18 July 2007

romes new do

I think that Roman's hair has been quite cute lately. It has a bit of curl to it, so if we take the time to do it he has cute little wings that flip up by his ears and at his neck. But, with all this heat and his thick head of hair he has been sweating sooo much. So much to my dismay, out came the clippers. This is mr. mohawk for a few days.

And here are my two no hair boys.
At least it will be somewhat grown back this fall.


The Whidden Family said...

Aw...lovin the mowhawk. He looks so cute!

LindsayB said...

man such a change a haircut makes, but always cute! i'm coming down on Sunday and staying fo a week so if your home we'll hang out for sure.

Amy said...

He is soo cute and has such great hair. He is definately a boy of many hair styles.