02 November 2011

love hate

I have a love hate relationship with pinterest.
I love the recipes. I love the crafty ideas. I love the tips. I love the sharing.
I hate when people link back to a whole blog instead of just the post that the cool thing was on. So annoying. I may or may not be guilty of the same thing. But I really try to remember to link the post. Come on people!
And right now I HATE the stupid pins about no heat curls. I hate them. I have tried them all and none of them work for me. Help me out Jacklyn, you know hair.
Yesterday I looked like an idiot with a sock on a bun on the top of my head.
Then I took it out and looked like an even bigger idiot with poodle hair. This was brushed out. It was worse before.
Stupid no heat curls.

In happier news, someone is officially on the move!

Not so sure I like it. But he sure does!

I never noticed how many small toys and crumbs my older kids leave around. We are in trouble. Roman never did that when Finn was crawling.

And Brad had better get building a gate for the stairs asap!


Life Is Golden said...

He's soooo so cute. I love the whole pinterest vent... do want to know what drives my nut-balls? When people pin stuff from their own blog... um... pretty sure you didn't need inspiration from your own idea... funny (it's probably genius to get your name out there, if that's what you want, but kinda annoying too). I'm sorry your no heat curls isn't working... I've been curling my hair pretty much the same way since I was 12, maybe I should branch out a little.

Em and Tom said...

He is so sweet Whit. Love how tiny he is:) I've never done the pinterest thing. So have no advice for the curls. Loved the pic though:)

marisajbaines said...

your hair is awesome! now you know how i feel everyday of my life! ha
i cant believe oscar is crawling... how do we stop our kids from growing up!

ehjenn said...

I'm just starting to get into Pintrist and so far I just feel like I'm not as crafty as I thought I was, but do love the ideas.
So funny!! The HAIR!! You are hot no matter what but still funny! I seriously did this to my oldest kids hair this week and it was with the same result as yours! I found a sock of Marks and cut out the toe just like they said and stuck her hair up like a Gesha girl for Halloween. Next day, A MESS!
Oscar is a cutie!

LindsayB said...

i was just telling derek's sis that i wanted to try those curls! hmmmm, maybe i won't waste the clean sock. i really think with a little antifrizz cream you'd be set with those curls. the only thing i hate about pinterest is that i don't have a laptop to lay in bed and browse, for some reason doing it at the desk annoys me.

Just Rhonda said...

oh MAN i love that first picture :) hahahahaha I am waaay to chicken to try all the hair pins. I just pin them full well knowing I'll never use them!

McCandless Co. said...

Your face with non-working non-heat curls says it all! I must not be as picky about pinterest as you...probably cause I just look at the things and dream about them! Better luck next time.

Melissa said...

He is darling! And i love/hate pinterst too. Do you know how much supplies and materials i have bought and haven't started one project! Damn pinterst. They dont tell how much time everything takes!

Christal said...

He is so dang cute!! So crazy how fast they grow up isn't it! And I hear you on the pinterest pet peeve come on people! and whit your hair is awesome what are you talking about ha ha.... that really is awesome sorry it didn't work. Love it when you blog:)

Jacklyn said...

Haha I have to say I'm with Linsey and I just browse pinterest now and again so I haven't seen the no heat curls but when I come home some day I'll help ya get some curls in that head! And Oscar is the cutest!