16 September 2009


One year old.
My little Finn turned one year old on Friday September 4th.
He looks too tiny to be one. Tiny to me anyway, everyone else thinks he is huge. Such is life as a Davis baby I guess.
It went by so fast. SO FAST. Is it funny to look back over the last year. I liked times of it more than Roman's first year. And then other times I enjoyed Roman's first year more. Make sense? I am looking forward to the next year. Learning more about Finn's personality. He kinda hides it. Roman was less of a mystery in a way. Still, they always manage to surprise you just when you think you have them figured out right.
It's amazing how the love multiplies. For Brad, seeing him with two boys. For my sweet little Finn. No questions asked, just pure love from day one. And for Roman too. I thought I already loved him as much as I could, but I was wrong. Seeing him with his brother melts my heart and adds a whole new dimension to the love.

So Finn. One year old.
- not walking yet, but standing for longer periods of time and walking along furniture
- has a goofy crinkly nose smile
- needs a haircut, really bad
- loves food with flavor and salt. But fruit is his favorite. Some favs this summer are blueberries, strawberries, raspberries from the garden, watermelon, cherries, and zucchini with butter salt and pepper.
- isn't too fond of swimming
- loves to hit everyone and laughs when I sternly tell him to stop but cries when daddy tells him
- doesn't care for milk in a bottle or sippie cup, but is getting better.
- still breastfeeds. He loves it. I am trying to stop. He is really upset with me this past few weeks for slowly taking it away from him. Grandma and daddy have had to step in for some extra cuddles.
- has a temper. Big time. Should make for some fun tantrums over the next few years.
- rides well and sleeps well in the car
- goes for walks and bike rides good in the chariot as long as he has some snacks
-only uses a soother to sleep
- still takes 2 naps a day. anywhere from 30 min to and hour and a half. Totally unpredictable.
- goes to bed really good
- is a huge mommas boy
- idolizes his big brother
- loves to get a hold of Romans favorite toys when Ro isn't around. Gets a huge grin on his face and giggles like he is getting away with murder
- has such a cute little laugh
- loves bath time
- loves climbing up stairs, but refuses to learn how to get back down
- has 2 top teeth and 4 bottom ones
- loved his birthday cake


Mindi said...

aw! I can't believe he's 1 aleady! Too cute!! Oh, and if you need a good stylist, Breann cut Jack's! Call her!

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

that's nuts. it goes by too fast hey?
You've got two darling boys.
Happy birthday (late!) to your baby.

rebecca said...

how can he be one!? cute pics Whitney! :)

Christal said...

Aww I love finn Happy Birthday Finn looks like a lake bday lauren gets lots of those!! He is getting so big! Seems like he was just born. I love your picture collage how did you make that?? ttys

Jill said...

It doesn't seem real that these babies are 1! They are getting so big and growing up too fast. Doesn't it seem like we just brought them home to the hospital? Crazy! Looks like Finn enjoyed his cake. Too cute!

Arrington's said...

What a cute birthday boy! I'm loving this stage they get so excited when they figure out something new. Seriously he's so adorable!

marisajbaines said...

i just realized that i read your blog all the time but then i dont comment on it. that is like coming over for dinner and not saying thank-you. you know my mama taught me better than THAT... good post!!

Melissa said...

It seems like you just had him, that first year always goes so fast!

Em and Tom said...

Hey Whit. I love your Blog!

Jen & George Scott said...

Happy Birthday Finn!!! It goes way to fast doesn't it?

Lisha said...

He's getting so big! Happy belated to Finn!