his cape. And I can't help but have a super day of running boring errands.
Super Ro-ee to the rescue!


Just Rhonda said...

heehee cute shirt! :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, this post made me laugh out loud. Ro is a hoot. What a fun kid. Are you doing parent preschool again this year? I'm trying to figure out a day for Blaise.

Jilly poo

Susie said...

I want me one of those.

Christal said...

he is awesome and so are you!!!

McCandless Co. said...

I love little super heros too! I asked what RYder wanted to be when he growns up and he said a Green Super Hero with Goggles.....if only I was as cute and creative as you to make him his own cape instead of tying a green blanket around his neck and making him wear his swim goggles.