11 December 2006

Christmas time is here...

Last year we had cable and got to partake of the fire place channel. A channel that for all of December plays Christmas music and has a genuine fireplace burning 24-7. It was so fun to decorate the tree and wrap presents with it on; or just have it on during the day when I was cleaning or getting ready for work or whatever. I remember Linds saying she even watched it while she fed Alli in the middle of the night. I love that channel and I miss it - we have satellite tv now. So Brad got me this fireplace DVD! (Mostly as a joke, but I really do use it) The music isn't as nice, but a fire is a fire and I just play the music I want to listen to on the stereo. Roman even likes to watch it with me.

It's Romans first Christmas and of course he loves the tree and the ornaments and the presents. So my handy husband got some scraps of wood and built this little fence. It even folds up so when Ro is in bed or people come over it is easy to move. It is the perfect size for Ro to stand at and he spends much of his day just walking along it and trying to reach things on the other side.

The handy little fence leads him right to the window and he loves to look out and see cars drive by. So fun to just sit and watch him do laps on the fence and window and get excited when anything outside moves.

This is my early Christmas present. I have had my eye on this nativity set for quite some time. Brad finally let me get it - it was a really good sale. Basically I got three sets for the price of two. None of the people have faces, and I like how simple it is. A good reminder of the reason for the season.