27 January 2009

diaper case

I have had a few requests for my pattern for a diaper case. I tried a few tutorials but didn't love the end results. So I just made this one up. It works for me. And it is super easy to make. I really should be more stingy with this pattern - it is always what I make to give as a baby shower gift. Now all of you will be giving them as gifts too. I got dibs if we are going to the same baby shower!

Sorry I don't have pictures of each step right now, next time I make one I will add them in.
Here is a picture of one already made. (This one is pieced together, usually I do a solid piece)

The front is 11 x 8 inches. The back is 15 x 8 inches.
I do it those sizes because then I can use up scraps or fat quarters.
But if you have a long piece of material you can do 25 or 26 inches for length x 8 inches. You then would have no seam on the bottom of the case like you do when you use the smaller pieces.

You need a front and back piece for both the outside and the lining (or a long piece for each)
You could easily make the top from one fat quarter. I use muslin for the inside usually, but another fat quarter would work for the lining.

If you are using the short pieces sew the front together at the bottom (right sides together), and the lining together at the bottom (right sides together).
Press the seams.
Line up these seams of the lining and front piece, right sides together, and pin.
Sew all the way around with 1/4 inch seam allowance. Leave a spot for turning on the end of the shorter piece (the one that started out 11 inches). If you want a ribbon loop for a handle put it in while you are sewing it up here. I like to put it in by the end that is being left open for turning. Maybe 1/2 or 1 inch down from the end.
This is the yellow polka dot section on the above picture.
Clip corners, turn and press.
Top stitch across the side that you left open for turning. (1/8 seam allowance) This will be the top of the pouch part - the yellow polka dot section by the ribbon on my picture.
Now fold it on the bottom seam and press. Top stitch starting in one bottom corner, all the way around the top, and ending in the other bottom corner. (1/8 seam allowance) This will top stitch and close the pouch at the same time. The corners are a little thick here so just go slow.
You can sew on velcro to close it. I hate sewing velcro, so I use the little circle sticky back velcro. They usually stay stuck on, but not always. If you look closely at the pictures one of them is missing! I have recently started using snaps, which I love and will probably to all the time now.

Make sense?
Any questions?

I like this case because:
A: I don't have cheerios or goldfish crackers smashed in the diaper when I go to open it.
B: I also always have a diaper in my bag because whenever I leave the house I just check the case to make sure it is full and chuck it in my purse.
C: When I am changing a kid I use it as a pillow for their head.
D: The huggies wipes containers fit right in the case too. It will hold three size 5 diapers and a case and 4 size 3 diapers and case.


Christal said...

I want another baby so I can get cool things like that!! There are so many more nicer things now then even 3 three's ago! You are so talented I know I tell you that all the time but you are -Martha you make the rest of us look bad ha ha!! Hope you guys are all feeling better if you need anything I'm just around the corner! ttys

Brittany said...

thank you now i don't have to pick your brain again, although you are a source of much knowledge and great crafts!! Thanks for all the inspiration...thanks to you I finally got out my sewing machine

Just Rhonda said...

Love mine!

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

I suck at being creative. I wanted to tell you that I added you to my "blog list". I don't know if you've ever looked at mine, so if you do, I didn't want you to be creeped out!