29 August 2008

*warning* picture overload

So I am finally getting around to posting pictures from the lake this summer. Sorry it is so many. Wait what do I care, look at them or don't! As usual we had so much fun. And sleeping in a tent 7 months pregnant was actually quite comfortable. We had a feather bed and memory foam and you name it for a bed! Roman loved to be outside and couldn't get enough of camping. But can you really call it camping when grandma and grandpa have a huge air conditioned trailer?

First tube ride. I was lucky to find a life jacket that would do up over my belly! He loved it, or so he said. You would never know it from the serious look on his face the whole time. But he kept saying go more, go more.
Riding in the boat - every morning we would watch grandma ski then go back to the fire to get warm. Monkey was not allowed in the boat without his life jacket, just like Ro. One of those things that fits on a pop can, he was in heaven at the idea of a life jacket for monkey.
Lounging at the trailer with some milk.
Playing at the beach.
Not impressed when rocks got on things, including himself. He would dig with a shovel for a minute and then realize it had rocks all over it. Then would have to run to the lake to clean it off. And if anyone else was digging he would take their shovel and clean it too. Strange kid.
Thinks he is so funny - which of course he is - no feet mom!
Swimming with "toot toot race tar". Not sure where that name came from, but he loved the car. Swimming with froggy. Best life jacket in the world! He could actually move his arms when he was on the beach playing and it didn't restrict him in the water at all like a normal life jacket did. He swam all over in it.
He liked to swim "waaaaay deep" with daddy.
Annual first of July celebration at the Alberta visitors center in Glacier. Free hot dogs and pop and cotton candy. What more could you ask for? First taste of marshmallows. I didn't really realize he has made it his whole life without tasting one. And of course he loved it. Pure sugar, what kid wouldn't. Loved to roast them, but wouldn't taste a roasted one.

Caught using grandma's chair as a trampoline, and trying to act cute so as not to get in trouble. But he has grandma and grandpa wrapped around his chubby sticky little fingers. He gets what he wants when he is at the lake!


Josh and Mindi Allen said...

He is getting soooo big! So cute!

Tisha said...

So Cute! What a great way to spend a summer!