20 November 2007

just for you lindsay

I really wanted to sit down and get a post up tonight. Just for you Lindsay. So here I sit at my computer, all ready to post then head off to bed. I got all excited to upload pictures, and then no pictures. They are on Brad's computer. Oops. Maybe next time. So here are a few random pictures I had on here before we got the new computer. I can't not post now that I started!

For you Steph. It isn't a naked bum shot, but it is still a cute bum. Roman, not me. I love the tight pjs, makes his diaper bum so cute with his skinny little legs.

And here's one for you mom. You always say Roman looks so out of proportion big when I hold him, I guess you are right.

And since I have been on the maternity unit all month I have been thinking a lot about babies, hard not too. Just been thinking how amazing all those little babies are and reminiscing about this cute little guy.


LindsayB said...

A POST A POST! YAY!!! glad to see you are still alive. i know i've been giving mac a bad name lately, but i assume you guys finally realized the goods and got a mac for yourself. haha. i can't believe how long your hair is.

Susie said...

yeah you & ro are still there. Fun to see what your up to & man that kid is getting bigger all the time. Now do i get a post too, ha ha, try to get another one in before the month is up. Happy American Thanksgiving! will you be celebrating?