17 May 2011

ten on tuesday

1. My mother's day present from Brad is being picked up at the boarder tomorrow. It's a Kindle!

2. At first I didn't think I would like a Kindle, will I miss holding a book and turning the pages? I'm not a book buyer, I am a library person. But I think I will like it. We'll see tomorrow! What books should I buy?

3. Oscar is just over 3 months old. How time flies. The belly fat does not fly, it jiggles. It just sits right where it is and makes it so I can't do up my pants. Literally. I went to Lethbridge today in pants that were not buttoned up. I'm pathetic.

4. This wind is CRAZY! I mean we live in SA so a little wind is fine. And I'm not one to usually go on and on about the weather. But I really want to get my kids outside. Dirt yard and wind do not mix.

5. Brad built the rail on the deck on Saturday. I'm hoping grass will be in before I know it. I bet I have grass before I have kitchen cupboard doors! Ha!

6. I have been doing laundry all day. All the bedding for the trailer. Camping time at the lake is coming fast!

7. The kids got a little carried away with tv watching during this cold winter. I think the cut back on tv has been harder on me than on the kids.

8. We went to Edmonton a week and a half ago. The kids had so much fun at west ed. Roman was right in to the rides and the water slides. It was fun to be back in Edmonton, even just for the weekend. Such a nice city.

9. I have been checking the mail everyday for the last week. The tax returns finally came today!

10. I'm stuck so I'll borrow number 10 from Christal, can't wait to go to Wicked this summer!


Lisha said...

I completely agree with you on the wind thing. It totally sucks.

LindsayB said...

I undid my pants on the way home from leth the other day. by the time i got home i had forgotten and hopped out of the car and just about lost me pants! I didn't know if i should do the hurry waddle into my house or let the whole neighborhood watch me do up my pants. i took the risk and did them up.

Nancy said...

Maybe your library loans books for the Kindle? Call and ask... I can borrow books from my library for the iPad...

Christal said...

That would be good to know if you could borrow from the library for a kindle let me know if they do do that I could do it on the ipad :) The deck looks great can't wait till ours is done as well as about a hundred other things that need done around here! oh well One day ... and the wind so glad its gone today before it rains eh! {and wicked right with you tickets are right here!}

this and that...now and then said...

I never saw the finished deck!! Must come check it out! and I hope you do have grass before the cupboard doors- little boys need grass!!!