06 February 2009

five months

At five months Finn
- finally decided rolling over is a good thing. No interest whatsoever in rolling back off his tummy.
- likes to be in the jolly jumper, but doesn't jump at all. Just hangs there and chews on the front. So different from Roman who was a bouncing machine at this age.
- Likes to be in his bumbo.
- Loves loves loves to chew on anything.
- Is totally fascinated by his hands.
- Likes to smile at himself in the mirror.
- Blows little drool bubbles.
- Gives his best smiles, chit chat, and giggles to daddy.
- Likes mommy to put him to sleep.
- Is still being a stinker with wanting to eat 2 times a night.
- Sleeps in mommy and daddy's room. Hopefully only for a few more nights!
- Loves to watch Roman run around and play.
- Doesn't like to be left alone where he can't see people.
- Likes to be carried in a sling.
- Watches mommy make dinner from his bouncy chair and kicks up a storm in it.
- Travels well in the car and sleeps good in his car seat.
- Still doesn't have a defined nap schedule. Always a morning nap. Sometimes a good afternoon nap and no evening nap. Sometimes a short afternoon and a short evening nap.
- Finally goes to bed earlier in the evening, but only if mommy holds him. I watch a lot of tv from 9-10 with a sleeping baby!
- Has hair again, but not as red as his infant hair.
- Has blue green eyes, we will see which they choose.
- Likes a soother to fall asleep.
- Is finally over his cold from RSV.
- Likes to splash in the bath.
- Weighs 19 lbs. But feels like more. Doesn't help hold his weight at all!
- Wears 6-12 month clothes, but they are getting small.
- Enjoys constant hugs and kisses from his older brother.
- Isn't very tough at all.
- Is a pretty content little boy who doesn't cry much.
- Is such a sweetheart who melts my heart all the time.


Christal said...

time flies eh! Can't believe he is five months old already he is so cute!!!

LindsayB said...

and has the chubbiest chubbo cheeks that i love!

Kinsey said...

Wow- he's already 5 months!?!- That did go by quickly- and 19lbs- what a little pudge! I love chunky babies- they're the best. He's adorable- and I think his eyes are going to be blue (just from the picture)

Melissa said...

He is super cute. Reading all the things he does right now made me realize how fast you forget those days. I wish my kids were still that little....somedays!

Brittany said...

and is so kissable. When you figure out how to get him to sleep longer make sure you give me your tips and I will do likewise.

Jacklyn said...

oh I just want to bite his cheeks...what not very hard