12 July 2006


So guess what I did last night... went to Phantom of the Opera in Calgary with my mom and my sister. Our seats were on the sixth row back from the stage - well worth every penny that I paid. It was sooooo good! The costumes and sets and curtains were so rich and colorful. And the actors/actresses did such a wonderful job. For an hour and a half I felt like I was in a whole different world. It was also fun to spend time with my momma and Paige on the drive up and back. And to top it all off, Roman was a good boy for his daddy and grandma Davis - thank goodness he takes a bottle. The only bad thing is that yet again I am reminded of my total lack of any sort of singing voice. I have always wished I could sing.

On another note, the reason I have not posted in quit some time is because I am still not moved into my house. I spend all my free time doing two things.
1. Holding Ro because he is bored of laying down but can't sit up yet and has learned a new cry, at least until you pick him up and he can smile at you. And yes Lindsay it is a whole new kind of the-world-is-coming to-an-end cry. I don't feel like I can let him cry it out either because we are staying with my family and I don't want to annoy them. Soon I hope, soon we will be in our house.
2. Fixing up my house - which is made much much harder by reason number one. There are a lot more things than we thought that need to be fixed up. I know that is to be expected with a first house, but there are a few things that are a little hard to swallow. I won't get into it, but we are just working along as best and as fast as we can.

So hopefully sooner than later I will be posting from my own computer in my own house.