29 August 2009

Blah. No title.

I can't believe none of you called me on my lam-o post with pictures from last summer.
I didn't take my camera anywhere this summer. I think I took it to the lake on one out of four trips. No parks. No pools. No first of July. Not even in the back yard. Poor Finn will probably develop a complex from the lack of pictures of his childhood. But Brad had his camera a few times so lets see what is on his...
Anyone in out parent preschool group from last year knows of Mr. R and his sweet dance moves. Well I'm not sure sweet is the right word, but we'll be generous and call them sweet. He danced his way through the parade this year.
This is the only picture I got of me and my boys on the first of July. Believe it or not the white shirts actually stayed pretty clean.

Brad took Roman fishing at the lake. One of the pictures R took. Yeah, he's got an eye for photography.

So proud of his fish. He likes to be the net guy while daddy gets the fish. He touched it once and that was enough for him. He says it felt wiggly. Well okay then. I wouldn't touch it either. Fishing is so not my thing. But I am sure in a few years when Brad takes the boys out all day I will be loving fishing!

Well that's all for now. Later folks.


Christal said...

aww finally an update!! your boys are so cute I love the last picture roman is awesome!!

Jacklyn said...

I still check your blog whit, But I must say I was getting sick of mr.milk but not as sick as I am at seeing a sold title on britt's blog. What is everyone on strike this summer??? But who am I to talk I've been on strike too