30 September 2007


I had to make cookies for the compassionate service committee in our ward. Of course I waited till last minute, and Roman did not want to play by himself while I made cookies, so I had to let him help. I would have never planned to do this with him - as crazy as he is - but it was actually a lot of fun. Looking forward to doing it again sometime soon. A very good reminder to me to slow down and enjoy the time I have with him. And to enjoy him and how full of life and energy he is.

He took his job of helping sooooo sereously at first.
Here he is being important while I am getting everything ready.

Here's the energy that is often very annoying in public, but so fun when we are playing at home. He just gets so excited about so many things. I love it and it just makes me laugh.

Such a great help - wanted to scoop everything out that I had just put in.
More scooping out

Loved this job. Loved it more when the chocolate chips spilled on the counter. He grabbed them and gobbled them up faster than I have ever seen him do or eat anything.

Watching the mixer go is apparently a lot cooler than I thought.
It is also pretty funny if you ask Roman.

He also discovered that cookie dough is a lot better tasting than the chocolate chips. Both of us ate way too much of it. All day long he wandered back into the kitchen looking for more cookie dough. Hope the people that got the cookies don't mind little boy fingers!


Val said...

Cookie dough....yum! I don't know why we bother cooking them..

melissa said...

How fun! Those pictures are so cute. He's a good man to go for the dough! P.S. your kitchenaid is so cute. I want one!

Kristin Ross said...

How cute! Cookie dough is the best.

Darth Spencer said...

I'm impressed with Roman's skillzz. I don't know if I would have enough faith in Owen to help out like that. You've inspired me to take the leap and see how well Owen will behave while doing something like this. I'll be willing to bet that Owen and I will have to sit down in front of the TV and allison will end up making the cookies. Either way, I win.

KellyLady said...

Rhett is also very into helping in the kitchen. Anytime he hears the water in the sink or glimpses the kitchenaid mixer he's right there hitting the chair and demanding to help. Too fun!

The Whidden Family said...

Awww, Roman is so stinkin cute. Carter loves to help me make cookies, too. It's gotten way easier as he gets older, though.
I totally agree - makes you stop and appreciate those times you have :)