21 November 2007

fall pictures

Okay, since you asked, here's a post for you Susie. And yes, we are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. Looking forward to leftover turkey buns for days to come!

Roman has been loving chocolate chips lately.

I meant to post these back in October. We had so much fun playing outside this fall. Roman loved to throw the leaves in the air and run through grandpa's freshly raked pile of leaves. We also frequented the new park by our house. Too bad it snowed last night. No more fall fun. Now I need to go buy a snowsuit and boots.


Josh & Mindi Allen said...

I see you finally found your computer! We haven't seen a post from you FOREVER! Cute pictures though. We are having Thanksgiving today too! Have a good one!

Susie said...

Wahoo! you are the Best! Ro is soo dang cute. Love him playing at the park. Can't wait to get together at Christmas sometime. So you better have some time off

LindsayB said...

what's this?! another post already, wowee! cutest pictures. he's sooooo big. enjoy some turkey leftovers for me please!