07 January 2009

some christmas pictures

I sorta got caught up in Christmas and didn't take very many pictures. And of the ones I did take not too many turned out due to a tiny bit of excitement going on! And I completely forgot to take my camera when we got together with Brad's family. But here are a few of the pictures I did get.
Roman driving the worlds longest train.
Loving the bowling set from Auntie Paige.
"Playing" rock band with the extra guitar - and loving it.
We played a lot of rock band. And what is rock band without costumes. Thanks to Romans Christmas pile we had a cape, underwear, and suspenders from his tool belt kit. I think I wore those pajamas for four days in a row. Oh wait, I did put on Jeans and a hoodie to go to town on boxing day, then it was right back into the pajamas.
Paige's sweet rocker moves
We found one of the old school fisher price doctor kits for a Christmas present. Monkey is always a good patient. He likes to give us all shots to feel better. Must get it from his mom. I love giving people shots. And I'm good at it to, so I have been told. I don't want to brag or anything... but it is my blog after all.
I think my kids will be 12 and still have those chubby kissable cheeks!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had an excellent Christmas. :) Love the pictures!

Just Rhonda said...

those pictures of you and paige and momma rocking out are AWESOME. :) And looks like the THomas was a hit with Ro?

melissa said...

I had the same doctor kit!! I loved that thing. Love your rock band costumes too.

Christal said...

love the pictures looks like you had a great christmas ! love the underwear on the head too nice look whitney! lol! The kids are the best with there fun toys eh! love it! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog you are pretty cool so i really should come hang out with you !! ttys

Paige said...

hmm, look at that, we color coordinated our underwear to match our clothes. how clever we are.

Kinsey said...

Whit- please say you'll dress up as guitar hero rock stars next year for halloween! It's a good look on you Robinson ladies!
Ooh- and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the girly sock monkeys. Too cute!!