19 August 2008

how was your day?

Bet it was better than mine.
Started out not too bad. Went to the paint store to get more paint for the baby furniture I am refinishing . While they were mixing it I found 3 pints of paint - red, yellow, and blue - from the pre-mixed section. $5.00 each. Brad is going to build Roman a train bed. Engine for the bed and 2 cars for toy boxes. Was very excited to have found exactly what I needed for only $15.00. The blue was a little dark so they added a bit of white to lighten it up and mixed it up for me.

Brought the paint downstairs to show Brad tonight. Bumped the desk the cans were sitting on. And now because the girl at the paint store didn't put the lid on the blue tight enough I have to buy new flooring in my basement. Fell 2 feet onto carpet. I still can't believe the lid came off. Actually it flew off. There was no way she put the lid on tight at all.

They only funny part is later tonight Brad and I weren't paying attention to where Roman was, I realized he was gone and immediately ran downstairs. There he was with two blue feet. You can see his little feet marks at the top. And he started crying, so upset because his feet were blue.

At least it was downstairs and not upstairs. I am now off to have a nice cold Dr. Pepper and a hot bath and to try and not think about how much it is going to cost for new flooring.


Tisha said...

Holy Crap. Really, what else can one say! That really sucks!

KellyLady said...

wow. sorry about your carpet!

Jess Larsen said...

Awhhhh!!! You poor thing. If I was there I would come pamper you, and help you scrub your carpet. I poured the red paint in my living rm down my stairs when I was prego with Fin. I would have cried but, there was no time. I grabbed a bucket full of water and poured it on top of the paint and it's crazy but it pretty much all came out. It's a bit pink but, no one really notices, well that's what I hope anyhow. Well, not that any of that helps you, maybe you should call the paint store and see if they will help pay to fix the carpet?

Just Rhonda said...

that TOTALLY sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rae said...

Oh that is so not fun. I am so sorry.