15 November 2011

better late than never

I can't not post about Halloween.  I know I know, super late.  Whatever.
I just love Halloween!  It's just so fun.  Dressing up as whatever you want and getting candy.  It can't get better than that. 
I may have had to buy candy twice.
I love decorating for it to.  Anything goes.  It doesn't have to be all cute or perfect or matching like Christmas. It's all about the dollar store decorations.  It's spiders and bats and totally for little boys - mine were in love with it all!  I didn't get a picture of my decorations dang it, next year.

We went to a pumpkin patch out by Barnwell, Rhonda and Regan came too.  A bit over priced for pumpkins, but lots of fun!  The kids were in heaven picking their pumpkins and going on the hayride. 
 And what's Halloween without a few costume changes right.  
The boys picked their costumes - Ben 10.  Our world revolves around Ben 10 right now.  But I have to admit as far as kids shows go it's not the worst.  It's no Phineas and Ferb, but it's okay.  The kids aren't allowed to watch a new episode unless dad is there to watch it with them! 
Roman is Four Arms and Finn is Rath the Tiger.  I may have pushed a little for Rath, less sewing for me.  Some friends in our ward had a family party and the kids were over the moon excited when we told them we could all be Ben 10 characters, even mom and dad.  Brad brought out the wig for Ben, Oscar is Cannonbolt, and I was lucky enough to be the evil Charm Caster.  What's that, none of have a clue what I'm talking about?  Didn't think so.  
For the annual Halloween party we came off the reservation.  What's the politically correct term these days?  Native Americans, First Nations People?  Anyway, what Indian costume is complete without a loincloth.  When Brad commits to a costume he really commits!  Don't worry, he did put on pants eventually.  We borrowed his costume and I made mine and Oscars - from two pillow shams I found at the thrift store!  So easy and so comfortable.  I may have to break this costume out again.
Some decent weather for trick or treating, both boys had tons of fun.  Shy little Finn marched right up to the door and took his candy from all the strangers no problem!  Me and grandma dressed up for tick or treating took, and Oscar fell asleep bundled in the ergo carrier, and Brad stayed home to hand out candy.
Can't wait until next year!   

08 November 2011

my heart is full

My heart is full of gratitude tonight. 
For friends and family who know that I am trying to raise my kids right, to teach them right from wrong, teach them respect.  Even if my kids behavior doesn't always show it. 
For friends and family who care about my kids.  Who put forth an effort to reach out to Finn even though they get nothing in return.  For letting me vent my frustrations and worries to them.   
And for tiny answers to a mothers constant prayers. 
Masen came to get Roman to play today.  As the two crazy boys were heading out the door Finn said he wanted to go too.  I told him they were playing in the house not the backyard, and I wasn't coming, and Christal is there.  "I like Christal mom". 
So R and M waited for him to get ready, walked their bikes the half block to M's house while Finn walked in front of them.
He went into the house.  He talked to Christal.  He showed her his Buzz Lightyear costume.  He went downstairs.  He stayed for 10 minutes.  He calmly, not crying, said he wanted to go home.  So his brother walked him home then headed back to play.
I spent that 10 minutes close to tears as a wave of relief and gratitude spread over me.  It may seam like something trivial, but for anyone who knows Finn it's a huge step.  
I just wish you could all see the real Finn.  The funny, feisty, goofy, stubborn, sweet little boy of mine.
Love you Finn.    

02 November 2011

love hate

I have a love hate relationship with pinterest.
I love the recipes. I love the crafty ideas. I love the tips. I love the sharing.
I hate when people link back to a whole blog instead of just the post that the cool thing was on. So annoying. I may or may not be guilty of the same thing. But I really try to remember to link the post. Come on people!
And right now I HATE the stupid pins about no heat curls. I hate them. I have tried them all and none of them work for me. Help me out Jacklyn, you know hair.
Yesterday I looked like an idiot with a sock on a bun on the top of my head.
Then I took it out and looked like an even bigger idiot with poodle hair. This was brushed out. It was worse before.
Stupid no heat curls.

In happier news, someone is officially on the move!

Not so sure I like it. But he sure does!

I never noticed how many small toys and crumbs my older kids leave around. We are in trouble. Roman never did that when Finn was crawling.

And Brad had better get building a gate for the stairs asap!