25 August 2008

Today is a sad day at our house

Sad because I am still pregnant. Hit that point a few days ago. I am ready to be done. The shooting nerve pain, the back pain, the sleepless nights, the no energy days, the bleeding stretch marks, and the humongous belly are just too much right now.

Sad because the 2 year old attention getting antics are in full swing. Today marks the first day he took his diaper off and peed on the floor. Today he also emptied every kitchen cupboard he could while I was doing laundry, tipped over his rocking chair and threw all his blankets around, pulled all of Brad's ties out of his closet, and dumped every book off his bookshelf. I won't go on. I know it will only get worse when the baby comes.

But the saddest thing about today, nap time is no more. It has been increasingly harder to get him to go to down for a nap. And he wakes up super duper grumpy. And for the last 4 nights it has taken him close to 2 hours to fall asleep. I was really hoping that naps would last at least through September, but what can you do. So we had no nap today. I was secretly hoping he would crash on his own. No luck. At least bedtime was a breeze. So no nap time = no mommy alone sewing time. Today this was sewing time.
Play dough, buttons, and sock animal limbs. I didn't get quite as much done as I usually do, imagine that!

At least I was lucky enough that bye bye nap time day was my massage day! Maybe that's why I am taking it better than I thought I would. Nothing compares to a massage 10 days from your due date. Except maybe having a baby 10 days from your due date! Hint hint un-named child kicking me right now.
Roman was snooping in my closet and has claimed the boppy pillow as his own. I am sure he is sick of hearing that everything is for the baby. He was practicing holding Monkey with the pillow so he will be ready to hold his baby. He is always telling everyone he will be a big brother soon. I can't wait to see him holding his baby brother.


Susie said...

that is seriously so sad. I hope this baby comes soon and you can begin the sleepless nights and zombie days.

Anonymous said...

Awwww... I hope you have that babes soon! When Brighton doesn't nap he has to have quite time. He gets to either lay on the sofa or his bed. He can watch cartoons or play with toys in his room. But for an hour each day he must stay there. Usually he picks the sofa and cartoons - hmmmm i wonder why? *lol* But that is how I manage to get a few things done. Just a thought!

20 Something Superhero said...

Just came across your blog and happy to see another Alberta girl on here! I can't wait until my sewing machine comes this fall, as I'm inspired to try some of the cute stuff you've made!

Stephanie M Larsen said...

Oh, what a cutie, destructive, but so cute! Can you believe your going to have another little sweet spirit in your family, how exciting!! I wish I was having another baby too! I can't wait to see you, whenever you have that baby and are up for a visit, we're going to venture down. :)

Rae said...

wow you are really going through alot lately. And DOING alot! I can't believe how productive you have been despite being SO pregnant!

Congratulations BTW and thanks for commenting so I could check out your blog!

I totally hear you about the nap. My 17 mo old has just dropped down from two naps to one, and it's tough. I can't imagine what it's like to be looking at zero naps. Also, know that you're making me feel just a tiny bit better that I am not the only person on the planet with a tornado for a son. It's sadly comforting to hear that you are dealing with the same kind of chaos I am. I hope the 2-phase ends soon!