07 February 2012

ten on tuesday

How about 5 hates and 5 likes.

1. Bacon. What is the world's fascination with it? I'm so not a fan. I can count on one had the recipes I use bacon in. I never eat it when Brad cooks it for breakfast. The smell of it cooking is nauseating. I only order junior bacon cheeseburgers so Brad can have the bacon.

2. Toms. Sorry, I just don't think they are that cute. And from what I have heard they fall apart pretty easily despite their high price tag. But there is one exception - they are kinda cute on little three year old girls like Evie. But she can make anything cute.
But they do have new Toms ballet flats, and they are cute. I'm still to cheap to buy them though.

3. I've said it before and I'll say it again, boys names for girls. It really is getting hard to pick a name for a boy that is actually boyish. And there are so many adorable girl names out there. Off the top of my head - Olivia, Ella, Hannah, Grace, Lilly, Jane, Audry, Sofie, Scarlet, Violet, Claire, Ruby, Hazel. I didn't even have to think hard.

4. Carrots. Blah. They taste like dirt flavored cardboard. But I do wish I liked them, does that count for something? They look fun to eat.

5. My maternity leave is officially over today. I start back to work tomorrow. My baby just isn't old enough yet. He still breastfeeds twice a day and once in the early morning. So I guess my beloved night shifts are off limits for a bit. We'll see how he does tomorrow. As I type this my heart is racing and my stomach hurts. I'm so stressed about leaving my kids! It's lame I know, they are being left with my parents and my husband. But I also then feel like a burden on them. I just can't win so I'll move on.

Have I completely offended everyone with my hates? I'll be happy now.

6. Olive garden zuppa toscana soup. Making if for dinner tonight. So yummy!

7. Craft group! We made pillows. So nice to get sewing and crafting again. I have a mountain of furniture in the garage waiting to be finished too. I have been out sanding when the kids are in bed. Here are the two pillows I made on the bench in my entry.

8. I won a blender at the Merc (our grocery store). It's pretty sweet. Going to use it in my trailer so we can have our smoothies at the lake!

9. Breastfeeding makes me loose weight. I'm not going to lie, that is half the reason I'm not making Oscar stop. I kinda just want to keep pumping indefinitely...

10. Dried cherries from Costco. I'm eating them right now. They are pretty sweet. I suggest you try them.