28 June 2011

ten on tuesday

1. Oscar doesn't nap anymore. He napped so good for the first three month. Then he stopped. I have tried everything I can think of. It's killing me, I get nothing done all day. None of my kids have ever been nappers. An hour if I'm lucky. Once a day, usually in the afternoon, I end up holding him when he wakes up so he will go back to sleep. I miss phone calls, don't answer my door, and my kids run around the house crazy and sneak treats. But what else can I do. Why does everyone else kids nap? Did I miss some mom secret on napping?

2. Why did I think it was a good idea to have a 4 month old in the summer? He can't be in the sun, he can't wear bug spray, he doesn't like the tiniest bit of wind, the pool water is too cold...

3. I have an awesome friend down the street who lets Roman enjoy the summer with them since I have no yard yet and a boring (but cute) baby. These two go back and forth from house to house all day long. Shoes and shirts are optional. Finn even leaves my side on occasion to follow them - a big step if you know Finn! Bad picture but they were almost out of my site.
4. It's June 28th? Really? Are you sure? Looking forward to the 1st of July fun this weekend! C I'll be crashing for some cake so be ready! Anyone else want to let me crash their BBQs for some good treats?

5. Had our big BBQ rib competition this past weekend. What was it, like 230 people or something? Crazy but so fun! We, with two other couples, organized a huge rib competition complete with trophy, t shirts, bounce houses, cotton candy and lots of yummy food. Brad got to taste 30 different ribs to help pick the winner. Got the campground booked for next years competition already!

6. Scout camp is coming up. Boo. But then I get to leave all the kids for an afternoon/evening and go to Wicked so I'll just keep my mouth shut. I will not keep my mouth shut about the stupid canoes all the YM are building in my garage, it's a huge mess and there is no end in sight.

7. We had a fun time in Montana two weekends ago despite all the rain. Got the trailer down and set up and got a long list of things we forgot and need to take next time. We got to meet my cousin (from Arizona) who is on a mission in Montana and just happened to be in Kalispell! He got permission of course, so us and my parents took him and his companion out to dinner and then grocery shopping. It was so fun! A little strange for him I'm sure to see people he knows on his mission, especially because I haven't seen him since he was around 10 or 12 years old. Took the kids to Kung Fu Panda 2. Finn's first movie in a theater. I was prepared to leave with Oscar if he got cranky and head over to Target and TJ Maxx, but I didn't get the chance. He ate, watched a bit of the movie, and then slept for the rest.

8. Our other bit of Montana news is that Roman lost his two front teeth there. It's funny because on the trip down I was commenting on how his teeth must have shifted for some reason because I had noticed a gap between some teeth that had not been there before. He was trying to open a little milk carton of goldfish and one of the bottom teeth just popped out. They must have been loose to come out so easily, thus the gap I had noticed. The other was holding on by a thread and was super easy to pull out. We were all so shocked. We got in the truck and were talking about how cool it was and the tooth fairy and the money she would bring him. All the while I am sitting in the front seat close to tears. How can he be old enough to loose teeth! He is only 5. Brad just rolled his eyes at me. It's not just how old he is getting. Now he is going to be one of those goofy looking boys with huge teeth until he grows into them! I know you are with me on this line of thinking Lins!
9. What a nice day it was today! Gotta love zonked out tired kids with pink cheeks. Got a little sun burn myself too.
10. And last but not least, I have to give a shout out to my brother in law Eric. He is getting baptized tomorrow. Sad we can't be there, but we are so excited and happy for you and Paige.


LindsayB said...

ok, there was a time when my kids nappped ok, i'll give myself that. but why oh why were my children bouncing off the walls until after 10 even though they were put to bed at 9 and we were non stop outside and pool and cousins all day. sucks when you think they are going to pass out in 3 seconds and then they don't. not that i care, i was at work, but that's what derek told me.
i asked roman about his teeth, he told me the story. alli is jealous. don't worry, it's only the bottoms, they don't get crazy looking until the top ones! HA!
so exciting for paige and eric!

Regan said...

I'm sooooooooooo happy for Eric and Paige!!!!!!!!

Regan said...

whoops i'm logged in as Regan!

Susie said...

can't wait to see you, you better come crash on the steeds, anytime right, but yes preferably dessert (maybe by Rhonda) what is ideal, for babies, too hot in the summer, in the winter its the annoying bundling. how fun that you are going to be down at the lake, i can imagine it doesn't get much better than lake life right? Yeah happy for your family and Paige and Eric!

this and that...now and then said...

you never napped! never! so nanny nanny boo boo- heheeh! you are a good sister in law! Eric knows you wanted to be there but they are here now so on with the PARTY!

Christal said...

Love your randoms! Sorry Osc won't nap anymore! thats all I'll say since my kids are chronic nappers ha ha! Love that picture of ro and mase that is so funny but so true I need to get him new swim shorts he practically lives in those things! It was funny this morning around 10:30 someone knocked at the door and mase comes running is roman here now?? Like thats the magic time ha ha! Its a good threat for him everyday! Cause if he doesn't get his chores done and a bath he doesn't get to play ..... they are like little huck finns! Anyway so happy for eric that is awesome! And seriously you were at my house and I didn't even get you some cake or a cupcake nice friend I am it was so crazy around here I couldn't even think straight!! But you know your welcome to crash anytime bbq or dinner! Thanks for all you help and your general awesomeness! You are the best!!
great randomness! ttys

Em and Tom said...

That's so great about Paige, and Eric! Cute post. Wish I could see youz guyz for the first! Miss you!

Mindi said...

So...yer baby might not nap, but my 17 month old baby DOES NOT SLEEP AT NIGHT MORE THAN 1.5-2HRS AT A TIME! So...I'll take a no-napper over a no-sleeper anyday!