02 January 2009

sewing and snowing

We have had a crazy amount of snow this past month and with it some crazy cold weather. So why not stay inside and sew! I did a lot of sewing for Christmas this year. And then I did a lot of not taking pictures of what I made. Could be due to the fact that I was sewing right up to the last minute.
So here's the rundown on the handmade gifts this year.
A quilt for my b and s in law. They went to Hawaii earlier this year and brought me back a pack of quilting squares in Hawaiian prints. We had their name so I thought it the perfect opportunity to as Brad said "Indian gift" the fabric back to them. I think it turned out cute and I hope they like it. No picture. Also no picture of the sock monkeys I made for their 2 girls. This is the kicker. Of all the gifts I made I wish I had a picture of them. Val if you are reading do you have a picture you could send me of the little monkey girls? I made brown monkeys. Then sewed little skirts complete with a hole for the tail to come through. A bow in their hair and pink embroidered lips finished them off. Pretty stinking cute if I do say so myself.
Roman got a new cape. And monkey got a matching one. It was high time for a cape, Finn's blankets just weren't cutting it anymore. Here they are taking a break from being super.
My moms present was back ordered and wouldn't come until after Christmas, so I made her this little Scottie dog. And of course he needed a cape to keep him warm. My mom has always loved Scottie dogs so I just about died when I saw this pattern. Easy breezy to make. Try one.
I made an Emmeline apron for my mother in law and for my friend Jill. Of course no pictures.
I made a Christmas apron like the one I had a picture of a few posts back for my friends Stephanie and Crystal. But no pics of them either.
I made a cute little pen roll (like the crayon roll) for my sis to keep colored pens in and two little cases for note cards for studying. No pictures.

And I made crayon rolls. Oh did I make crayon rolls. I lost count. But I think it was at least 20. Yep you read that right 20 crayon rolls in the month of December. They are so easy. And so much fun to give.
Everyone bakes at Christmas. So I decided to give out crayon rolls with a few Christmas treats
instead of tons and tons of baked treats. Easy stocking stuffer. I hate thinking of things for stocking stuffers. And this is how we handed out our little goodies this year. Empty paint cans. Brad thought I was being very weird. Oh well. My friends like it! They are super useful for keeping toys or whatever in. Roman squashed the cute tin buckets I had for toys, but the paint cans are still going strong.
So there you have it. 1 quilt, 2 sock monkeys, 2 capes, 4 aprons, 1 Scottie dog, 1 study kit, and 20 crayon rolls.

And Christmas was great. Lots of fun, lots of food, lots of games, lots of friends and family. Roman played with everything he got at some point during the day. He loved it but I think he was a bit overwhelmed. He left 2 presents unopened and came back to them a few hours later! I guess that is a hint to me that next year I can do a little less right!


Anonymous said...

I sewed up till the very last second too. In fact on the 23rd I was up until 3am sewing my poor little fingers off! I love the dog... very cute!

Val said...

I will take some pictures right away!!! We love the quilt and the monkeys are the best!! These are the presents that are always remembered. Thank you Thank you

Jacklyn said...

Whit I am always in awe of your craftiness and I want to see those girl monkey's they sound so cute. Also thanks for including me in the crayon roll festivities I love it!!! I was lost but not forgotten THANKS!

Christal said...

you are such a talented girl loved our crayon rolls they are awesome! and tell brad the paint cans rocked!! I thought it was a great idea! Looks like you are the sewing queen i can't believe how much you made i'm sure everyone of them was beautiful! i'd say see ya tomorrow but got to go to a baby blessing! ttys!