31 August 2009

superheros rock

And I have a bit of a crush on this one.
Super Ro-ee, as he calls himself.
He was super excited when he found his super hero shirt in the pile of clean laundry.
He asked super politely if he could wear his cape to Lethbridge and wear it in all the stores.
I secretly super love when he asks because everywhere we go he jumps around with a super big smile on his face watching his cape fly behind him. And everyone we pass smiles and points and whispers about the cute little boy in his cape. And I can't help but have a super day of running boring errands.
Super Ro-ee to the rescue!

29 August 2009

Blah. No title.

I can't believe none of you called me on my lam-o post with pictures from last summer.
I didn't take my camera anywhere this summer. I think I took it to the lake on one out of four trips. No parks. No pools. No first of July. Not even in the back yard. Poor Finn will probably develop a complex from the lack of pictures of his childhood. But Brad had his camera a few times so lets see what is on his...
Anyone in out parent preschool group from last year knows of Mr. R and his sweet dance moves. Well I'm not sure sweet is the right word, but we'll be generous and call them sweet. He danced his way through the parade this year.
This is the only picture I got of me and my boys on the first of July. Believe it or not the white shirts actually stayed pretty clean.

Brad took Roman fishing at the lake. One of the pictures R took. Yeah, he's got an eye for photography.

So proud of his fish. He likes to be the net guy while daddy gets the fish. He touched it once and that was enough for him. He says it felt wiggly. Well okay then. I wouldn't touch it either. Fishing is so not my thing. But I am sure in a few years when Brad takes the boys out all day I will be loving fishing!

Well that's all for now. Later folks.

25 August 2009

hello there

Does anyone still read this thing?
I'm a tad bit embarrassed at my lack of posting.
You know it's bad when your husband offers to play with the kids so you can get a post up.
Despite the rainy weather we have been busy having fun this summer. I lost count on how many fun trips to the lake in Montana we have had. Pool time. Park time. Lots of good walks with good friends. Had a fantastic 7th anniversary with my amazingly awesome husband yesterday. Love him more and more each year. Just your usual summer stuff. I must say I have been a little sad at not having my own house to have people over to or have BBQs at. But I am so loving that my family is putting up with us living here while we "build" a house.
House stuff has consumed so much of my time this summer. Annoying, but oddly satisfying at the same time. And also very sad, because for all the time it consumes we have nothing to show for it yet! Keep your fingers crossed, we should be digging the hole and pouring the basement next week. I won't go into all the delays, most of you have listened to me drone on and on about it already.
So that's us. I am so completely lazy that I have not downloaded any pictures from my camera. I have been really bad at taking pics this summer anyway. So let me just go digging into the files of what we were doing last summer at this time...
Me almost a year ago. This is as we were heading to the hospital to be induced on my due date. Oh man that is a big ol' belly! At least I can look back now and laugh at my fat self right!
But oh so worth it.

Finn. Almost one year old. I refuse to believe it has almost been a year. Quite sad actually that his first year flew by so fast and I feel like I was gone for half of it or something. We called him the lump for awhile. So content just to sit around. Apparently he finally realized he has red hair and his feisty fiery side has come out. He has some attitude now! Love my little Finney bean.

I'll try harder. I'll get better. Stay tuned, more posts and newer pictures to come.