26 November 2007


Anyone in a crafty mood with Christmas around the corner? I have been working a lot and not really crafting - but during down time at work I have found lots of things to craft! Might make some cute Christmas presents.

Thought these covered button thumb tacks were cute

And these fabric covered magnets

Thought these pillows would be cute in kids rooms - if I had more time, maybe one day.

And this site has lots of cool fabric. Scroll to the bottom and click on the blog link (in green, just above the contact info) They have a theme for every day in November of idea you can make for gifts. Lots are stupid, but some are really cute. Nov. 6 is baby blankets and has a cute stroller quilt. Nov 9 is fabric ornaments. Nov 11, reading and writing, cute crayon role that would be good for church. You get the idea. For some reason I thought this felt cupcake was really cute (whimsy, Nov 8)
Just one more - this one's for you Steph. Nov 14, dress the kids. Check out the girls clothes. Love the smoket and this - making a girls dress from a button shirt.

Paige wanted a bag for church, for scriptures and stuff. So in stead of my mom buying one I am making here a few different ones. You have to be able to coordinate with what you are wearing! Here are a few bag tutorials I liked. Tote bag. I am shortening the handles on this one and using way cuter material, but I liked the shape. The lindie bag.

I LOVE Amy Butler and am one day going to buys some of her bag patterns. But in the mean time, here are some of her free patterns.

Here is a cute ipod cover.

I found these while looking at some blogs I like. aren't they so cute! I love the felt hair.

And don't forget the millions of ideas on Martha Stewart!


LindsayB said...

look at you crafty crafter. i'm lovin that pillow and the lindie bag is super cute too. yeah, i'll probably make all this stuff too in my spare craft time...

Val said...

I want more time to do these things!!! So cool. Kate is old enough to do some! Thanks...opps I packed all my sewing ect... I'll just come to your house!

melissa said...

Cute pics on the last few posts. Roman was so tiny! Glad to see all the new posts, and the fun craft ideas. I doubt I'll get ambitious and make anything, but those are all really cute and I support all of you who craft!

Susie said...

ok soo many cute craft ideas, hard to choose one ha ha. Looking at all that stuff is so fun actually making it is different.

Josh & Mindi Allen said...

Wow Whit, look at you Miss Craftster! That's too funny. I checked out some of those sites, they have some pretty cute ideas!