15 January 2009

links galore

Well here it is Jill. The mother of all tutorial lists. I finally sat down to organize what I have been bookmarking for the past year. You probably have many of the same, but if not then here are lots to add. This should keep the sewing group going awhile!
Most are sewing related. A few are just crafty. I am positive I still have lost floating around on my computer. Maybe one day I will get to them all... big maybe.

O Baby
Bird mobile
Blanket with rick rack trim
Crib sheets
Hooded bath towel
Fifties bib
Toddler Bib
Basic bib
Baby bib
Diaper case
Nursing cover
Nursing cover
Boppy cover
Car seat strap covers
Stroller liner cushion
Fabric beach balls
Tag blanket
Tag blanket #2
Teething toy
Baby leg warmers
Cute patterns - but in French
Baby shoes
Felt baby shoes
Baby booties
Applique onsies
Mai Tai carrier
Baby sling
Scandi carrier

Kiddy Clothes
Hooded towel
Hooded towel #2
Frog hood towel
Towel robe
Itty bitty baby dress
Button shirt to toddler dress
Button shirt to toddler pants and dress
Sun dress
Shirred dress
Halter dress/shirt
Tie top tank
Peasant blouse
Sleeveless top
Smock/tank shirt
Ruffled skirt
Ruffled skirt #2
Lazy days skirt
Peasant skirt
Charm pack squares skirt
Twirly skirt
Drop waist twirly skirt
Simple baby pants
Easy kids pants
Easy kids pants
Shirt shorts
Japanese patterns click on the green button
Felt barrette covers
Heather Bailey headband


Black apple doll
Scotty dog
Jingle mouse
Wee wonderfuls bunny
Piggy bank
Lucky duck
Itty bitty oddity
Sock monster
Sock monkey
Sock elephant
Tag monster

Play With Me Stuff
Cape #1
Cape #2
Cape #3
Pinwheel (paper)
Pinwheel (fabric)
Fabric dollhouse
Doll diaper
Color pencil and drawing pad holder
Memory game
Stuffed art
Quiet book
Paper dolls
Cardboard doll house
Glitter playdough
Fog bean bag

Yummy Felt Food
Cupcake #2
Cupcake #3
Doughnut #2
Fortune cookies
Fortune cookies #2
Egg and orange slices
Whip cream dollop
Loaf of bread
Strawberry scroll
Sugar cookies
Fruit slices and ice cream treat
Little cake

Aprons and Stuff

Stripe half apron
Dishtowel apron
Smock type apron
Tea towel apron
Easy half apron
Sweet treats apron
Ruffle half apron
Gathering apron
Oven mitt (adult and child)
Pot holders
Oven mitts
Dishtowel potholder
Apron patterns

Storage cubes
Storage basket
Wall organizer
Fabric bucket
Fabric basket
Crate cover
Cork board wall pocket
Car organizer
Car organizer
Cereal box organizer
Sweet greetings portfolio
Binder cover
Note book cover
Etch a sketch laptop case
Fabric calendar
Passport sleeve
Yoga bag
Yoga mat wrap
Tote-able towel
Water bottle carrier
Oil cloth lunch sack
Catch all for jewelery and hair stuff

Bags Bags and more Bags
Hobo bag
Reversible shoulder bag
Angel bag
Pillow case bag
Reversible purse
A line bag
A line jordy bag
Boxy bag
Messenger bag
Little boxy pouch
Bias tape purse with zipper
Cosmetic bag
Box bag
Japanese coin purse
Pinch frame pouch
Wallet with coin pocket
Kids beach bag
String backpack
Grip handle for bags
U handbag tutorials

Pillow-ish stuff

Button up shirt pillow
Pillow case
Portable cushions
Monogrammed pillow
General pillow
Bean bag chair

Decorative Type Stuff
3D fabric butterfly frame
Mercury glass candle holders
Embroidery hoop cork board
Fabric dots for walls
Leaf garland
Fall berry wreath
Ribbon wreath
Paper globes
Custom silhouettes
Fabric fridge frame

Sewing and Crafty Craft Related

Ironing board cover
Square pincushion
Pin cushion
Flower pincushion
Sewing bag
Sewing machine cover
Button top brads
Fabric flower


Owl pennant
Eraser stamps
Growth chart
Bath mat
Fabric bead necklace
Fabric napkins
Julie cuff (crochet)
Covered hanger
Essential oil wheat sacks
Essential oil rice bag
Doorknob smelly sachet

Happy Holidays
Fabric pumpkins
Poseable skeleton
Stacking fabric Christmas trees
Snowflake ornaments
Bird advent calendar
How to for gift wrapping bows
Ginger bread house gift box
Felt stockings
More stockings
Quilled snowflakes
How to make a snowstorm
Snow globe soap


My circle quilt
Scrappy Cabin
Flock of triangles quilt
Cathedral window quilt
Pinwheel quilt
Wonky log cabin quilt
Amy Butler quilts
Disappearing 9 patch

Sewing Tricks and Tips

Quilt binding
French seam
How to make a yo yo
Zipper pocket
Zipper pocket and slip pocket
Applique instructions
Installing a zipper

Not Your Grandma's Embroidery
French knots
Embroidery tutorial
Embroidery lesson
Embroidery organizer
Bear and bunny pattern
Free patterns

And if these aren't enough for you,
the big list of sewing blogs
and J Caroline Creative tutorials

Wow. I think about does it for now. Anyone got any good ones I missed?


Anonymous said...

impressive list! I have a couple tutorials on my blog, if you're interested. :)

Anonymous said...

You are truly one of my fave people...thank you for posting this! I can't wait to start checking them all out and getting excited for the sewing group to begin! Love ya, Whit!

;) Jill

Christal said...

holy mother of all sewing lists you are one amazing busy girl! ttys

Jacklyn said...

I am so not part of the super amazing crafty bloggers who also find time for their kids but I am a wanabee and I saw a cute one Whit but I don't know how to do a link. So all I can do is tellyou to look at my friend Rachel's (Berry's) then from her's go to Bridgitt B's (and yes you are stalking ) but Bridgett made the cutest cupcake purses and I am too intimidated to try one but you...you would be amazing!

LindsayB said...

oh yeah, i've been totally working on a list just like this with all my stuff. awesome i guess i've got some stuff to do in all my spare time now.

(you're killin me here, just killin me)

Susie said...

I would love to whip up some of these. But who am I kidding I usually average 1 sewing project every other year, it's my other year. I'm working on getting supper made 3 outta 7 days a week. Keep em coming I know you will.

Cheryl said...

Wow nice list, nice work compiling it for everyone to see. Probably helps keep it all in one place to be able to refer back to. I have many of the same projects on my list as you do....maybe we should get together and sew them. It would be fun.

Tracey@cute2carry said...

Hey! Such a great idea! I have a few tutes over on my blog, if you decide to add to this list!

Such a labor of love; great job!!

Marielle said...

Thanks so much for this great list. Just found a bib pattern I was looking for!

Stephanie M Larsen said...

Your the best!! I'm going to post a link on my site for other friends. Thanks so much. See you tomorrow!

squarechick said...

great list - just what i was looking for - thanks very much for posting!

Jamie said...

If you don't want to sew a nursing cover, click this link to purchase an awesome one at: